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Best Gloomhaven Organizer. Gloomhaven, fantasy-themed tabletop combat with unique monsters that you must destroy in order for your cubes (or heroes) to grow stronger, is presently the finest game on the market.

Tabletop gaming is gaining some traction, and there’s no better game right now than Gloomhaven.

A fantasy-themed tabletop war with a variety of opponents that get more dangerous as they progress is excellent.

Unlike most other games of its sort, it requires many components/pieces; nevertheless, as items grow in popularity, manufacturers tend to cover all bases, ensuring that everyone can play regardless of whether or not they have diverse sets at home.

It’s all too easy to lose parts of your Gloomhaven game, which might result in the failure of the rest.

That is why I propose acquiring an organizer for the board game; visit our Best Board Game Organizer Guide to learn more about them.

Here we listed the top 5 products of Gloomhaven Organizer.

5 Best Gloomhaven Organizer

1. Cephalofair Games Gloomhaven, Brown

best gloomhaven organizer

The Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion expansion adds a full campaign to Gloomhaven’s world.

It includes a new map, additional scenarios, and two new character classes: the gunner and the warlock.

The lion and the crocodile are two new monsters introduced in The Lion. Now that The Lion has entered Gloomhaven.

You must stop the lion’s charge yourself. You must brave ten thrilling situations as you journey across the land in order to save it.

Players will take on the roles of 4 new hardened mercenaries and fight through a prequel campaign full of decisions, challenges, and twists as part of this latest expansion.

The game is set in Gloomhaven’s iconic city of Arcadia, where players will assume the role of one of four brave heroes Aroden,

An elven blade master attempting to atone for his past sins by fighting against those who destroyed his home. Kallista, a priestess with a dark past who uses her power to safeguard those she cares about.

Players may now get into the game more quickly and simply than ever before thanks to overhauled built-in tutorials, learn-to-play guides, and play-surface scenario books.

2. Cephalofair Games Gloomhaven, Multicolor

cephalofair games

In Cephalofair Gloomhaven, players take on the role of a traveling hero with their own unique set of abilities and motives for going to this dark region of the world.

To clear dangerous dungeons and forgotten ruins, players must work together out of necessity.

In doing so, they will gain levels and items, discover new hiding places to explore and pillage, and advance an ever-growing narrative fueled by their decisions.

In the world of Gloomhaven, you’ll command a group of fighters and their actions in a persistent game environment.

Each adventurer is categorized by distinct features, talents, and weapons. As you play the game, your heroes will gain expertise and loot items that may be used to improve their power as well as unlock new aptitudes.

The combat is tactical, with foes being directed by an AI deck that provides instructions each round based on their priorities and skills.

3.TowerRex Storage Organizer for Gloomhaven

towerrex storage organizer

For the board game and expansion, I have created a storage organizer for TowerRex Gloomhaven. All 7 trays fit well in the box, keeping everything neat and whole.

This is an excellent place to store all of your cards, markers, trackers, and character miniatures organized.

This is constructed of durable, lightweight plastic that will not harm or bend your miniatures or cards when transporting them.

It’s strong yet lightweight thanks to the materials used. All trays are meant to hold sleeved cards/miniatures as well as unsleeved tokens and other bits.

The product was designed and manufactured by gamers for gamers, so it’ll make your life easier.

Organize like a pro to decrease time spent searching for things and increase playtime in games by having access to everything you need quickly and simply.

The storage box can be put together by three or more people in a few minutes. There are two separate pieces connected with four screws each, which must be tightened with a screwdriver.

4. The Broken Token  Compatible with Gloomhaven

the broken token game organizer compatible with

This organizer is made to fit the Gloomhaven board game. It keeps all of the components in their trays while setting up and taking down, keeping everything organized.

This creates high-quality organizers for tabletop games. Their trays include cutouts so you can see what’s inside.

When storing the pieces in their intended spots, this feature may be useful. There are several aspects of this organizer designed to assist with this problem.

This is intended to contain all of the contents from the base game and expansion. It includes 33 full-color tuck boxes with artwork from Gloomhaven, including a box for each of the following categories.

People, Classes, Items, Spells, Events & Encounters. You can also use The Broken Token’s Character Vault to keep your character sheets in one place.

The ‘Broken Token’  includes 9 detachable trays for easy management. Their character tuck boxes are fantastic, but we aren’t fans of their durability.

We’ve broken every one of the bends on several of these boxes after just a few uses. The major issue is that they do not completely seal.

5. Smonex Wooden Organizer with Gloomhaven

smonex wooden organizer

The organizer has four player boards and eight compartments. The organizer is constructed of high-quality plywood and provides a pleasant feel to the product.

It’s appropriate for Gloomhaven, but it may also be used for other games. This system will allow you to keep track of all of your components in one location.

You’ll be able to get your game up and running in just 5 minutes instead of 35 minutes without this tool.

This Gloomhaven board game is made of solid wood. The drawers are constructed of MDF and Baltic birch plywood.

We only use high-quality materials according to European norms to assure the best quality. This project has taken us a long time to complete, and we’ve tried many different approaches before settling on the ideal one.

We’ve come up with a solution that may be utilized in a variety of ways: you can keep all your cards in it or just some, you may also keep tokens, dice, coins, and so on.

There are transparent compartments for characters and detachable figure holders on the player boards, as well as a special area to store your phone or other devices so you can play the app version of the game.

They have also provided an opening in the back of each board where you may place your phone or other gadgets while playing. Best Gloomhaven Organizer.



Does Gloomhaven come with organizer?

You don’t want to invest in a non-specific organizer. Make sure you’re getting one that will fit with the original box of Gloomhaven! Most inserts can be utilized as inserts in most games, but there are certain uncommon instances where they come in their own boxes.

How do you preserve Gloomhaven?

They’re all hidden away in the photo insert of their individual photos, along with the character mats, in-use tokens, and modifier cards. The unused ones go back into a blue envelope that includes everything they’ll need for gameplay including the other action sheet with modifications from earlier on while yet being visible through an open slot cut out on top to show off some art.


Best Gloomhaven Organizer. Gloomhaven is unique in that it brings the same kind of gameplay to a tabletop setting. This board game has an unrivaled breadth and depth, but there are certain alternatives to consider if you’re looking for something different.

Check out these games if you like Gloomhaven. Each one features a scenario-based campaign system with plenty of stuff for players to discover. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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