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Best 12 jointer. When I was looking to replace my old machine last year, the issue of whether or not to get one with both jointer/planers and jousters had to be made.

Furthermore, because you’ll only need one cutter head for both the planer and jointer (and not two), this implies that if we go with a combination machine rather than individual machines, you will save money.

There are always concerns when it comes to buying a tool. Whether you’re just getting started in woodworking or have been working with wood for a long time and want something fresh on your arsenal.

This article will help you choose between the top 12 jointers available today. The tone should be informative yet not overly technical so that everyone can comprehend what these tools do without having prior knowledge of machinery.

Here we listed the top 6 products of 12 Jointer.

6 Best 12 Jointer

1. PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer

porter cable benchtop

This Porter-Cable is a precision benchtop jointer for producing precise joints and straight edges.

It has a powerful 15 Amp motor that spins at up to 11,000 RPM on hardwoods, softwoods, laminates, and composites for fast cutting.

Miter gauge slots are included in the 6″ wide cast iron tables for beveling or crosscutting stock on the fly.

A fence system allows you to make identical cuts without changing the workpiece position while the depth of the cut varies from 0 to 3 inches.

It’s usually a good idea to have the right tool for the task. The benchtop jointer is ideal for woodworking tasks since it has two knife cutter heads with a jackscrew mechanism for easy knife replacement and adjustment.

This benchtop jointer has a 6-inch capacity, making it perfect for smaller jobs like picture frames or table legs.

The on/off switch on this benchtop jointer helps you save electricity by turning it off when not in use.

The Porter-Cable Benchtop jointer is a high-quality, compact machine that may be used for a wide range of tasks.

The 6″ jointer’s built-in cutter head lock makes it easier to swap and adjust knives. Variable speed control knob allows you to customize the output to match your unique needs.

2.CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Jointer

craftsman benchtop jointer,

The Craftsman benchtop jointer has a variable speed range of 6,000 to 11,000 RPM and a cut-per-minute rate of 12,000 to 22,000.

The two-knife cutter head with jackscrew knife leveling configuration makes it simple to change knives and blades.

When changing knives or blades, you can secure the heads using the built-in cutter headlock.

This benchtop jointer is ideal for edging, flattening, or face joining wood stock up to 4 inches wide by 5/8 inch thick.

This is a benchtop machine that can tackle the odd big-duty project.

The 10 amp motor has enough power to cut through hard and softwoods at any speed, and the variable speed control lets you choose the proper pace for your material.

This benchtop jointer weighs approximately 20 pounds and is simple to transport from one job site to another.

This is a small, powerful machine with a cast iron base and steel frame. Whether you’re working on the edge of a board or in the middle of a long-distance, this benchtop jointer will get the job done quickly.

The infeed and outfeed tables can be adjusted for precise control over your workpiece. A dust port conveniently connects to a dust collector.

3. RIKON Power Tools 20-600H

rikon power tools 20 600h

The RIKON Power Tool 20-600H Benchtop jointer has a helical cutter head with 12 HSS and 2-insert cutters for super cutting.

This jointer includes an aluminum fence system with a miter gauge and outfeed table. The solid cast iron foundation ensures sturdiness during operation.

This lightweight benchtop jointer is ideal for little jobs or as a supplement to your bigger planer or joiner.

It comes complete with a dust port that allows you to connect it to your shop vac for clean work surfaces every time you use it.

This jointer has a 10 amp motor and high-speed steel insert knives for precise cutting. It has a 30″ x 6-3/16″ table that can handle wood up to 3/4 inches thick.

It is capable of producing straight edges on boards ranging in width from 2 to 12 inches. The jointer includes an adjustable fence that allows for 0 to 45 degrees of beveling on both sides.

This is a dependable and high-quality tool that will stand the test of time. This jointer is from a company founded in 1917, and it’s designed for use by professionals.

The helical cutter head is constructed of carbide steel and has a mechanism for adjusting depth quickly with the scale on the tables.

4. Wahuda Tools Jointer

wahuda tools jointer

A jointer is a tool in the woodworking industry that straightens and smoothes surfaces.

You’ll need a jointer to produce flat surfaces for further woodwork operations. A jointer can be used by both professionals and amateurs who want to ensure that their boards are perfectly flat.

The main goal of a joiner is to flatten one side of an edge or board so it may be bonded to another piece of wood. Because they have a sharpened, joiners are also known as planers.

The Wahuda Tools jointer- 6-inch Benchtop Wood Jointer, is a high-performance and adaptable woodworking tool that may be used to join fine to medium surfaces.

A T-square-style measuring scale is mounted on a solid cast iron foundation and fence with an adjustable fence angle of 0° to 45°.

An accessible dust collection system is included as well. This machine includes double anti-kickback fingers for added safety.

This jointer is a revolutionary portable machine that lets you do the same work as bigger businesses at a reasonable price.

This equipment will tackle any shape or condition, and whether you’re cutting edges, Joining, flattening, or tapering it doesn’t matter because the tool will perform.

The unit includes two blades: one for jointing and one for edging and has a 120V motor with a fixed 12,000 RPM speed.

5. 6″ Bench Top Jointer 37-071

6 bench top jointer 37 071

The 37-071 Bench Top Jointer is an excellent device for preparing boards for use in your furniture projects.

It’s also great for flattening and smoothing wood surfaces, which is useful when constructing cabinets or any other sort of furniture.

Its cast-iron build makes it a long-lasting tool that will survive many uses.

The depth adjustment lever on this heavy-duty model allows you to quickly raise or lower the cutting head to produce accurate cuts every time.

This is precision-machined for smooth performance and durability. The miter slot, adjustable front stop, and fine adjustment screws allow you to make precise cuts every time.

An extended bed length on the jointer’s table provides plenty of space for longer stock, allowing you to do more in less time.

This jointer has a simple fence adjustment system with 90° and 45° positive stops in and out. It can make up to 1/8″ depth of cut, 20,000 cuts per minute, and is perfect for cutting flat surfaces on longboards.

6. JET JJP-12 12″ Planer/Jointer

jet jjp 12 12 planerjointer,

The JET JJP-12 12″ Planer/Jointer is a two-in-one device that may be used as a planer or jointer.

This powerful equipment, like other JET products, has the same dependability and performance.

The 3 HP motor provides speeds up to 2000 SFPM, allowing you to quickly produce smooth wood surfaces on your projects.

It also includes an adjustable fence that allows for quick and accurate board cutting at various angles. For added protection, this machine comes with a built-in dust blower that efficiently removes particles.

Best 12 jointer is the most versatile machine in its class, with no competition.

You’ll be able to tackle virtually any job with one tool because of the quick transition between jointing and planning operations.

During the conversion from jointing to planning mode, the fence does not have to be removed.

The JJP-12 can also join boards up to 12″ wide for making bigger boards on your table saw or band saw.

The JET JJP-12 is a 3 HP, 1 PH planer with a built-in dust chute and a 4″ dust port for jointing and planning.

The enclosed stand includes mounting tabs for added sturdiness. This machine may plane boards up to 12 inches in diameter on hardwood or softwood surfaces.



How do I know what size jointer I need?

Jointers are measured by the length of their knives, which determines how much wood they can handle. It’s easy for them to process lumber about twice as long as bed size with appropriate blade sizes, so if you have a lot of timber that needs cutting, this tool could be ideal for your business.

How long must stock be before using it on the jointer?

The standard size working board for carpenters and other woodworkers is 12″ inches long. You’re more likely to catch it and throw your hand out under one of those moving knives, which might cut off fingers or worse, give them an unwanted gouge in their already pricey tools.


Best 12 jointer. Buying a jointer can be a difficult decision. You want to make sure you’re getting the highest-quality equipment for your money while also ensuring that it will last as long as possible (after all, investing in tools like this is often a one-time purchase).
We’ve compiled a list of our favorite models above with their advantages and drawbacks listed. Hopefully, these reviews will assist you in making an informed decision.
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