Best Acl Approved Bags

Best Acl Approved Bags. Cornhole bags come in a wide range of styles and designs these days, but not all are worth the money. Some alternatives may be overpriced, and some will only last you for a few games before they begin to show signs of wear on your board or boards in general.

That’s why I invested so much time and effort into researching various kinds/brands with an emphasis on ACL-approved ones; this list should make it easier than ever to locate high-quality game-day essentials.

You’re looking for a high-quality cornhole set, but you don’t know where to begin. With all of these various bags on the market, you have a lot of choices.

That’s why I put up this list of the finest ACL-approved corn hole boards so that you can choose something that is worth your money even if it is a little more expensive than some other sets that may just as effectively place those beanbags in specific areas.

5 Best Acl Approved Bags

1. GoSports Premium All-Weather Duck Cloth

best acl approved bags

The GoSports Premium All-Weather Duck Cloth Cornhole Bean Bag Set includes 8 regulation size corn hole bean bags and a deluxe tote bag.

The bags are constructed of all-weather duck cloth for long-term durability. Each bag has two straps and is double stitched for the convenience of transport.

Bags are 6 inches in diameter and weigh around 15 ounces. The board is 48 inches long by 24 inches wide, with a total length of 72 inches.

The legs are 28 inches tall when fully extended. When packed into its carrying case, the whole set weighs less than 10 pounds.

All bags are made of double-stitched reinforced top-quality duck cloth fabric that will endure years of usage.

2. Tailgating Pros Red Royal Blue Pro-Style Cornhole

tailgating pros red royal blue pro style cornhole

The Tailgating Pros Red Royal Blue Pro-Style Cornhole Bags come with a Slick Side and a Stick Side.

The bags have two distinct textures on both sides, allowing you to take more precise shots.

The smooth side of the bag is made from Duck Canvas material, which allows for easier movement across the board.

This side also has greater stickiness than other brands on the market, allowing it to stay on the board longer.

The opposing side is composed of Suede fabric, which gives you better handling when tossing the bag.

Tailgating Pro’s Red Royal Blue Pro-Style Cornhole Bags Two-Sided Slick & Stick Reusable Cornhole Bags are made of high-quality resin and have an ACA-compliant fill weight.

These cornhole bags are 6″x6″ in size and come in a set of 8 (4 of each color). Each pack includes 4 regulation cornhole boards. Tailgating Pros is the only business to offer two-sided slick & stick cornhole bags.

3. Local Bag Cornhole Mamba Series – Set of 4 Bags

local bag cornhole mamba series set of 4 bags

The finest supplier of cornhole bags and boards is Local Bag Cornhole. Best Acl Approved Bags.

Local Bag Cornhole products are utilized by thousands of people throughout the United States in lawful events, backyard barbecues, tailgating parties, and more.

Our Mamba Series bags are made from strong material that has been double stitched for greater durability. The bags are weatherproof, allowing you to play all year long.

The Mamba Series Cornhole Bags are produced of High-Quality Resin. They are weighted with 16 ounces of resin to give them good heft and feel.

The bags are 6″x6″, which is the usual size for cornhole bags. The bag colors are Red, White, and Blue to appeal to your favorite team.

These bags have been authorized by the American Cornhole League (ACL) and will be accepted at any official ACL event.

4. Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags (Set of 8)

weather resistant cornhole bags (set of 8) 

SC Cornhole is the biggest cornhole bag provider in the United States. We provide 8 distinct colors and 4 different sizes to accommodate your needs.

Our bags are constructed of 12-ounce sturdy duck canvas, ideal for any type of game (grass, gravel, or concrete).

Regulation size (6×6 inches) and weight (14-16 ounces). Bags available through big retail chains are not comparable to those provided by SC Cornhole.

The Cornhole Bags from Carter’s are made of a long-lasting, weather-resistant duck canvas.

Our bags are the same size and weight as traditional cornhole boards available in stores.

These bags have been put to the test against other brands on the market and have shown to be highly durable for all types of play (grass, gravel, concrete).

5. Beer Belly Bags Pro Style Approved Bags

beer belly bags pro style performance cornhole bags

Tournament Regulation Resin Cornhole Bags are made for gameplay and consistent throws out of the box.

These bags are constructed of easy-to-grip, soft twill fabric with suede.

The cornhole bags include a drawstring carrying bag that allows you to transport them easily.

Anywhere or everywhere without worrying about damaging them or spilling your beer on yourself while carrying them.

The Professional Bowlers Association’s Beer Belly Pro-Style Performance Cornhole Bags are the official cornhole bags of the organization.

This regulation size, 1 lb., 6 oz. resin pro-style bags come with a slick side and a sticky side, allowing you to play on any surface.

To provide an equal feel and accurate throw every time, each high-quality double-sided bag is filled to a precise 1 lb.


What cornhole bags do ACL pros use?

The Dual-sided cornhole bags are the biggest rage today and are used by all of us as well. They come in either dark or white, so it’s easier for you to find your opponent at night if they’re not lit up.

Are Dirty bags ACL approved?

The new Side both bags are a great choice for players who want the best of both worlds. These bad boys have been approved by ACL, so you know they’re top-notch.


Best Acl Approved Bags. While the cost of boards has gone down in recent years, not all bags are worth it. Some substitutes may be overpriced, and some will only last you a few games before they begin to show signs of wear on your board or boards in general.

That’s why I spent so much time and effort researching numerous kinds/brands with a focus on ACL-approved ones; this list should make it easier than ever to find high-quality game-day essentials.

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