Best Fire Pit Mat For Wood Deck

Best Fire Pit Mat For Wood Deck. If you wish to relocate your fire pit or bowl around the yard rather than dedicate a specific location, safeguard what lies beneath by using an appropriate mat.

These heat-resistant pads can also be used on decks and other exposed surfaces while setting up campfire inside whether it’s wood decking material under your outdoor area’s flame warms toes in the winter.

Patio stones where barbecues will be held during summer gatherings with friends; grasses that are protected from wear due to accidental burns incurred while playing too close to hot coals; and even on pathways to avoid dirt tracked inside.

Aldie’s Fire Mat is a heavy-duty, durable outdoor mat that may be used on both the outside and indoors where heat damage is a concern.

Their thick, cushioned (and hefty!) mats come in sizes up to 12′ x 20′, with 5/8″ thickness measuring 9 lbs. each.

Here we listed the top 6 products of fire pit mat for wood deck.

6 Best fire pit mat for wood deck

1. Ember Mat | 67″ x 60″ |USA Based | Fire Pit Mat

best fire pit mat for wood deck

The Ember Mat is made to avoid embers and grease from burning the area around your fire pit or barbecue.

The Food-Grade Silicone Coating ensures that the Ember Mat will not cause itching when handled and will not get food fibers into your meal in the event of a runaway hot dog.

High-reflective edging for nighttime visibility 8 stainless steel edge grommets allow the mat to be staked to the ground in windy situations.

Within 30 minutes of landing on the Ember Mat, any fallen or blazing ember should be snuffed out. The Ember Mat is simple to clean and can be folded up for storage.

The Ember Mat is a no-heat, self-heating barbecue mat. There will be no more ash or soot flying around, and cleaning up will be a breeze.

The silicone coating ensures that you won’t get burned by irritating fibers if an ember strikes your mat. The reflective edges provide night visibility without the need for a light source.

In addition to serving as a handy resting place for your food, the three-tier Steel Farmhouse Grill also has stainless steel grommets that allow for one or two mats to be staked down in windy conditions while providing hanging locations.

2. WELLUCK 36 Inch Fire Pit Mat for Deck

welluck 24 inch fire pit mat

36 Inch WELLEKUCK Fire Pit Mat for Deck Fireproof Firepit Pad Deck Protector, Heat Resistant Made of high-quality fire-retardant polypropylene that is soft and pleasant to the touch.

The heat shield mat is a must-have accessory for your outdoor fire pit or fire bowl.

Providing a barrier between the ground beneath and the logs you’re burning in your fire pit, protecting your deck from heat damage.

This product’s material is also waterproof and will not burn if it comes into contact with flames. You may use your fire pit safely with this fireproof mat, extending its life cycle.

The fireproof mat is 6mm thick, with enough cushions to protect your floor from the fire pit or the fire ring, but not so tall that it obstructs the view of the flame.

High-quality, stain-resistant, and fade-proof material Fireproof mats can also be used for wood stove fireplace logs.

100% polypropylene fiber is an effective insulator that saves money on fuel during colder months! What’s more, it’s a must-have accessory for anybody interested in enjoying nature outdoors.

3. KOFAIR Square Fire Pit Mat

kofair square fire pit mat

Fire-resistant 3-layer materials are used to make this Koflach Fire Pit Mat (38 x 38 inch), Patio Fire Pit Pad, Fireproof Mat Decor, Black.

Aluminized Fiberglass + Thermal Insulation Cotton + Non-itchy Silicone Coated Fiberglass are the layers of fire resistance in this product.

Insulation on the other hand, such as fire-resistant coverings, can protect your deck from heat up to 2000 F for hours and reflect 95% of a patio firepit’s heat into the atmosphere, keeping your lawn and deck safe.

This fire-resistant grill mat is ideal for both square and conventional sized propane outdoor fire pits as well as wood-burning outdoor fire pits.

The Kona Fire Pit Mat (38 x 38 inches) from KONA is made to protect your patio or deck from high-temperature, 50000 BTU/Hr fires that could harm the integrity of your surfaces, such as wooden decks and composite flooring.

In certain situations, this square fire pit pad can withstand temperatures up to 2000 F.

Heat is reflected upward and downward, preventing grass and plants on the ground from being damaged by heat radiation. This grill mat is also waterproof and snowproof. If you place it on snow, it won’t melt right away. Best Fire Pit Mat For Wood Deck.

4. MAJITA Square Fire Pit Mat

majita round under grill mat

The Majita Square Fire Pit Mat is composed of four layers, with the first being a reflective fabric made of Aluminized Fiber Fabric that reflects up to 96% of the heat from a patio fire pit.

The 2nd layer is a silicone coating for high-temperature resistance. The 3rd layer is fiberglass, which provides excellent fire protection for your patio or deck surface.

Artificial grass is a product that looks and feels like real grass. Standard size: 135″ x 36″.

Fits most round and square fire pits on the market owing to its depth of 3.5-4 inches, which means it can be used with almost all round and square fire pits.

Typically fits into a patio or garden setting. If your square fire pit has a larger diameter, you may purchase two square mats to cover the space around it.

To ensure that no overheating problem occurs during the burning period, we recommend a distance of 3ft between the edge of the fire table /pit and its interior.

We also have several other sizes available, including 3×3 ft and 4×4 ft if necessary! We guarantee that all of our goods are free from defects for one year.

5. Fireproof Mat, 36″ – Fire Pit Mat for Grass

fireproof mat, 36 fire pit

The Heatflekt Fire Pit Mat is the ultimate fire pit mat for decks, grass, and other surfaces. With a heat resistance level of up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

This fireproof rug will protect your deck and patio from harm caused by high-heat fires and grills.

The HeatfleKT fire pit mat has a non-skid backing for stability while cooking. It’s simple to maintain because it’s made of waterproof vinyl that allows you to keep that fresh mat look.

Heatflekt fire pit mats are available in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing you to bring your style to your home’s design.

It can withstand temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an excellent outdoor heating pad for those chilly nights around the fire.

Use this heavy-duty fire pit mat as a hot plate for pizza parties or barbecues! Warm-up some s’mores with this durable heat fleckt fire pit mat by your side.

This is a backyard item that should be on everyone’s list this summer because it is both attractive and functional.

Heatflekt fire pit mats are delivered straight from the factory to your home, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re not happy with it, return it and get a complete refund of your purchase price. Heatflekt is the only heatproof mat on the market that provides this kind of no-risk guarantee.

6. RoasterQ Square Fire Pit Mat

roasterq square fire pit mat

TheRoasterQ Square Fire Pit Mat for Wood Deck and Grass Protection, 47″ X 47″ is a fire pit mat that protects your grass from being burned by the heat of your wood-burning firepit.

The tough fiberglass material of the fire pit mat will keep sparks away from your grass and prevent it from being scorched.

Sparks won’t fly out and cause damage to your lawn or deck because of the fiberglass construction.

This square fire pit mat is both waterproof and simple to maintain after use. The fire pit mat may be folded for convenient storage when not in use.

This fire pit cover is made of durable material that protects your deck or grass from heat and flames from the fire pit. Waterproof construction prevents water from seeping in and damaging wood decks or dampening grass.

Allows you to position firepits on a clean surface, eliminating sparks that may cause damage to plants and animals around it. After usage, it simply folds for storage, saving room in your yard.

I’ve been using this mat for approximately 2 weeks now, and so far I haven’t seen any problems with it. It has worked quite well in protecting my deck.



1. Can you put a firepit on the wood deck?

The usage of a fire pit on a wood or composite decks might result in expensive repairs from beginning to end, from burning to scorching.

2. What can I put under my fire pit to protect my patio?

Pit Pads are necessary for keeping your patio safe from the hot, flaming embers that shoot up when you set a log on fire. The greatest method to avoid damage is to use one of these! Under any concrete or wooden surface where there will be some kindling, place them. Don’t forget about those pesky grates either.


Best fire pit mat for wood deck. A fire pit or campfire can be a great addition to your yard, but before you set it up make sure the area is clear of any hazards. The last thing you want is for someone to get burned while visiting because they were too close to an open flame.

To avoid this, use one of our heat resistant pads (also useful on decks and other exposed surfaces) when setting up your outdoor fireplace whether wood deck material under your outdoor space’s flame warms toes in winter, Patio stones where barbecues will be held during summer gatherings with friends; grasses that are protected from wear due to accidental burns incurred while playing too close to hot coals.

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