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Best bible highlighters. Highlighting our favorite biblical passages is the best way to keep them in mind. We may also make use of these hues as markers while reading about different essential subjects, such as life’s lessons or principles on which decisions should be based – it’s entirely up to you.

In the following reviews, I’ll share with you some of my favorite bookmarks from a variety of categories at various price ranges, so don’t pass up this opportunity to discover something new.

I’ll be employing the following abbreviation system “N/A” indicates that the bookmarks reviewed aren’t relevant; “BTS” stands for Bible-themed bookmarks, and “EGP” refers to elephant-shaped bookmarks.

The EGP animal bookmarks are the first set! Pusheen is my big boy. He’s been with me at university for over a year and has held up incredibly well. However, because his feet fell off after over a year of usage (this was expected), but they got caught in textbooks, I had no option but to put them back on (this was not expected).

5 Best bible highlighters

1. Mr. Pen No Bleed Gel Highlighter 

best bible highlighters

The Mr. Pen No Bleed Gel Highlighter is the only highlighter that won’t ruin your work on paper. It’s not a joke.

This gel-based highlighter has an anti-roll design and a special ink blend that prevents bleeding on paper and allows you to use it on any sort of paper.

The best feature about this product is that it may be used with any type of paper.

You don’t have to be concerned about wrecking your textbooks or important papers because If you still aren’t convinced, let me explain to you the many types of highlighters available on the market today.

Regular highlighters utilize ink that is intended to bleed through paper, making your notes unreadable when you highlight them.

Paper Flair Highlighter by Paper Mate uses “bleed-resistant ink technology,” but only on specific paper grades (for more information, see this article).

Traditional markers like these have the same drawback as traditional markers: they write like pens and will stain any type of paper regardless of its thickness or grade.

There are several alternatives for students who like gel-based highlighters, but none of them is effective enough to prevent note deterioration.

2. Zebra Pen Mildliner

Zebra Pen Mildliner, Double Ended Highlighter

The Zebra Mildliner is ideal for bullet journaling, scrapbooking, and other creative projects.

The Mildliner highlighter set will add to your page designs and allow you to construct your artistic project just the way you imagined it, from elaborate titles and task lists to calendars, monthly goals, and mood trackers.

Mildliners are available in four distinct hues: yellow, pink, green, and blue. Each color is equipped with a wide chisel tip that may be utilized for large strokes or a precise point tip that creates more consistent lines.

The fade-resistant pigment ink is also smear- and smudge-free. The Mildliner Brush Pamphlet is a complementary information booklet for the water-resistant pigment ink.

It goes through application procedures such as how to hold the pen and when using different types of writing instruments, such as ballpoints, gel pens, and dip pens.

There are several examples given by Pentel on how to apply the pigment ink to produce various effects, as well as useful hints and techniques.

3. U.S. Office Supply Bible Safe 

U.S. Office Supply Bible Safe Gel Highlighters

The Bible Safe Gel Highlighters from FSI are perfect for highlighting on any paper surface, especially Bibles.

They’re also great for color-coding your Bible using distinct hues to highlight important verses or themes. The 16 colors in this set include yellow, orange, blue, green, pink, dark pink, purple, and light purple.

These highlighters from DuraWrite contain a twist-up gel stick and glide across a page as they highlight swiftly and simply.

They won’t bleed onto other inks or dry up if left unopened, so they’re ideal for bookworms who enjoy highlighting the Bible.

Downtown Bookworks’ Bible Safe Gel Highlighters are bright and ideal for highlighting on almost any type of paper, including Bibles. Twist-up gel stick technology glides effortlessly across a page as you apply highlights quickly and simply.

They won’t bleed into other colors or dry out if left unused, making them ideal for anybody who enjoys reading the Bible and highlighting its many passages. Amanda C., The Bustle.

This is a reader favorite! This feel-good solution does not bleed through pages or feathers when dry no sharpener is required! Two built-in sharpeners are included one at each end of the pen.

They’re both nourishing, so you can put them together as a soothing skin lotion for your feet as an alternative to using two separate products.

4. G.T. Luscombe Company 

g.t. luscombe company, inc. accu gel bible

The Accu-Gel Bible Hi-Glider Set is a fantastic resource for highlighting and underlining passages in your Bible.

The set includes six distinct eye-catching bright neon fluorescent gel highlighter hues yellow, blue, purple, pink, green, and orange.

These archival quality Bible-safe gel highlighters will not bleed through any paper or fade or smear other inks.

Glides on smoothly across the page. Long-lasting gel stick advances by twisting base; there’s no more clicking.

ABS plastic body with a pocket clip that is sturdy enough for everyday use. These highlighters include six bright, neon hues to help you quickly identify important sections in your Bible or other reading materials.

When held under a black light, the colors radiate brightly and make them ideal for book clubs and small group studies where participants can share their notes or highlight during each study session.

The Accu-Gel series was created to fulfill the demands of consumers seeking long-lasting markers that write on glass, metal, whiteboard, and a variety of plastics.

They are available singly or in sets of 12 various hues for customers to select from when choosing their favorite accent colors that may be exchanged without having to worry about dried-out reservoirs waiting to be replaced.

5. Feela bible highlighters

best bible highlighters 2021

The Feela 8 Pack Bible Gel Highlighter Set comes in a transparent and portable pouch. Each highlighter has its color, totaling eight different hues.

It won’t bleed through or smear other inks. Conforms to ASTM-D4236. Secure the highlighters to any piece of paper, plus it keeps them clean under the cover of a plastic shell while also making usage easy.

The twist-up design minimizes the breakage of gel inside and keeps the surface clean under protection from plastic shell and makes use easier.

A pleasant gliding experience is provided thanks to the smooth sliding operation. Acid-free and non-toxic, safe to use.

The eight highlighters are all color-neutral, so you may use them with any of your favorite inks. There will be no more need to carry a distinct hue for each ink color. No longer must you worry about having to bring multiple colors with you.

The New Feela 8 Pack Bible Gel Highlighter Set works with most paper surfaces, including bible pages.

It’s useful for highlighting paper items like Bible passages, notes, study guides, charts, and even scrapbook papers. A great aid for fast highlighting on almost any subject.

The Feela 4 Pack Bible Gel Highlighter kit is ideal for preachers or instructors who wish to make their lessons both clear and vibrant. They may be used on bibles, official papers, or other materials without fear of damaging them.


Do Bible highlighters bleed?

The colors are bright, and the ink is permanent. The tip can be sharpened if you wish to better highlight keywords in your Bible study notes during discussion or reflection on what was learned from this passage.

Are pastel highlighters good for Bibles?

The Zebra Pen Mildliner Double-Ended Highlighter & Creative Tool is the ideal bible journaling highlighter because it comes in 25 soft pastel hues that won’t bleed through pages, no matter what kind of edition you choose. The Sarasa Clip Pens are also fantastic note-taking aids.


Best bible highlighters. Finding the right highlighter for your favorite passages is easy. Whether you want to keep them in mind or use them as markers while reading about different essential subjects, such as life’s lessons or principles on which decisions should be based – it’s entirely up to you.

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