America’s test kitchen cooling rack

America’s test kitchen cooling rack. Just like a cooling rack elevates food from becoming a soggy mess on the pan and allows steam to escape, it also elevates products so they can dry out or remove moisture while simultaneously allowing air circulation.

This is exactly what we wished for when we started our company we wanted an elevated business so we could hang out to dry and be air-dried before we came down to earth and weren’t limp any longer.

Too bad it’s only a metaphor not necessarily meant to describe actual drying techniques that should be exercised in actual manufacturing processes.

6 America’s test kitchen cooling rack

1. Wilton Excelle Elite 3-Tier Cooling Rack for Cookies

america’s test kitchen cooling rack

There are a ton of different tools you can use when you bake, but there is nothing quite as useful as a great cooling rack.

The better cooling racks have an even distribution of holes so that your baked goods don’t get soggy or burnt (not that that would ever happen in any way).

If you’re looking to take your cookies and cakes to the next level, then you should check out our 40-inch non-stick cookie cooling rack featuring densely placed, evenly spaced holes covered with durable non-stick coating which ensures easy release and cleanup (especially important if you like baking delicious things like cookies!).

The durable construction of this bakeware features extended handles both on the pans and sheets for safe lifting and transporting.

Damaged items caused by handling are no longer to worry about against the sturdy design of the Knappstein 11-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set, as well as the oversized handles which keep your hands away from food when carrying it to and from the oven.

The nonstick coating of the pan makes it simple and quick to release items and cleanup is a cinch. Each individual rack measures 15.9 x 9.9 inches, which makes it ideal for party-size portions of entrees and sides. For best results, wash in warm, sudsy water before first and each use.

2. Oven-Safe, Dishwasher-Safe 100% Stainless Steel

oven safe, dishwasher safe 100%

Ultra Cuisine specializes in the distribution of ultra high-quality baking and cooling racks that can be used for a variety of different meal preparation and baking surfaces.

We’re proud to provide only the best cooling racks as well as baking racks which offer long-lasting, superior quality.

Safe for oven use up to 575 degrees Fahrenheit, the cooling rack is designed to keep foods above racks or on countertops during preparation.

This cooling rack can be used for cooking purposes by allowing one to place it safely in an oven, smoker, grill, or bbq. All this is possible due to the high heat tolerance of the 100% stainless-steel design.

Freezer-safe and dishwasher-safe, this cooling rack can handle any task thrown at it! Designed to easily fit large 18×13 inch half sheet baking pans or cookie sheets (as shown in image pan not included).

This cooling rack is an excellent addition to your bakeware collection and the dimensions of the rack measure.

3. KITCHENATICS Round Cooling Racks

kitchenatics round cooling racks

The best way to use these cooling racks is to take advantage of their versatility. If you’re cooking something in the oven like a batch of cookies, set them out on your cooling rack so they can air dry even while still piping hot.

The same will hold true if you’re using them for other purposes like using them to layout the meat before seasoning or powdering for example for grilling.

Our 3-piece set of wire racks is ideal for cooking and cooling a variety of different foods.

The high, 1-inch legs allow air to circulate fully around the food during the cooling process, which means better cuisine with great taste and texture every time!

These roasting racks are sturdy enough to hold heavy pots and pans without bending, wobbling, or warping the metal, so they provide an excellent alternative to those with quality issues. Our roaster racks can be used in both the oven’s hot air or on your grill and are safe up to 575 degrees F.

A great gift for your girls or housewarming party, with 1 inch tall fully coated wire legs, all sides of the round cake pan, brownie pan, cookie pan, and pie pan will cook evenly without any hot spots in your oven.

4. OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Cooling Rack

oxo good grips non stick pro cooling

Constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel with a PFOA-free nonstick coating for easy release and quick clean-up.

The versatile Cool-Bar Rack does so much! This oven-friendly rack can be used to cool pastries, roast veggies, rest meat, and more. The powder-coated wire makes it easy to clean and the nonstick coating allows for cooking versatility.

A cooling rack is primarily used to cool baked goods like cakes and cookies. However, it’s also a tool for roasting and cooking due to the fact that it can be placed upon a sheet pan.

Artisan bakeries or decorators of pastries often use A cooling rack because of its ability to allow airflow so as to prevent sogginess in otherwise moist foods such as donuts or cookies.

People sometimes use a cooling rack if they want to decorate their cakes, cupcakes, or cookie with a glaze or some sort of drizzle by setting the food on top of the device after it has been cooled.

It’s important to note that pan sizes do vary from brand to brand. In some cases, even if you’re using the same manufacturer’s pans, they may end up not being the exact same dimensions. It never hurts to measure them just to be sure!

5. Tebery 4 Pack Cooling Racks Baking Rack

tebery 4 pack cooling racks baking rack

This 4-pack of cooling racks provides you with extra space to let your pastries and baked goods cool while they’re out of the oven.

These durable steel racks feature a narrow grid pattern that provides ample breathing room for quick and efficient cooling.

Since the feet on these black cooling racks sit off the counter, they also work as a provision against your cakes or pies from becoming soggy due to exposure to moisture in the air which would otherwise slow down the process of cooling. Easy to clean, simply use non-abrasive cleaners or scrubbers.

Tebery black, non-stick steel cooling racks are great for any baker or cook. These three-tier expensive cutting boards are well made and can stand up to heat well.

The cooking cutting board has good support behind it because the feet are well built and strong enough for this kitchen rack.

You can tell by looking at the frame that it is very solid, well put together without any weak links in the chain.

It’s easy to move around this pastry tower because of its lightweight construction but also super easy to go back in place after you’ve brushed off all excess food scraps or cut ingredients like onions or fat clippings that tend to accumulate quickly.

6. USA Pan Half Sheet America’s test kitchen cooling rack

america’s test kitchen cooling rack 2021

The baker’s pan rack is a great invention because it facilitates airflow for quick release periods as well as equal amounts of heat applied to all the products inside.

Of course, some cake pans come with cooling racks which have a special design that allows airflow that enhances the speediest cooling process as well as allows heat to dissipate into the environment.

The rack is manufactured overseas, though! The pan is constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel with a beautiful durable non-stick glaze.

The rack is American made but it doesn’t have any non-stick coating on it so you might want to use cooking parchment paper if you don’t own a reusable silicone mat.

When used individually, the USA Pan sheet pan and cooling rack provide some incredible benefits! The non-stick, reversible sheet pan is ideal for baking up desserts and other mouthwatering treats.

Plus it’s safe on whichever side is up as both sides of this USA Pan are made with the same non-stick coating to ensure your dishes will never stick.


What type of rack should I use to cool items?

When it comes to maximizing the airflow around a cooling rack, it’s best to go with one that is stainless steel, as white or black iron tends to trap heat and slow down quick evaporation.

(Why Use a Cooling Rack for Cookies)


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