Best 9mm Snap Caps

Best 9mm Snap Caps are a necessary component for safely shooting your gun.

Snap caps with plastic points or simply breaking apart when fired all serve the same purpose, to absorb some of the impacts from firing pins without damaging them.

So you don’t end up with shards raining down on yourself and everyone in close proximity.

If this sounds like something exciting to try out with one of our favorite weapons types, be sure to check them out right away we’ve put a lot of effort into researching these because there is just so much choice available nowadays.

We’ve gone through a few snap caps in the past and realize that not everyone has the time to evaluate each model one by one.

We also understand that many individuals do not have access to all feasible models at once, making it difficult to choose among hundreds of options.

6 Best 9mm Snap Caps

1. Tipton Pistol and Revolver Snap Caps 

best 9mm snap caps

Tipton Snap Caps are precision CNC-machined from solid aluminum to precise cartridge dimensions and then hard anodized for long life.

They’re ideal for regulating trigger pull, performing function checks, or simply relaxing a hammer spring tension.

They include a knurled edge for chamber removal and come in several calibers and designs.

The Tipton Snap Caps with False Primer include a spring-buffered false primer, which reduces stress on the firing pin and barrel breech when dry firing.

The Tipton Snap Caps with False Primer, Reusable Construction, in a number of calibers are an ideal training tool for both novice and seasoned shooters.

These reusable snap caps allow you to safely dry fire your pistol or revolver without damaging the firing pin. They also aid in the growth of precise trigger control while honing your accuracy abilities.

On the market today, Tipton Snap Caps come in a variety of sizes to fit the most popular handgun models.

2. A-Zoom 15116 9mm Snap Cap 5 Pack

a zoom 15116 9mm luger

A-ZOOM 15116 9mm Is constructed to replicate the feel and function of live ammo, making it ideal for teaching safe handling and firing skills without the noise or mess of regular ammunition.

They’re safer than standard dummies because they have a solid one-piece construction with rounded edges that facilitate training, storage, testing, and practice in loading/unloading, gun manipulation, or dry-firing exercises.

The A-Zoom snap caps are an excellent tool for fine-tuning trigger pull and lock time, as well as simply allowing the rapid-fire of an empty weapon.

Each caliber has its own cap for easy identification. The shooter may safely dry fire (with no ammunition in the chamber) without damaging the firing pin thanks to the unique design.

Snap caps are ideal for training or practice sessions when using dummy rounds as part of the curriculum.

It has the most complete selection of actual size and imitation dummy rounds for the most popular handguns.

3.LaserLyte Laser Trainer Cartridge -Snap Caps

laserlyte laser trainer

The Laser Trainer Cartridge for Firearms from LaserLyte is an excellent tool to help you practice and improve your shooting abilities.

You may train in complete safety with the laser trainer by simulating a real-life scenario.

The training cartridge has a built-in rubber snap cap that protects the laser when not in use.

When needed, simply depress the trigger guard of your gun until it clicks into place on the Laser Trainer Cartridge for Firearms from LaserLyte.

This is a top-notch training device that will help you maintain your skills sharp.

This high-quality training tool is compatible with the majority of handguns and may be stored in the magazine well. It has a peak wavelength of 5mW and conforms to and complies with 21 CFR Section 1040.

The Snap Cap from LaserLyte is an essential training tool that will help you prepare for competitions like IPSC, USPSA, and IDPA.

It’s the same size as a regular cartridge and can be removed by pushing it back out with the eraser end of a pencil.

When dry firing your weapon without ammunition, the built-in rubber snap cap keeps your firing pin safe, allowing you to train more and worry less about damaging your pistol or yourself.

4. Pistol Metal Snap Caps 380Auto 5pk

pistol metal snap caps

The Pistol Metal Snap is ideal for concealed carry and comes with a pair of snap caps. Safe gun handling is taught using the pistol metal snap caps, which have been used by thousands of dry-firings without harm.

It works similarly to genuine ammunition – without the noise. It protects the firing pin from wear and tear. Made of steel with a matte finish.

This is a must-have item for any shooter. The snap cap allows you to safely dry fire your handgun without damaging the firing pin or other components.

The Pistol Metal Snap Cap can be utilized hundreds of times before it needs to be replaced, and it is available in the most popular calibers. Each kit contains five metal snap caps in a variety of hues that assist in easy identification.

These snap caps are ideal for gun enthusiasts who wish to safely practice with their weapons. They work like real ammunition but are completely safe and make loading your weapon easier.

These snap caps, which are made of hard-anodized aluminum, are sufficiently robust to endure frequent usage. These pistol metal snap caps come in a pack of five so you may keep them on hand at all times. They’re available in a variety of sizes.

 5. B’s Dry Fire Snap Caps –  9mm

b's dry fire snap caps

The B’s Dry Fire Snap Caps are an excellent method to practice your shooting abilities without risking damage to your weapon.

The B’s Snap Caps allow you to safely release the spring tension of your weapon, as well as eject empty cartridges with no danger of striking the firing pin or chamber. Each pack includes 10 9mm snap caps.

Our Snap Caps are meant to minimize the danger of accidental discharge or harm from dry firing your weapon.

Our Dummy is constructed of a solid, sturdy material that allows you to safely mimic the feel and sound of a genuine round being chambered without risking damage to your gun or injury to yourself or others.

The Snap Caps are the finest dummy rounds on the market. They’re made of a solid, one-piece design that won’t break or flake like other snap caps.

Our bright white striking surface perfectly absorbs the impact of your firing pin for a realistic feel and sound. We promise it.

6. TAC Vector Optics 9mm Snap Caps

tac vector optics 9mm snap

The TAC Vector Optics Snap caps are a useful training device for improving your trigger control and reducing firing pin wear.

They also help you get acclimated to the feeling of having an empty chamber.

When striking the primer, these dummies will not fire, but they will allow you to learn how to load and unload without using live ammunition.

These are the finest 9mm snap caps available. They’re made of aluminum alloy and are safe to store, making them perfect for training, testing, and practice.

It’s in a pack of 6. ideal for practicing trigger releases, safety instruction, function testing, and safely decocking without harming the firing pin.

Best 9mm Snap Caps for 9mm Luger are inert, completely safe, and available in over 100 calibers.

Metal with a plastic top piece to keep them from rolling away on the range floor. The Snap Caps 9mm Luger 6pcs are fantastic for dry training.

All Vector Optics snap caps arrive in an easy-open clamshell box. Handgun 9mm snap caps come in a set of six. They’re ideal for dry practice because they’re perfect for target shooting or small game hunting.



Can 9mm snap caps be reused?

Snap caps work by allowing the firing pin to drop without potentially damaging it. This is usually done through an empty chamber, where there’s no chance of hitting a primer and causing damage or injury which can be dangerous.

Can I pull the trigger with snap caps?

Snapping caps are a fantastic method to practice with your gun in a controlled atmosphere. They’re kept next to live ammo, so there’s no risk of an accident when you fire the trigger.


Best 9mm Snap Caps. We’ve previously gone over a few snap caps, and we’d be glad to share our experiences with you. If you’re searching for something that will last longer than a single range session or if you want peace of mind that your weapon won’t jam when it’s time to use it, this is an investment worth consideration. And if not at least now you know what they are! Now go out there and put some on us.

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