Best Cake Pans America’s Test Kitchen

Best cake pans america’s test kitchen. Cake pans, just like any other kitchen tool, should be of the highest quality and suited precisely to your abilities.

For those who have never prepared a cake before, creating one may appear daunting, but finding a decent pan will guarantee success.

Even if you’re already an expert baker at home, there’s always room for improvement or error because no two bakers make cakes in the same way.

Dense cakes are often baked in an 8-by-8-by-2 inch pan, which can handle their heft.

But most people are unaware that this implies any cake may be cooked in an 8×8 pan; sheet cakes, pound cakes, brownies.

Here we listed the 6 products of Best cake pans.

6 Best Cake Pans America’s Test Kitchen

1. USA Pan Bakeware Round Cake Pan

best cake pans america's test kitchen

The USA Pan 9-Inch Round Cake Pan is a large 9 x 2 inches and is ideal for baking delicious classic cakes.

This pan will produce your favorite cake recipes, such as chocolate or red velvet, flawlessly.

The cake pan’s surface is treated with AMERICOAT Plus, a patented nonstick silicone that allows you to easily release your cake from the pan.

The USA Pan 9-Inch Round Cake Pan is made of heavy-duty carbon steel that is warp-proof and provides even heat distribution to produce excellent baking results.

This cake pan is a 9-inch diameter, 2-inch deep round cake pan with rolled edges for added strength. Every stage of the production process in the United States, from design to delivery, ensures quality control.

The excellent condition of this baking dish is further enhanced by its stainless steel handles and gold-tone accents. This cake pan comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults and workmanship issues.

2. Nordic Ware Classic Metal 9×13 Covered Cake Pan

nordic ware classic metal

The Nordic Ware Classic Metal 9×13 Covered Cake Pan is constructed of durable pure aluminum that will never rust, making it perfect for baking.

Due to aluminum’s excellent heat conductivity and reinforced encapsulated steel rim, baked goods rise and bake uniformly.

Cleanup is straightforward; simply hand washes only with nylon, wood, or silicone utensils.

The key to this pan’s excellence is its base: instead of being composed of steel or even high-quality aluminum like other pans, the base is pure aluminum.

This also implies there will be no warping with time, in addition to conducting heat adequately (which means better browning with less burning).

The handles are riveted on and sit flush with the pan’s rim, making it a cinch to pick up. It’s a good weight without being too hefty, and as you’d expect from an aluminum cake pan, cleaning is a breeze.

This is one fantastic piece of cookware! Highly suggested. There’s also a version with an aluminum lid that comes in handy when no one should see a naked cake at least not without first putting on a paper cap.

3. Hiware 8-Inch Round Cake Pan

hiware 8 inch round cake

The Hiware 8″ Round Cake Pan Set is fantastic bakeware set for your kitchen.

The pan is made from heavy-weight carbon steel with excellent heat conduction and uniform baking, as well as a reinforced wire rod rim that prevents warping.

For years to come, it will be rust-resistant, sturdy, and long-lasting. The Delta 9 cake pan with straight sides is perfect for creating layered cakes or deep dish pizza.

This kit includes 60 count parchment baking liners, made from 100% renewable resources.

This set contains 1 cake pan with 4 cavities, 8″ diameter x 2″ depth, and 3 round cupcake liners, every 2 inches in diameter. For easy cleanup, the cake pan is dishwasher safe.

Hiware is a family-owned company that began with its passion for cooking and commitment to healthy eating.

Hiware’s products are created using the highest grade materials available to ensure superior craftsmanship and durability.

Hiware provides a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. If at any time during the term of your warranty and for any reason you are dissatisfied with your Hiware set, it will be replaced for free. Best Cake Pans America’s Test Kitchen.

4. Springform Pan set,Nonstick Leakproof

springform pan set

The MASSUGAR springform pan set is composed of hardy aluminum construction, nonstick surface, and dishwasher-safe parts.

It’s the ideal option for your kitchen. Nonstick leakproof 3pcs(4″/7″/9″) Cake Pan Bakeware Cheesecake-springform pans are perfect for baking, roasting, and cooking in the oven, microwave, and stovetop.

They’re also great for making cheesecake. The cake pan is constructed of high-quality aluminum alloy with a non-toxic black and silver color coating that is heat-resistant and durable.

After you’re done cooking, the nonstick cake pan will cook your food quickly and uniformly, leaving little to no residue behind.

The MASSUGAR Cake pan set has a silicone seal that makes the pans leakproof and airtight, allowing food to be kept in the refrigerator or freezer without losing flavor or taste.

Silicone also makes cleanup a snap just clean the bakeware with warm soapy water. This Cheesecake Cake Pan Bakeware Set comes with an exquisite gift box, making it ideal for family and friends who enjoy cooking.

5. Chicago Metallic Professional 2-Piece

chicago metallic professional

Bake with Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick 2-Piece Angel Food Cake Pan for professional results every time.

This high-quality pan has a nonstick coating that allows cakes to be removed easily and cleaned swiftly.

For easy release, the legs are specially designed inverted feet that allow air to circulate beneath for circulation and it’s dishwasher safe for convenience.

Oven safe to 450°F / 232°C; not intended to be used under the broiler. Utensils and knives with sharp edges should not be used.

The only nonstick company to use carbon black on the surface of its coatings, Chicago Metallic delivers a truly durable topcoat.

Chicago Metallic also has the most sizes available for baking pans, including special, smaller versions to accommodate unusual recipes and deep-pocketed pans for extra yield.

For over ten years, I’ve owned this pan. It just came in handy when I made an angel food cake that took 45 minutes to cook.

The edges were nicely browned, but the interior was filled with uncooked batter! It appears as if the pan’s sides aren’t high enough to guarantee a fully cooked center.

While my regular, much less expensive tube pan from a discount store with different recipe components (so it’s not) rose significantly higher than other pans.

6. Wilton Performance Pans Aluminum

wilton performance pans

The Wilton Performance Pans Aluminum 9-Inch Round Cake Pans Set, 2-Piece Make a delicious, moist layer cake with this 9-inch round cake pan set.

This pan’s straight sides make it simple for the batter to rise, resulting in tall cake layers with clean, straight edges that are ideal for decorating.

These Wilton cake pans are anodized aluminum and resistant to rusting, ensuring uniform baking and preventing uneven heating.

This cake pan set is perfect for layer cakes since it has a 2-inch depth; this set of two 9-inch aluminum pans can be used with the Wilton 9 inch removable bottom cake pan.

For Luscious Raspberry Fudge Cake Prepare, bake, and cool round cakes in these two 9-inch aluminum pans. The Nonstick Coating makes removing and cleaning the pans a breeze.

Straight sides ensure that layer cakes are baked uniformly; anodized aluminum construction ensures uniform baking and sticking. Decorating straight edges is simple.



1. Can you put cake pans in the dishwasher?

You can’t, therefore we don’t suggest it. Many dishwasher detergents include harsh chemicals and phosphates that might stain your gleaming new baking surface.

2. How to measure cake pans?

A cake pan is a baker’s must-have, therefore it’s critical to get the right size. Use a ruler and/or tape! Always make sure your measurement includes both width and depth – the greatest distance between two points on each side (usually inside lip).


Best cake pans america’s test kitchen. We realize that the process of selecting a new pan can be daunting and we recommend you take your time to find one that is durable, has an appropriate size for what you plan on cooking, and suits your skill level.

There are many different types available from professional grade with non-stick surfaces to economical options for those who have never prepared a cake before or need something lightweight. Just remember, no two bakers make cakes in the same way so it may not matter which type of pan you choose as long as it gets the job done.

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