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Best Cup Turner. A cup turner is a simple machine that spins a blank while applying epoxy resin. This craft may be done by anybody with the appropriate equipment, and it’s ideal for adding some uniqueness to your tumblers or cups.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite options from hundreds of possibilities so whether you’re just getting started in this fascinating pastime, searching for something more professional-grade but still budget-friendly, or anything else, you’ll find what you need here.

A cup turner is a fantastic device that rotates your cups while applying epoxy resin. They’re great for adding some flair to whatever you put in them, and they’re simple enough for experts and novices to use.

6 Best Cup Turner

1. Home Pro Shop Cup Turner Kit Tumbler

best cup turner

Turn your favorite mugs into gorgeous DIY glitter and epoxy tumblers with this comprehensive cup-turner kit! Make stunning presentations to give as gifts, or use old mugs to make them seem new once more.

This simple cup turner is designed to make it easier than ever to complete DIY projects. The Tumbler Spinner offers a pleasant grip handle that makes it simply put the work in doing things correctly.

The Plano Home Pro Shop Cup Turner Kit is an excellent addition to your craft area.

These cups are made of stainless steel and have an ergonomic handle for easy rotation. The cup spinner will also aid you in making glitter epoxy and other exciting projects.

The Home Pro Shop Cup Turner Kit- Tumbler Spinner for Crafters w/DIY Glitter Epoxy is a fantastic addition to any craft room.

This cup spinner and tumbler turner machine is the ideal tool for hands-free crafting! Apply epoxy resin or glitter dust while designing your tumblers while the machine revolves.

The robust base ensures stability and utility, allowing artists of all abilities to work with confidence.

2. Cup Turner Tumbler Cuptisserie Heat Gun Set

cup turner tumbler cuptisserie

The Tumbler Cup Turner Cuptisserie Heat Gun Set, Cup Spinner for DIY Glitter Epoxy C is a complete kit for creating glitter tumblers.

Perfect present for Christmas, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving Day, Wedding, Graduation, and New Year’s Day.

The cup turner kits are ideal add-ons to create your own personalized glitter cups in minutes.

After that, simply attach the incandescent cup spinner to your workstation. Please ensure that the switch is switched off before using it.

Before turning on the power switch, please wait approximately 10 seconds for it to heat up. It will be ready to spin after 4 minutes once it has heated up fully.

This 3D printer comes with a micro hot air tool that removes bubbles from resin while epoxy tumblers making. The retractable stand for hands-free operation.

This is an excellent gadget to have on hand while working with epoxy or any other project that requires application or removal.

3. Cup Turner for Crafts Tumblers Electric

cup turner for crafts tumbler

A strong electric motor in the cup tumbler machine spins the cups up to 70 times per minute.

It is ideal for a wide range of containers, including plastic cups, glass mugs, wine glasses, and even beer bottles. Best Cup Turner.

The cup tumbler machine is simple to use and put together. Simply plug it in, place your favorite beverage in the container, and turn on the switch.

When you let go of the button, the spinning will stop automatically. Whether you’re a novice or an amateur DIYer, our cup tumbler machine is straightforward to use and assemble.

Electric Cuptisserie Tumbler Spinner Machine with Extra Long 5.24 ft Cord, UL certified motor inside the protective case will not heat up after 2-3 days of usage. The motor’s lifecycle is two to three years.

When the machine is working well, there is no need to change it yourself because there are lots of spare parts! Metal cup spinner kit with extra-long 5.24 ft cord with an independent switch to turn on and off the machine from your bed or sofa.

4. LFSUM Cup Turner for Crafts Tumbler Cup

lfsum cup turner for crafts tumbler

Turn your favorite cup into a work of art. The LFSUM Cup Turner for Crafts Tumbler Cup Spinner Machine Kit is a fantastic gadget that transforms cups and mugs into stunning pieces of art.

This DIY kit comes with everything you need to create beautiful works of art effortlessly.

A high-speed motor with PVC housing, a 6.5-foot cord, and an On/Off switch for easy usage, 4-5 RPM slow spin speed allows the epoxy resin to dry smoothly and evenly, which is ideal for tumbler crafts.

The LFSUM cup turner is a fantastic kitchen gadget to assist you in rotating your glasses or mugs. It may be used on most tumblers with a 3 inch to 5-inch diameter base.

You may also use it as an end-table decoration. You can produce beautiful drinks using this cup turntable.

A cup spinner machine is a must-have for any coffee lover. It helps you make one-of-a-kind mugs using latte art methods. One of the greatest items on the market is LFSUM Cup Turner for Crafts Tumbler Cup Spinner Machine Kit.

This product allows you to manufacture a variety of mugs quickly and easily. It also includes simplified installation, as well as only taking 5 screws and 4 minutes to get started making your own personalized cups at home.

5. LFSUM Double Cup Turner for Crafts Tumbler

multi 4 cup turner spineer for crafts

The hardwood double cup spinner machine is capable of producing a wide range of wooden cups, such as coffee mugs, beer mugs, wine glasses, and so on.

It is possible to make a cup or mug from the blank. The machine can produce up to 300pcs an hour (based on the size of your cups).

This wood lathe is also quite simple to work with. All you have to do is drop the blank into the groove in the center.

The LFSUM Double Cup Spinner turns your tumblers into a lovely, completed work of art.

Our 4-in-1 cup drying rack is meant to be used with our cup turner and can also be used as a standalone product for people who already own one.

The Rugged Construction Gives a Stable Base for Long-Term Usage. All You Need Are 5 Screws to Assemble It. This Is Simple to Assemble Even for Kids.

The LFSUM Kit Contains Step-by-Step Instructional brochures as Well as Tools for You! Turn your favorite beverage into a fun project.

This twin cup spinner is simple to operate and enjoyable for the entire family. Place a coin or other tiny thing beneath the center of one lid and then cover it with the second lid.

6. Asany Cup Turner

best cup turner 2021

Asany Cup Turner for Crafts Tumbler – Electric Cuptisserie Spinner Machine Kit with Stainless Steel Bowl, Strainer and Lid.

This is a fantastic cup-turner device that will allow you to prepare the ideal cup of tea or coffee every time.

Cup turners are an important component in any kitchen. The Asany electric tumbler transforms your favorite teas, coffees, hot chocolates, and other hot beverages into works of art! It may also be used to make both cold and hot drinks.

The Asany Cup Turner is a cup-turner that works with all Asany craft tumblers. It has a non-slip handle and an adjustable knob to fit different size cups.

The ball bearing design ensures that the cup spins freely and evenly, eliminating any uneven dripping or pooling during the curing process.

The Asany Cup Turner is ideal for applying clear epoxy coating on glass cups! This cup turner allows you to ensure an even and smooth cure while drying your project without pooling or excess dripping.


What is the best rpm for cup Turner?

The crafter cup Turner is a stable device that features an anchored wand, which turns at the smooth and steady 5-6 rpm. It also has two high-density foam holders for cups of various sizes up to 30-ounce standard tumblers in order to prevent slippage while being used on any surface!

Can I leave my cup Turner on all night?

Yes, I leave mine running overnight and have had no problems. It stays cooler than the other turner I have! Do you find this helpful.


Best Cup Turner. There are several cup turners on the market, but not all of them are appropriate for your needs. To make it simpler for you to discover one that fits your specific demands, we’ve put up a list of what we believe are some of the most popular and high-quality ones. There is something here for everyone.

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