Best corner tv mount

Best corner tv mount. A corner TV mount is a room-saving gadget that allows you to maneuver, rotate, and swivel the screen in any direction without it getting wedged against furniture. If your home has toddlers or pets who may unintentionally knock over things while playing with their TVs, this might be the solution.

A corner tv mount will allow users to turn their flatscreen from any location within its range, removing annoying wires on both sides of them. Making space beneath all those bedsides again is a snap.

With a corner TV mount, you may position your flat screen TV against the wall and rotate it until the optimum viewing angle is found, then simply lock it in place. There’s no need to fiddle with wires anymore because everything will be nicely hidden.

This isn’t only useful for people who have children or pets. A corner tv mount may also be a wonderful way to use the little space you have in your living room or bedroom, especially if you want to maximize how much area you have available.

6 Best corner tv mount

1. VideoSecu MW380B5 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall

best corner tv mount

The VideoSecu full motion articulating TV wall mount can support most 37″ to 70″ flat-panel TVs weighing up to 125 pounds.

The sturdy steel construction and all-metal hardware provide protection and stability for your valuable TV.

For optimum viewing flexibility, the TV may be tilted 5 degrees forward or 12 degrees backward, swiveled 160 degrees side-to-side, and pivoted 180 degrees.

After installation, level adjustment allows for 3-degree rotation in any direction for ideal alignment in varied vantage points.

The ART-B1000-A has four 6″ inch by 2.5″ casters for simple movement on carpeted floors. When not in use, the VESA plate may be readily removed, allowing you to save space while still maintaining TV security with the optional ART-B1000-A bracket.

The cable management system improves the appearance of the device and conceals cables to keep your area tidy.

This type accommodates TVs up to 70 inches long and can handle up to 125 pounds, including many well-known brands like Sony, Samsung, Vizio among others (37′-70′).

This mount will accommodate most 37″ to 70″ TVs. The installer must fasten TV brackets to the TV and attach WoodBracket B to support the weight of the TV using drywall screws (not supplied) if it is not mounting to a wall stud or concrete.

Before installing your television, please verify that the wall you intend to use is suitable.

2. Cheetah Mounts APDAM3B Dual Articulating 

cheetah mounts apdam3b dual

The APDAM3B TV wall mounts for 16″ studs are the latest addition to Cheetah’s line of adjustable articulating arm mounts.

The mount includes four sets of TV mounting screws and washers, as well as appropriate spacers, to fit most TVs. However, it does not include screws for all TVs.

If your TV requires different screws, Cheetah in the United States sells hundreds of TV screw sets and will deliver them at no extra cost.

The TV plate may be out of level for a variety of reasons, including the weight of your TV and how you adjust the tilt on each arm. Cheetah advises attaching your TV to the wall plate first.

Then one at a time, level one arm and then tighten all three arms together after both arms are equal. Not only does the APDAM3B lack a bottom crossbar, but it also makes use of two sets of spacers as feet around the bottom of the mount.

For people with studs every 16 inches and a TV that they want to be viewed from anywhere in the room, the Cheetah TV Mounts APDAM3B with Dual Articulating Arms is an excellent choice.

The max weight capacity is 132 lbs, which meets VESA standards and will fit most 32-65″ TVs weighing up to 132 pounds with mounting holes within the standard 75mm distance.

3. Corner TV Wall Mount FOZIMOA Full Motion TV Mount 

corner tv wall mount fozimoa full motion tv mount

Corner TV Wall Mount FOZIMOA is a cutting-edge articulating wall mount. It’s constructed of sturdy steel and aluminum alloys.

The mount has 90 degrees of swivel left to right, 4 degrees of tilt up and down, and can be tilted from +3 degrees (up/backward) to -15 degrees (down/forward).

When you connect the mounting plate to the same surface, it will function similarly to any other articulating TV wall mount with swivel and extension capabilities.

Installing the TV wall mount is straightforward, requiring only a provided template to mark drill locations on the wall for ten screws and eight screws to attach your TV.

Then you use your own 4mm Allen wrench (not included) to level the set so it’s straight before tightening everything down. There are various installation services available at an added fee if you aren’t sure about your house improvement abilities.

This is a great-looking TV, as you’d expect from Samsung. The build quality is excellent and there are no rattles or movements when it’s being moved side to side.

When standing across from this huge screen from opposite sides of a room or lounge area, the all-around tilt adjustment is limited, so be sure you have enough space for it. Best corner tv mount.

4. FORGING MOUNT Long Extension Tv Mount Corner Wall

forging mount long extension tv mount corner wall

MOUNT FORGING Long Extension Tv Mount Corner Wall mount is a comprehensive rotating articulating mount designed to fit in the corner of your space.

It allows you to attach your flat/curve television to the wall utilizing the dead area next to it. With room to adjust angles, even 70-inch TVs may be set up in the corner.

The FORGING MOUNT Long Extension Tv Mount Corner Wall Mount is a corner mount that works well in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and other areas where you wish to put your television on the wall but has limited space or are trying to make efficient use of dead corners.

The majority of TVs from 32″ to 70″ (VESA compatible up to 600 x 400) will fit the FORGING MOUNT Long Extension Tv Mount Corner Wall Mount.

Attach the horizontal rail to your TV with the mounting holes of many modern TVs located directly over top of VESA holes.

Many contemporary TVs have mounting holes that are immediately adjacent to VESA openings for this reason Forging Mounts created the vertical bar with two pairs of mounting locations so you may adjust for optimum bracket installation based on.

Where your TV is positioned, whether it goes over or through it. Attach the horizontal rails to your TV, then align it along both bars and tighten all brackets screws into place with a screwdriver.

5. Aeon Stands and Mounts Full Motion Wall Mount

aeon stands and mounts full motion wall mount

Aeon Stands and Mounts 32 to 55 Inch TVs on a Full Motion corner tv mount. This mount is a full-motion TV wall mount that extends out 29 inches from the wall and retracts to 2.80″ from the wall, and it’s the best of both worlds.

When you need to reach far away for more complex viewing angles or if you wish to see in another room, this is an excellent position.

You may turn a 55 inch TV 90 degrees sideways without hitting the wall with this AEON TV mount. This is great for when you want to watch TV from afar off.

The flexible, full-motion TV mount allows you to extend, height adjust and swivel or rotate your LCD/LED/Plasma television up to 29 inches away from the wall while retracting it back up to 2.8 inches.

The TV is less than 6 inches from the wall! Aeon Stands’ Full Motion Wall Mount for 32″ – 55″ LED/LCD / Plasma Televisions are ideal for corner installations, flush mounting in recessed alcoves, and hiding behind beds and desks.

This Full Motion TV mount from CyberPowerPC has 10x greater full motion capacity due to its innovative design with roller blades rather than common plastic wheels.

6. Monoprice Cornerstone Series corner tv mount

best corner tv mount 2022

The Monoprice Cornerstone Articulating Corner wall mount is made particularly for corner installations.

The mount arms may independently move to allow for centered or off-centered corner installation. Separate wall plates can be attached to separate adjacent walls.

The mount may be installed in the same manner as any other articulating TV wall mount if the wall plates are connected to the same wall.

The Monoprice Cornerstone Articulating Corner TV mount allows you to hang your 37″ 70″ flat-panel TVs up to 165 pounds on the corner of two rooms.

The low profile design holds 37″ 70″ flat-panel televisions weighing up to 165 pounds. The maximum VESA/ mounting profile is 600 x 400mm, and there is a one-year warranty with this product.

This corner TV mount will accommodate any 37″ to 70″ flat panel screen weighing up to 165 lbs, making it ideal for most big screens in the 42-65 inch range, including many LED/LCD and OLED TVs.

It’s also ideal for tiny home theaters with 30-42 inch displays that are common in smaller flat panel sizes.


Can you put a TV mount in a corner?

Yes, there are corner TV mounts with shelves available. Many different ways exist for mounting your television in a corner.

It saves space while providing more adaptable furniture arrangements that free up wall space for artwork or other décor objects – not to mention how fantastic it looks.

How high up should a TV be mounted?

Being too close to the TV may be a literal pain in the neck. However, there is a solution! The following formula can be used to calculate the proper viewing distance and TV mount height size optimum viewing distance in inches (or centimeters).


Best corner tv mount. If you’re looking for a space-saving solution to your TV needs, a corner tv mount may be the answer. Corner mounts are designed to fit in any corner of the room and rotate from their location without getting wedged against furniture or household objects perfect if you have young kids or pets who might knock it over. They also allow users to position their flat-screen TVs against walls and swivel them around until they find their favorite viewing angle.

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