Best Greek Honey Brand

Best Greek honey brand unprocessed, natural honey has been utilized in medical practices for thousands of years.

Because much of the gathering procedure is still done using conventional methods passed down through generations, the producers are committed to what they put into their items.

Greek honey is the most well-known sort of honey in the world. However, finding it may be difficult, and if you do come across some at your local grocery store.

Chances are they’ll enforce stringent limits on how much pure fluid or solid content can be included with each container (no more than five grams).

Here is a list of all of the honey producers and distributors I’ve encountered thus far. I am not sponsored by any Honey Producers or Distributors.

My opinions are my own, and I am not compensated for suggesting their goods, but you may find it useful if you’re looking for some honey here we listed the top 6 products of Greek Honey Brands.

6 Best Greek honey brands

1. Attiki Pure Greek Honey with Wild Flora

best greek honey brand

Attiki Honey, produced on the Aegean islands of Greece, is well-known for its distinct flavor and silky richness.

Drizzled over feta cheese, combined with Greek yogurt, or used to make toast, honey provides a nutritious and healthy snack.

The Attiki tale begins in Kythira, one of the Cyclades Islands off the coast of mainland Greece where bees gather nectar from thyme, lavender, and other indigenous blooms that grow wild on this beautiful island.

Attiki is a small family business in Greece’s Peloponnese region. Their honey is made by beekeepers who adhere to natural techniques without the use of pesticides or synthetic components.

The bees forage on flora that grows naturally throughout Greece’s range of environments, ensuring that each jar of Attiki honey has its own distinct taste, color, and aroma.

Attiki honey is a delicious caramel color with an exciting herbal aroma and a thick, smooth texture. The choice of Greek honey comes from specific types of Greek thyme and wildflowers.

Attiki honey is the only one that has been through the ancient stone walls of Athens’ historic Acropolis for over 2,500 years. Its distinctive flavor sets it apart from all other kinds of honey on Earth.

2. Dinas Greek Monastiri Wilflower and Thyme Honey

dinas greek monastiri

The honey of Dinas is a monastery of thyme, harvested from Crete’s thyme flowers.

Because Crete has such a rich variety of fragrant herbs and flowers, the special flavor of this product is due to the fact that it contains floral bouquets from Crete.

Monastiri Wilflower & Thyme Honey combines the dark-hued nectar from coniferous trees with the delicate scent of these blooms to create a truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind natural good.

Dinas kinds of honey are far superior in nutritional value to pasteurized honey, which is devoid of the aforementioned components.

Our honey comes from handpicked hives using traditional techniques. We do not blend or heat our honey in any way.

The honey is extracted by gravity alone, as it has been done traditionally, resulting in a cleaner product with less sugar and water content. Centrifuges are not used to extract our items.

This process is time-consuming but ensures that each jar of honey you buy from us contains all of the natural goodness that remained trapped during processing.

Dinas honey comes from the monks of Mount Athos in Northern Greece. The bees that produce this delectable honey are fed only on the nectar of wildflowers that grow on the slopes of Mt. Athos.

This distinct habitat produces a unique kind of thyme honey high in thymol, an essential oil with numerous health benefits. Each jar is hand-bottled by the monks at Stavronikita monastery.

3. Ancient Foods – Irini USDA Organic Greek Thyme Honey

ancient foods – irini usda

Traditional methods were used to make Ancient Foods Greek Honey, with no chemicals or additives.

It’s unfiltered to keep the natural components and nuances of this excellent honey intact.

Thyme is a culinary herb that has been used for thousands of years, both fresh and dried.

In Greece, it’s the main component in a variety of meals, especially hearty ones like lamb, chicken, and fish dishes.

Thyme also adds a wonderful taste to vegetable sauces, salad dressings, and marinades for grilled meats.

The flavor and fragrance of our organic thyme honey come from wild bees that forage natural herbs near the sea, giving it its unique taste and scent.

The unpasteurized raw honey comes straight from the hive to you, with no additions or processing.

It has a light golden color and a subtle herbal flavor that makes it delicious as a spread on bread, toast, or crackers; as an ingredient in recipes. Best Greek Honey Brand.

This type of honey, derived from the nectar of various flowers, is ideal for sweetening tea, pieces of bread, and cakes. It may also be used as a sugar-free substitute for honey.

This full-strength honey has a strong thyme scent that adds a nice taste to salads or any other dish that requires it.

4. Attiki, Greek Honey 1000g (2.2lb) 

attiki, greek honey 1000g

Attiki, Greek Honey 1000g, This is a fantastic product from Attiki. It’s produced in Greece and offered at a great price.

This honey has been extracted from the greatest blooms and herbs of the Mediterranean region to provide an exquisite taste that will leave you wanting more.

To make this honey, plants including thyme, oregano, and lavender are utilized, which include significant quantities of flavonoids and antioxidants making it one of the healthiest honey available.

The Attica region, near Athens, is where our honey originates. The bees collect nectar from acacia trees and thyme flowers that are common in our region.

Thanks to the synergy between natural resources found in our area, this unique product has received several international accolades for its excellent taste profiles due on.

We only buy our honey from the wild. It’s also gluten-free and completely natural, which is fantastic.

We make sure that our honey has high standards of quality and safety. Only the required amount of pollen is introduced, and it is checked for pesticides and other pollutants to ensure quality.

5. Attiki – Greek Natural Honey  250gr

attiki greek natural honey

The unique flavor of Attiki honey comes from the many herbs, wildflowers, and thyme included in its production.

This distinctive product has a somewhat herbal flavor to it.

It is suitable for sweet and savory dishes alike, but it may also be used in baking or as an ingredient in your own creations.

Only natural ingredients, Attiki wild mountain honey, fresh thyme leaves from our organic farm in Greece, wildflower nectar, and fragrant plants are used in the preparation.

Our secret is that we exclusively use fresh herbs and wildflowers from each plant variety’s bloom period to improve its distinctive flavor.

Attiki Greek Natural Honey 250 grams (Items Dimension 1.97×1,97.3.94) is made with a special combination of wild mountain thyme and plants from Greece’s mountains.

Because it contains 100% natural components, it has a strong flavor and fragrance. Attiki can be used to prepare meals or in any recipe that requires honey.

6. Greek Honey with Thyme, “Attiki” 470g

greek honey with thyme

Greek honey is a delectable sweet food that may be eaten on its own or used as a flavoring to enhance the taste of other foods.

Greek honey, also known as thyme honey, is produced from the nectar of indigenous wildflowers and herbs located in the mountains surrounding Athens.

Local beekeepers have been using similar techniques for millennia to create this unique form of natural honey.

470g of “Attiki” Greek Honey, a local favorite due to its taste and health advantages. It’s the ideal present for any occasion.

This mouthwatering honey is made by bees that consume thyme, wildflowers, herbs, and other aromatic plants from Greece’s Attica region.

The end result is semi-runny honey with a distinct scent of fresh herbs that make it one of our most requested goods.

Thyme honey is a fragrant and flavorful type of thyme. It has a less harsh flavor than other thyme varieties, making it an ideal substitute for table honey.

This Honey is well-known for its health benefits and culinary uses, including as a base for honeys-butter or spreads on bread.



What is so special about Greek honey?

Honey from Greece is a nutritional treasure trove with antioxidants and medicinal benefits. It’s been used for millennia to keep people healthy, cheerful, and fighting off infections caused by Candida Albicans and staphylococcus bacteria.

How can you tell good honey?

Check to see if any honey soaks completely up with your thumb, leaving no gooey residue behind. Pure natural honey has a high density and will not drip or run down after being applied to any surface since they are free of additives.


Best Greek honey brand is a less common type of honey that’s created from the nectar and pollen gathered by bees in Greece. It has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for sore throats and other ailments.

It contains anti-cancer compounds and antibacterial properties, to mention two more benefits. In addition, many producers continue to collect their products using traditional methods handed down generation after generation.

This implies they’re dedicated to what goes into their product. You won’t have to worry about nutritional deficiencies when you start eating Greek honey, because it’s packed with nutrients.

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