Best Coprophagia Deterrent

Best Coprophagia Deterrent. If you’re having trouble stopping a terrible habit like dog feces eating, don’t worry.

Every year, 1 in 6 dogs eat their own feces on a regular basis, and 1/4 of all canines will do so at least once.

If this sounds like something your dog does on occasions or has done recently keep reading to find out more about what causes coprophagia in dogs plus some suggestions for avoiding unusual behaviors.

Such as wolfing down heaps of excrement instead of one Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Life Savers cookie.

There are several different reasons why your dog might eat feces, just as there are for humans.

While some have a more apparent cause, others may be more difficult to identify. There are numerous individuals who engage in coprophagia for one reason or another.

6 Best Coprophagia deterrent

1. For-Bid Stool Eating Preventative for Dogs

best coprophagia deterrent

The For-Bid Stool Eating Preventative for Dogs, Cats, and Other Animals is a full-spectrum formula that may help prevent your dog or cat from developing unhealthy habits.

Veterinarian specialists recommend using For-Bid to pet owners as a safe and successful technique to keep their pets from eating their own feces or other undesirable things.

This product’s active component helps to mask the stench of dog feces while they’re eliminated, making it less appealing for them to eat.

Pets can become ill if they consume their own excrement or other things like grass clippings, trash, or even hazardous objects like needles.

Simply sprinkle the powder on your pet’s food as directed and you’re done.

Typically takes less than a week to work. Depending on the cause of your dog’s pooping eating disorders, additional therapy might be necessary.

2. Solid Gold Stop Eating Poop for Dogs

solid gold stop eating poop

Stop Eating Poop for Dogs is a natural, holistic grain-free supplement that helps deter dogs from ingesting stool.

This unique formula may help prevent coprophagia in dogs with the potential to enhance their general health and well-being when used as directed.

After two to four weeks, the stool eating behavior decreases.

This solution uses safe and natural compounds to assist dogs to stop consuming their own feces and maintaining a healthy digestive system.

The high-quality protein sources in this formula are readily absorbed and provide all of the necessary amino acids.

Lipase is needed to break down fat, which accounts for around 40% of feces production.

Dogs with lipase deficits have been observed to consume their own excrement in order to acquire the lipase they require.

3. Nutri-Vet Nasty Habit Chewable Tablets for Dogs

nutri vet nasty habit

Nasty Habit Chewables for Dogs is a non-medicinal, all-natural treatment that prevents puppies and dogs from chewing on harmful items.

The tablets can be given to your dog as a treat or used in conjunction with meals.

This product is a paste made from Yucca schidigera, which has been found to reduce smelly feces and urine, making them less appealing to dogs.

Made in the United States using only FDA-approved chemicals following pharmaceutical manufacturing standards.

It prevents pups and dogs from chewing on furniture, shoes, clothes, and other items, which leads to stools being unpleasant. The tablets are appealing to the dog’s palate and may be given with or without food.

4. Zesty Paws Chew No-Poo Bites

zesty paws chew no poo bites

Zesty Paws Chew No-Poo Bites are the ideal thing for your dog who enjoys consuming his own feces.

This all-natural chewable helps to discourage your dog from eating feces by making it unattractive, and they also clean their breath and aid in digestion.

The good news is that these candies are designed with a unique combination of natural components that guarantee they’re completely safe for dogs to consume.

They’re also free of chemical flavors, colors, and preservatives, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful compounds getting into your dog’s system.

The product is also designed to prevent doggie stools from getting worse.

It consists of Capsimax, an advanced, controlled-release type of Capsicum Extract (chili) that gives stools a more unsavory taste and prevents coprophagia.

5. NaturVet – Coprophagia Stool Eating Deterrent

naturvet – coprophagia stool

This product is a homeopathic remedy that prevents dogs from ingesting their own feces.

It includes an all-natural herbal combination that works to discourage coprophagia (stool eating).

The active components in each chewable tablet are peppermint oil and ginger root.

Ginger and peppermint have been used for millennia as digestive aids, while ginger has been shown to possess anti-nausea effects.

Zinc oxide is also included in this product, which can aid in the treatment of diarrhea due to infection.

Coprophagia Aid from NaturVet is a natural way to discourage dogs from eating their own feces or other dogs’ feces.

This formula works by using a combination of herbal extracts and aromatic oils that have been shown to be safe for use in dogs older than 12 weeks.

6. Vetrinex Labs Coprophagia Poop Eating Deterrent

vetrinex labs coprophagia

Vetrinex Laboratories Coprophagia is the compulsive eating of feces that can have negative consequences on an animal’s health.

Coprophagia, also known as scat or stool, is when dogs consume their own stools or those of other animals. Dogs will consume the excrement of other animals if given the opportunity.

If they can get to them, dogs may consume the stools of people.

When your pet has constant access to feces via watching another dog defecate or being fed table scraps containing animal ingredients such as meat, eggs, milk, or cheese, this behavior is more likely to occur.

This product helps to prevent it from recurring. It promotes healthy digestion, alleviates gas and bloating, improves stool quality, and treats constipation. Immune system health is improved. Overall well-being is enhanced.



How long does it take for stool deterrent to work?

After two to four weeks, you should notice a difference.

Is coprophagia safe for dogs?

It’s fine for dogs to eat their own feces, but ingesting stool from other animals might lead to health issues if it is infested with parasites. This behavior will usually go away before a puppy is nine months old.


Best Coprophagia Deterrent. We hope that this blog article has been informative for you and your dog, especially when it comes to the coprophagia prevention techniques at the end.

It’s vital to remember that these actions might be triggered by a variety of reasons; as a result, things may take some time before they improve – but don’t worry.

Dogs are resilient animals with an amazing ability to overcome adversity. “If you’re concerned about what might cause such unusual behavior like ingesting feces, or if there is anything else we can do to assist you, please let us know.

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