Best adjustable beds consumer reports

Best adjustable beds consumer reports. The bed is the basic need of every home, hospital, and place where the peoples stay. Different companies introduce wonderful kinds of bed brands that have to sell flexible frames. Bed frames are adjusted according to tradition and for the improvement in home conditions. In the modern era, consumers like affordable adjustable beds.

So you can adjust the bed according to your choice like you want to raise and lower the head or want to raise the foot in any direction. Most adjustable beds are adjusted with an electric system and some are adjusted manually. We try to list the top 10 adjustable beds consumer ratings

9 Best adjustable beds consumer reports

1. Classic Brands best adjustable beds consumer reports

Consumer Reports Adjustable Beds

The classic brand you should enjoy a healthy lifestyle with a lot of benefits. This bed is available with a programmable elevation position, head and foot massage, USB port, and wireless remote.

Great setting with zero gravity positions. The elevation that is selected for the head is 65 degrees and for food is 50 degrees. Three-speed functions are available and also easy to use.

1.5A USB ports are built as a base to charge your electronic device. Its have also had three different height adjustable systems that is 5, 7, and 12 inches. You can easily breathe on it.

Perfect for the persons who are the patient of heart. Innovative matters with a three-year warranty. Comfortable sleeping for long in any direction.


  • Head and foot massage
  • USB port system
  • Zero gravity position
  • Three-speed function available


  • Heavy to handle

2. LUCID L300 best adjustable beds consumer reports

Adjustable Bed ReviewsLucid have more affordable shipping and take less time to adjust. This bed is suitable for pregnant women you have no need to call an expert for its adjustment. It has an independent head incline of 0-60 degrees, foot incline of 0-45 degrees.

It adjusts with the help of a motor quiet, reliable, and responsive. The wired remote of this bed are wireless and have a flashlight with a programmable memory option.

You can easily plug the charger because both sides of the bed have USB charging stations. Weigh of the LUCID bed is 750lb. Stylish in look with a great warranty.

Feel easy for a long time of sleep. The cat removal system is highly effective and innovative technical, required in it.

A good quality material iron frame easily affords any weighted person.


  • Cat removal system
  • Iron frame adjustable bed
  • USB charging station
  • Innovative and technical


  • Unit is heavy

3. Mellow Genie 500

Adjustable Bed Frame ReviewsMellow Genie is an adjustable bed made with sturdy metal that helps to give you maximum comfort from head to tilt. This bed has dual USB charging ports under the bed.

Its have 12 legs that provide ample storage space beneath the bed. Easy to adjust tool-free assembly plus two-year manufacturers. You feel enjoy all the time either it’s morning or night sleep.

Durable metal that lifts and lowers quietly at your command. Tool-free assembly genie within minutes, no magic lamp or tools are required with it.

Genie 500 helps to find out the perfect position for any occasion. This mattress dimension is twin XL 78. The best and most suitable choice for memory foam matters.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • A suitable choice for memory foam
  • Maximum comfort
  • Perfect for night sleep


  • No headboard is required

4. Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Base

Best Adjustable Beds Consumer Reports

Blissful Nights have a wireless remote that is perfectly controls the head and foot incline. Each base comes with one remote and has adjustable legs with standard options 6 9 and 12.

The frame of this bed offers an 800lb weight capacity per base. A different variety is available in the market. Simple use of your existing memory foam or latex matters.

The setting of the wireless remote control is easy to understand and done head up/down, foot up/down only one touch flat position button.

The foot retainer bar keeps matters in the right place. Good quality adjustable bed there is no tool is required for adjustment. The perfect motor is used for the fast-running adjustable system.


  • Good quality adjustable frame
  • Easy to understand the system
  • Three adjustable height
  • A different variety is available


  • Not less expensive

5. Adjustable Bed Base Frame Smart

Adjustable Bed Ratings

Smart electrical beds give you an innovative lifestyle. This bed has a simple process to adjust in-room in less than 10 minutes. Quiet wireless remote without a ton of buttons that confuse you in adjustment.

It helps you to adjust the bed in an exact place effortlessly. Unique and user-friendly design with perfect memory setting that is preferred for quick recall.

Head incline of the adjustable bed 0-60 degree foot inclines 0-45 degrees. There is no problem when you lay in any position no back pain knee pain gives you the proper comfort and relaxation. The most comfortable position of the entire bed for watching TV or reading books.

If there is any problem with the electric remote off or unplug it for 30 seconds, then restart again for better results. Make sure the remote is paired and unlocked.


  • Unique and user friendly
  • Quiet wireless remote
  • Free from back and knee pain
  • Perfect in comfort


  • Require some assembly

6. Sven & Son Split King Adjustable Bed

Zero Gravity Bed Complaints

An adjustable bed has a lumbar support head is 0-75 feet and articulation is 0-45 degrees. Bed available in Wall hugging 8 inches/ 4 independent heavy duties with ergonomic remote.

This bed has LED lighting and emergency power-down features. This bed has dual USB charging situation 4 per base. Its have multiple level massage that are pulse, wave, and full-body vibration.

Adjustable legs matters retention bar system is 3, 6, and 9. A motor that adjusts on this bed is 100% mechanical, electric, power surges and structural coverage warranties differ.

Matters available with this bed are exclusive airflow gel memory layers that create a luxurious cloud-like effect.


  • Heavy duty with ergonomic remote
  • The dual USB charging system
  • LED lighting adjustable bed
  • Multiple levels of massage


  • Not light in weight

7. Agent Adjustable consumer reports adjustable beds

Agent Adjustable Massage Bed Base

Powerful message and adjustable bed frame with vibration massager are both the head and foot. Giantex has three massage modes that are pulse, wave, and constant.

You can easy to adjust all these parts individually preset massage time in this bed are 10 20 or approximately 30 minutes. Emergency battery backup design suddenly loses power during use.

During use you must be kept in mind battery backup is only used for power outage situations. This adjustable bed has two batteries inside the head and foot part of the bed can be raised or lowered individually as you need.

This bed has a USB port flashlight and matters kept bar. Its have three legs with adjustable height 4,6 and 10. The sustained weight of this bed is 772lbs.


  • Perfect sustain weight bed
  • Vibration massaged in both head and foot
  • Comfortable for a long sleep
  • Good quality material


  • Does not include head and footboard

8. iDealBed iEscape Adjustable Bed Base

Idealbed Iescape Adjustable Bed Base

The ideal that is perfect for your comfort and sleeps articulation of head is 70 and articulation of foot is 45 degrees. The remote button available in this adjustable bed is 18 and 3 pre-setting positions including zero gravity, anti-snore, and one-touch flat button.

Its have three memorable setting and a safety LED flashlight. Ultra-quiet, smooth operating system with heavy lift capacity up to 850lbs per unit.

Nanohook retention system that helps to hold matters for adjustment. USB charging port with high speed and 4 charges port. Multi height legs offering 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Full body massage with 3 intensity level innovative wall hugger technology is used in it. The battery of this adjustable bed is a great instance to bring the bed down. Compared to other adjustable bed bases, it’s lightweight. Wide range of features to improve your sleep quality.


  • Ultra-smooth system
  • Nano book retention bed
  • Dual USB charging port
  • Full body massage with three intention level


  • Remote may seem complicated

9. DynastyMattress King Best Adjustable Bed

Consumer Reports Adjustable Beds

Dynasty mattress sits up comfortably with us or relaxes in a reclining position with a 75-degree independent head tilt. You can easily raise your foot and also lower the direction.

The frame grip onto the mattress to keep it from sliding around. Memory foam mattresses and adjustable frames are set easily according to your body adjustment. Great and adorable setting that is easy to understand.

After working the whole day you might feel relaxed on the bed without any restriction. The massage motor available in this bed has three settings 10-20-30.

Facility is available you can charge your phone with it without any hurdle. You can also enjoy the music before sleeping this bed has great Bluetooth speakers. Super easy set up just screw on the legs and plug into an electric outlet.


  • The setting is easy to understand
  • Three massage motor settings
  • Loud voice Bluetooth speaker
  • Proper comfort and relaxation


  • Not fit all bed size frames

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Buying Guide

Adjustable beds reviews. Everyone wants to sleep relax every night so the best adjustable bed and a soft pillow are necessary to fulfill the need. An adjustable bed is necessary for all those consumers who are patients of chronic pain, respiratory pain, and pregnant women. There are many options available in the market so it is very difficult to fulfill choosing top-rated adjustable beds.

Many adjustable beds based are compatible with memory foam and innerspring mattresses. The memory foam mattress is usually more flexible and full of relaxation as compared to other mattresses. We are listed different brands according to consumer reviews. A different factor is also necessary to consider on buying time.

Mattress strength

Best Adjustable bed reviews. As we discuss above different quality mattresses are available in the market. Before purchasing a mattress you keep the condition of the weather in front of your sight.

Now it’s time to check the quality of memory foam mattresses and also innerspring mattresses whether it’s compatible with their adjustable base or not. This factor is valuable so necessarily check it before buying.


This is the begging point matter when you go to buy anything. If you cannot afford the bed which has the qualities according to your choice, you have the option to choose the bed that has the only quality that you want to neglect the extra features connect with it.

Extra features are to raise the price of adjustable beds. Your major purpose of purchasing is potential health and other lifestyle benefits that easily fulfill after purchasing the above-listed adjustable beds.

Split Option

Sometimes your room main or partner want different sleeping arrangements adjustable bed have solutions to it. Its have a split option that will suit you better than without it.

For example, if you want to sleep with your head elevated but your partner does not you can elevate your side of the bed. This is the benefit of adjustable beds that happily treat both parties.

Other Features

We do not find extra adjustable bed features but that increases the purchasing price. If you have a budget, you can take the bed that has Bluetooth control and the rolling massage feature like the bed have USB ports, light place under the bed, and many other innovative technologies. If you want to get a bed that has a reasonable price only check the material quality used for manufacturing.


Can any bed go on an adjustable bed frame?

You’d be surprised at all of the mattresses even old or new mattress that can work with adjustable beds. Of course, some mattresses wouldn’t be compatible with this style of the base but there are many that would.

In general, memory foam and latex are excellent options to consider but any mattress type is possible to use on an existing bed frame..

how do adjustable bed frames work?

An adjustable base contains an assortment of joints that allow the base to move freely from the mattress. It is because of these joints that different sleepers are able to have so many different positions while sleeping.

Can LED lights go under a bed?

under bed lighting is always having its moment. Thin, 5-feet long LED strips can be added to the underbelly of the bed for a discreet, personalized look or added underneath sofas and inside decorative trays to make a room seem bigger.

why adjustable bed bases are worth the money?

Adjustable bed bases are more comfortable night’s sleep provided better sleeping position. Bed adjustable increases comfort, whether someone is recovering from birthing or wants to lessen the pain in their back and legs by elevating the upper body.

Lowering the upper body can allow people to gravity back into relaxation, a position that causes blood flow to remain steady while they sleep.

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