Best Glock 19 Holster

Best Glock 19 Holster. Of course, the holster you carry your Glock 19 in is just as essential. However, because so many people are nowadays using this revolver and they all have various characteristics it might be difficult to pick a fantastic one.The sky’s not even close to being the limit when it comes to Glock holsters since there are numerous alternatives accessible depending on how much money you have to spend or which style is best suited for YOUR needs.

If you’re shopping for a Glock 19 holster, we’ve got just the information you need to get started. Most holsters are made of leather, nylon, or synthetic polymers like Kydex, which offer plenty of protection.

The Concealment Express Holsters with G19 is a particular holster that is lightweight, comfortable, and secure, both in terms of how it attaches to your waistband and in terms of how you retain your weapon.

It’ll address all of your questions about what type is best and how much they cost so that when it comes time to choose, you’ll be well-informed.

6 Best Glock 19 Holster

1. G19 Holster, OWB Holster Compatible with Glock 19

best glock 19 holster

This is a very pleasant holster. The material used in this holster is thick enough to protect your weapon from scratches while being thin enough to be worn comfortably every day.

This G19 OWB Holster by G19 Holster is made specifically for the Glock 19/23/32/45(Gen 3 4 5) and features an injection molded shell that will fit your handgun like a glove.

This means you’ll have simple access and re-holstering of your gun, as well as maximum comfort when carrying it.

The G19 Holster is an holster for the Glock 19, 23, 32, and 45 (Gen 3-5). It features a Level II Retention with Index Finger Release System.

which keeps your weapon in place while you draw it without requiring you to press the release button. It is possible to angle the holster perfectly for Appendix carry with this holster.

The holster may be worn at any position around your waist between 1 o’clock and 4 o’clock. This is a fantastic choice for police officers and personal use for Appendix carry .

2. Bravo Concealment OWB Gun Holster

bravo concealment owb gun holster

The Bravo Concealment OWB Gun Holster is a minimalist IWB/OWB holster that may be worn behind the hip.

It has an adjustable retention screw and is compatible with Glock 19, 23, 32, 19X, 45 (Gen 3-5) pistols. A phillips screw is used to adjust the retention system on this Gun Holster.

For durability and long-term usefulness, the BCA 3.0 is made of .08 Kydex. For flexibility in cant adjustment, the steel belt clips are attached to rubber spacers.

The quality holster can be varied from 0 to 15 degrees forward or backward for a better fit. The BCA 3.0 also has the same low profile as its predecessor, BCA. A standard belt clip can be added to convert it to an IWB holster and it also has a strong metal clip.

Bravo Concealment is a custom Kydex leader. We provide high-quality goods and services to our clients. Conceals the weapon well thanks to its design that holds the holster tight to the body.

For long-lasting durability and dependability, all of our holsters are made from .093″ thick kydex. Holster manufacturers Bravo Concealment are the manufacturer of this product.

All of our hardware is composed of stainless steel or Melonite-coated steel, ensuring that it will not rust or decay over time. Right holster include a bulletproof guarantee, so you can shop with confidence.

3. OWB for Glock 19 Holster Leather Fits Mid Size Pistols

owb for glock 19 holster leather fits mid size pistols

A holster is a device that holds or confines an object. The word houlster comes from the French term for cover, which means holsters are usually worn around the waist.

Holsters may be connected to one’s ankle (as with calf holsters) or hidden inside clothing like a coat or jacket (as with shoulder holsters). In order to test retention, simply turn the holster upside down. Even without a retention strap, the holster provides a perfectly safe fit for everyday carry.

The easy draw of a weapon and its secure retention by some form of the strap around the trigger guard of the pistol are typically goals of great holsters. Tanned with oak and spruce bark, 100% real full-grain leather holsters.

This is a Glock 19 holster made of leather. It has a thumb break and an open-top, as well as adjustable belt loops. A 1 ¾-inch hard belt loops may be worn with it. There is no artificial leather holsters or cheap mass production

By using the two screws on each side of the gun pocket, you can adjust the cant of the holster to your desired position. The quality of the soft leather Holsters is really good, it fits on your belt easily.

You can also remove or install spacers to alter how much space there is between the grip and your body for greater comfort while carrying. Please contact us through Amazon’s message system if you require any assistance adjusting your new classic leather holster.

4. G19 Holster, OWB Paddle Holster

g19 holster, owb paddle holster

The G19 Holster, Outside the Waistband Polymer Retention System for Glock 19 17 19X 23 45 is made of high-quality polymer and is very durable, comfortable, and light.

A robust injection-molded paddle attachment with adjustable mobility may be slid along the waistband to ensure maximum comfort.

The retention setting can be changed to match your taste. To keep both the weapon and the user clean, It is a very good holster for a Glock 19.

The G19 Holster fits the Glock 19 (Gen 3), 17, 23, and 45. The G19 OWB paddle holster has a tiny profile for concealment under clothing or while carrying on your side.

For right-handed carry only, this holster has an adjustable cant. It’s made of durable polymer with a black matte finish that is highly low-profile and lightweight.

This Glock 19 Holster allows you to draw from it with ease thanks to its 60 degree adjustable design and perfect index finger placement. Besides being impact- and heat-resistant, this holster is also scratch-resistant and made from a lightweight polymer material.

The Cross Draw OWB holsters are made for Glock 19, Glock 17, and Glock 19X models. It will also fit the G19 with a red dot sight, which was released this year.

This holster has an integrated locking mechanism that activates when you re-holster your pistol and takes less than 1 second to lock or unlock.

5. CYTAC OWB Holster for Glock

cytac owb holster for glock

The CYTAC Glock 17 19 19X 22 23 31 32 (Gen 1-5) / Airsoft Glock 17 1 OWB Holsters is a fantastic option for people who want to carry their firearm outside the waistband.

CYTAC’s holsters are built with comfort and concealment in mind, but they may also be worn inside the waistband.

The OWB holsters has an adjustable cant and retention, allowing you to wear it comfortably from 4 o’clock to appendix carry position.

When you insert the weapon with no sound, it will automatically lock on the trigger. Put your index finger on the button and pull the weapon out quickly. A very good holster to hold a Glock 19 holsters.

The internal structure is excellent, with numerous guidelines to help keep the gun in place. Glock 17 12013 Airsoft Glock 17 12013 is a new high-quality holster from CYTAC that Holds the gun securely. My opinion is that this is the best holster design and the best appendix carry.

It’s constructed of stronger military polymer and has a hidden button design with a skidproof stripe, making it easy to draw your weapon in an emergency. The internal screw system may help to prevent slipping off.

6. OWB Holster Best Glock 19 Holster

best glock 19 holster 2021

The OWB holster is made of high-quality leather and is an outside the waistband design and this Holster keeps gun tight.

This one-of-a-kind, custom-molded fit holster fits Glock 19 19X 23 32 44 45 (Gen 1-5) pistols without a laser or sight. You can easily slip on and off your belt slots with the belt loop design.

The new outside-the-waistband Glock 19 OWB holsters with adjustable retention for Gen 1 through 5 Glock models.

When you draw the weapon, it makes an audible click, which can hold your pistol in place and enhance security. Since it can be tucked over your waistband holsters, duty holsters often use it.

Ideally, duty holsters should hold and store a weapon safely while being easy and quick to draw as needed. Whichever holster or holsters you select, you’ll also need to drill to ensure your familiarity with the holster.

It’s made to be easily drawn and rested for easier access by pressing the release button with your forefinger as needed. This is a very good holster for holding a Glock 19.

The OWB Holsters are constructed of high-quality, long-lasting materials. It may be attached anywhere on your belt or inside the waistline of your pants, and it’s easy to conceal your weapon under clothing.

To find a comfortable position with the Allen key, simply adjust the cant from 0 to 60 degrees. The width of your duty belt must not exceed 2 inches.


What is the smallest Glock?

The Glock 42, the company’s smallest gun to date and made in America is an easy choice for concealed carry. The .380 caliber pistol can be comfortably carried anywhere because of its size with no sharp edges or points that could get you hurt if someone grabs hold.

Are leather holsters bad for guns?

Leather is a great material for holsters, but once weakened due to use over time it will no longer hold the gun tightly. This could result in an accident when you holster your weapon and disengage suddenly or allow someone else access.

Are shoulder holsters cross-draw?

Shoulder holsters behave like cross-draw holsters, but the user must move the gun around across his body before he can fire it. The former first step to using any shoulder carry holsters is really learning how to hold a handgun in your hand so it can be moved from its resting place as efficiently as possible. The gun is held under your weak side arm in shoulder holsters, which have harnesses with holsters.

What is the best-concealed carry position?

Carrying a firearm inside your waistband is widely considered one of the best-concealed carry holster positions for civilians because it conceals your pistol without imposing too many downsides on you. For a natural draw, many outdoor enthusiasts carry their weapons on their sides with IWB or use an ambidextrous draw if they only carry one holster.

Can you conceal carry in a bank?

As a matter of private property rights, banks can establish policies and post signs prohibiting weapons inside their buildings. That authority does not extend very far, as the practice is still regulated on a federal level. “Banks can have different policies regarding conceal carry, but it’s heavily regulated.”

Who makes good Kydex holsters?

The Kydex holster manufactured by Outlaw Kydex Holster is covered by a one-year warranty. Its store specializes in the production of firearms OWB Kydex holsters that are suitable for range training, competitions, as well as open carry holsters. Providing the best care for your firearm while bringing a little flair to the process is what Outlaw Kydex Holster is all about.

What is the most comfortable concealed carry holsters?

With the selection of personal safety items as your goal, let’s take a look into some concealed carry permit holsters. Concerning comfort, we suggest The VentCore from Stealthgear, CrossBreed MicroClip, N82 Tactical Original and Original Tuckable, Bianchi Model 100T Professional Tuckable IWB, and Deep Concealment Holster from Cherries. All of these holsters come with Relentless Tactical’s lifetime warranty.


Best Glock 19 Holster. Glock 19 holsters are a must-have item for anybody who carries this popular handgun. The holster you carry your Glock 19 in is just as essential, but there are so many various types on the market that it might be difficult to choose one that suits your requirements.

Fortunately, we’ve already done all of the legwork for you and put up a list of some of our favorite models below. You can generally adjust the cant/angle on most holsters. If you’re searching for a cool new method to keep your pistol or revolters secure, look no further.

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