Best 92mm Fan

Best 92mm Fan. These are excellent 92mm fans for cooling your PC or replacing one of its existing fans.

They’re mostly utilized in small form factor systems, such as SFF PCs and tower PCs, as well as server apps that might improve air circulation inside devices like 3D printers and NAS servers without being overly loud about it.

Whether you want a very quiet fan for a specific purpose or not, these are ideal for the task. If you don’t want anything too loud disturbing your PC setup, this is the way to go.

It’s either black or this color scheme, so it goes with most setups and shouldn’t overpower any overall aesthetic. If you have the most up-to-date fan technology installed.

Below we listed some 92mm fans.

6 Best 92mm Fan

1. be quiet! Pure Wings 2 92mm

best 92mm fan

Be quiet! Pure Wings 2 92mm, BL045 Cooling Fan is an advanced cooling fan with exceptional airflow and noiseless operation.

The included anti-vibration mounting system reduces vibration transmission from the case, while the seven airflow-optimized fan blades minimize noise by reducing turbulence.

The rifle bearing allows for an operating duration of 80, 000 hours, which is particularly advantageous in air cooling setups.

The Pure Wings 2 92mm is a quiet PC fan with a speed of up to 1, 400 RPM and an excellent noise level for home use.

The Pure Wings 2 case fan’s balanced cooling and quietness. The seven airflow-optimized fan blades minimize noise-causing turbulence.

In addition, the high-quality rifle bearing guarantees an operating lifespan of 80, 000 hours.

Switchable between five different speed settings via PWM function or manually from 1000 to 1400 rpm with the easy-to-reach slide switch.

It also has a high-performance full symmetry rotor and metal-bearing shell that ensures long service life. Four anti-vibration mounting points assist in the prevention of vibrations being transmitted.

2. Cooler Master SickleFlow 92 Fan

cooler master sickleflow 92 fan

The Cooler Master SickleFlow 92 All-Black Square Frame Fan, Model: SFAF-924P1-GP, is a signature air cooling device from Cooler Master.

The SickleFlow 92 V2 has an updated all-black design with a modified curve blade form to increase airflow and air pressure.

The enhanced frame architecture reduces turbulent flow and noise while increasing overall work efficiency.

Dust and lubricating oil barriers prevent leakages by sealing and securing the fan motor bearings, extending its operation durability and life span.

The SickleFlow 92 V2 supports a variety of connection options, including standard and 4-pin, to aid with compatibility across a wide range of platforms. The SickleFlow 92mm Black Fan is the greatest PC case cooling solution.

The improved curve blade design offers greater concentrated airflow than traditional fan blades.

The airflow is focused directly on the parts that need to be cooled – such as vital heat sinks – without sacrificing any airflow to components that don’t require it.

This ensures efficient cooling of the critical components in your PC, with better noise performance than ever before.

3. ARCTIC F9 PWM PST – 92 mm PWM PST Case Fan

arctic f9 pwm pst 92 mm pwm pst case fan

The ARCTIC F9 PWM PST 92 mm is a high-quality case fan to minimize noise while maintaining adequate airflow and pressure.

The PWM function allows the motherboard to regulate the fan precisely at its required speed, ensuring efficient cooling while reducing noise.

All of your fans will listen to the same control signal, for example, you’ll use CPU Cooler’s PWM signal to ensure that your case fans turn off when there’s no load and start spinning up when necessary.

The translucent white LED ring of the PST 92 mm case fan lights up the room in the dark.

This fan’s additional LEDs allow it to also be used as a cool blue glowing light source. This colorful little thing is always an eye-catcher, whether you’re looking for matching PC, office equipment, or automobile lighting.

The optimized airflow and turbulent reduction design of the quality fan blade minimize noise while maintaining low sound levels.

Even at maximum speed, this gadget operates quietly owing to an efficient damped bearing that prioritizes long life over high RPM values.

PWM is used effectively in achieving the proper balance between silence, cooling efficacy, and low energy consumption.

4. Noctua NF-A9x14 PWM, Premium Quiet Fan

noctua nf a9x14 pwm, premium quiet fan

The Noctua A9x14 is a 92mm fan with a 14mm slim design that meets the requirements of Noctua’s AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) standards.

The 92x92mm footprint makes it ideal for use on tiny CPU coolers, low-profile heatsinks, and small form factor cases.

It may be utilized with the supplied NA-RC7 Low-Noise Adaptor to attain even lower noise levels at 1700rpm maximum PWM support and a broad speed range of 500 to 2200rpm allow the fan to be finely tuned for maximum cooling efficiency at all times.

This is the next generation of the award-winning NF-A8 fan, continuing its illustrious history of quiet operation while improving energy efficiency.

This is only 14mm thin, making it compatible with CPU coolers, low profile heatsinks, and as an upgrade for standard 80mm fans that just won’t fit at 52mm.

This makes it particularly well suited for more modern small form factor cases with tight space limitations, such as the SilverStone Tundra TD02 mATX series case.

The fan can also be utilized safely on bare metal or plastic surfaces thanks to the included anti-vibration pads.

Its performance/noise efficiency is further enhanced by Noctua’s AAO frames, which include embedded anti-vibration pads as well as Noctua’s unique Stepped Inlet Design and Inner Surface Microstructures.

5. Wathai 9225 92mm x 25mm 12V 

wathai 9225 92mm x 25mm 12v 

The Wathai 9225 92mm x 25mm 12V 2Pin is ideal for solar panels, RV refers, drive towers, dehumidifiers, TV refrigerators, space heaters, grow tents, wine cooler, electric boats, portable dryer, and other audio-video equipment.

The twin ball bearings have a 50 000-hour lifespan and allow the fans to be laid flat or upright.

At full speed, the fan has ample airflow and considerable force. You may cut the plug and run it from a 12v 2A adapter.

There is no noise when operating this fan, making it great for use at home or in a grow room.

This is ideal for solar panels, RV refers, drive towers, dehumidifiers, TV refrigerators, space heaters, wine coolers, electric boats, and other similar applications.

The fans can be laid flat or upright thanks to the dual ball bearings with a lifespan of 50 000 hours. There are 2 free 40mm/60mm fan grills with screws included.

Rubber feet on the bottom allow for easy removal. For optimum airflow, soft fan blades eliminate noise. It’s ideal for solar panels, RV refrigerators, space heaters, grow tents, and more.

6. Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing 92mm 

cooler master sleeve bearing 92mm 

The Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing 92mm fan with PWM is designed to be the most efficient and dependable fan in its class.

The sleeve bearing of this case fan runs more smoothly and quietly than other fans, ensuring a longer life span.

This 92mm case fan uses high-quality bearings that can last up to five times longer than conventional ball-bearing fans.

This is in-black four-pin power connector fan comes with a 5-year warranty. This 92mm PWM fan with sleeve bearing and PWM for efficient cooling and performance.

Can be used as a replacement fan for stock CPU coolers or in conjunction with an optional aluminum heatsink/fan-heatsink thermal support set.

This fan efficiently dissipates heat from system components including the GPU, VGA, North Bridge, and South Bridge chipsets.

This 92mm Case Fan with Long-Life Sleeve Bearing. This 92mm case fan’s sleeve bearing design delivers greater longevity than ball-bearing fans.

Because of the reduced friction between components, enhanced drive power capacity control technology through cutting-edge motor engineering has been developed to improve cooling efficiency. Best 92mm Fan.


1. What is a 92 mm fan?

The most popular CPU coolers include 140, 120, and 92mm fans, which are used as case fans to increase ventilation in the computer case. To convert cubic feet per minute (CFM) to cubic meters per hour.

2. How many fans do you need in a PC?

It’s always our advice that if you’re buying a gaming system, invest in cases with at least 3 fans (or slots where you can add them yourself). I know we say this about a lot of things (especially power supplies), but cooling is more important than ever.

3. How to Install A New Case Fan?


Best 92mm Fan. These are typically used in small form factor PCs, tower PCs, and server applications. If you want to replace an existing fan or need a new one for your PC that’s not too loud but still does the job efficiently, these should be perfect.

The ever-popular SFF PCs will benefit from their small size while keeping them cool without being disruptive. Whether it’s 3D printers or NAS servers, don’t forget about how important cooling is inside of devices like this they’ll thank you for running better than before.

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