America’s test kitchen jar opener

America’s test kitchen jar opener. If you aren’t able to open your jar, you’re not alone. A variety of factors make opening jars difficult, lids can be vacuum sealed, child-proofed, and in some cases, the contents in the jar can make it more difficult.

If you find opening a jar challenging and want a simpler solution, try buying a jar opener today. Jars tend to get stuck from time to time due to the material they are made being too stiff or sticky.

Use this straightforward tip provided by Knives Etcetera to buy kitchen utensils that suit your needs.

Here we listed the top 6 products of America’s test kitchen jar opener.

6 America’s test kitchen jar opener

1. EZ Off Jar Opener – Under Cabinet Jar Lid 

ez off jar opener under cabinet jar lid

The EZ Off Jar Opener makes opening any jar easy. This device works on any lid, whether it’s factory sealed, childproof, tamper-proof, or stuck from what’s inside the jar.

The only way to open any jar is with this little invention that fits into most openings.

Use it on anything small like a water bottle, nail polish, or even for foods like pickles, peanuts, canned fruits, jams, molasses, and marshmallow creme.

And it comes with your purchase so you can start using it right away.

This magnetic jar opener is a great way to save time and not lose storage space in your kitchen. This unique wine access tool conveniently attaches right under any cabinet so you don’t see it.

The EZ Off is made with premium materials by workers right here in the USA. Simple design, easy to install and use! Built to last.

2. Jar Opener,  Opener Bottle Opener Kit 

jar opener, 5 in 1 multi

These Jar openers make your task easier and avoid injuries to hands and/or fingers.

Jar openers work for different types of tops: bottle caps, bottle tops, jar lids, bean cans, covers of pickle bottles, and caps of sodas and soft drinks.

Jar openers are perfect for easy transportation since they are lightweight and occupy little storage space.

Place the jar opener in the center of the lid carefully, and turn it around in the right direction to open the jar completely.

This silicone jar opener is actually very durable enough to last for years without any unexpected issues (this also helps to save money in the long run).

Furthermore, this makes for an easy way to open jars by yourself without much effort or mess at all.

This opener will ultimately save you tons of time when creating delicious meals throughout your cooking time with little hassle involved.

3. OXO Good Grips Jar Opener with Base Pad

oxo good grips jar opener with base pad

The comfortable Jar Opener base pad sticks firmly to the counter under a jar that needs to be opened.

The stainless steel teeth secure a secure grip on any size lid and the contoured, non-slip grip feature makes it easy to handle even with slippery hands.

The Jar Opener grips jars and lids so you won’t have to. It has a non-slip base pad that can be placed under the jar and locks in place for stability while holding the jar in place on the countertop.

When you set it under the jar, slide over your choice of Jar Opener and twist counterclockwise to loosen.

The combination silicone mat that you set the jar on and the teeth on the opener made it easy to open a large mouth (mason jar size) jar of peaches I got at Costco.

One can expect to use this type of design for opening any standard-sized jar (12oz or larger).

It may seem simple, but this jar opener hits the mark. It’s a nice little invention that is both easy to use and makes a great gift as well as it seems to be valuable as I can see some very popular uses for it.

4. Kichwit Jar Opener Stainless Steel

kichwit jar opener stainless

This jar opener is a convenient tool to bring with you during your travels. It’s been made from stainless steel and a hard plastic handle designed for easy gripping.

It also comes with a bottle opener key chain out of aluminum alloy which makes it extra handy.

The stainless steel teeth on the clamp grip the edge of the lid tightly and hold it all the while as you twist and turn to open up jars.

This arthritis jar opener offers a simple solution for those looking to deal with repetitive motions that tend to cause bothersome aches.

And pains associated with joints and mobility issues due to age or personal physical condition.

Ideal for arthritis sufferers who find it difficult at times to open up jar lids as well as seniors, people can spend less time struggling with opening heavy-duty metal lids off of cans and other types of container lids as well as enjoy an easy daily chore once again.

This jar lid opener is 4 inches in diameter and can help users maintain healthy lifestyles. Standing at a little over 6 inches tall, it’s perfect for use in most kitchens.

5. KUHN RIKON Strain-Free Gripper Opener

kuhn rikon strain free

This opener is designed to allow you to remove bottles and jars without having to struggle with them in the future.

The jar/bottle opener has three sets of steel teeth that attach to the lid, which allows for quick removal of any lid or cap within one inch of three and a half inches.

As stated, there are several different types of lids, so it is vital that this product be able to work on all types. Otherwise, it could get pretty frustrating.

This jar opener has a long handle which means you will also use fewer muscles hence the opener is ideal for those with limited strength/mobility in their hands and/or wrists.

The handle is able to function as a lever that you can place on the lid of any jar allowing for additional leverage to be added when opening jars that are stuck or that have vacuum seals.

This opener is also easy to clean since it’s dishwasher safe. All you need to do is wipe it with a damp soft cloth after your meal and keep it within kitchen drawers or utensil pots ensuring no one accidentally cuts themselves.

6. Comfort Grip Jar Opener, Black, 7.5-Inch

swing a way comfort grip jar

This jar opener helps to open stubborn lids on cans and bottles. Use it for a variety of different jars/bins, even those with a plastic lid.

It comes equipped with a spring-loaded lever on the handle so you can have some leverage as you attempt to open certain bottles or cans that just won’t budge on their own.

The jar grips are soft and cushioned for comfortable handling as well as extremely durable since it has been made from 100% steel construction.

This helpful tool is able to fit perfectly into any size hand without any discomfort or feeling awkward along the way – ensuring you get the most use out of your bottle opener.

Hand wash, warm water, and a mild detergent only when needed. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry immediately. Measures 7.5-inches in length by 5.25-inches in width by 1.75-inches in depth.

Comes equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism that allows for smooth opening action for your ultimate convenience.



Can a can opener open a jar?

Whether the bottle opener you use has two, four, or six clamps on it, you can still get a jar open – assuming it is only covered by about an inch of lid. If the side of the jar is smaller than that though, then there’s really no way around using extreme force to get the lid off.


America’s test kitchen jar opener. Not being able to open a jar can be frustrating. There are many ways to get the job done, and we hope that this article has provided you with some new ideas to try out.

If you’re looking for more information, please feel free to contact us anytime. We love hearing from our customers and are always happy to help.

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