Best Hair Straightener Consumer Reports

Best Hair Straightener Consumer Reports. As human hair is considered one of the most important parts of beauty and styles. In the early days, women use different hot tools to straight their curling hairs.

Using these tools was so risky, with time these tools are replaced by hair straighteners. We use these hair straighteners for creating gorgeous hairstyles in the comfort.

A hair straightener contains flat irons that help prevent damages. This flat iron also comes with sturdy construction for healthy shine.

The straightener is a device that is used for both domestic and commercial usage. This device can work on dull, fussy, and damage hair.

8 Best Hair Straightener Consumer Reports

Types Of Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners come in different types depending on the materials that are used to construct them.

Titanium Flat Iron Straighteners

Titanium is a durable metal it is ideal for thick and coarse hair. Titanium flat iron is the best conductor of heat. Once you switched on, it will heat up immediately and saves your time.

Titanium produces negative ions that provide frizzy hairstyles. Because of the excellent conductor of heat titanium straightener takes less time to straighten your hair.

These types of straightener may be slightly expensive because of high quality.

Tourmaline Flat Iron Straighteners

Tourmaline flat iron straightener is ideal for frizzy, damaged, and unhealthy hairs. Tourmaline produces negative ions that straighten your hairs perfectly.

It can give you a shiny and healthier hairstyle. This metal uses less heat to straighten your hair that saves energy and money.

The surface of tourmaline flat iron is smooth so there are fewer possibilities for hair to get damaged. It can repair damaged hairs and prevents dust particles.

Ceramic Flat Iron Straightener

Ceramic is an inorganic nonmetal it becomes very hard when heat flows through it. The ceramic flat iron is corrosion-resistant material.

This non-metallic material is cheaper in price and an excellent conductor of heat that is why it used widely in the straightener. It is ideal for thin and fine hair.

Because it is no-metal, it can not get heated easily. Therefore, these types of straightener come with a wide range o temperature controls to set the suitable heat.

1. HSI Professional Best Hair Straightener Consumer Reports

HSI Professional Glider is ideal for straightening, flips, and curls your hair. It takes less time and creates dramatic results on the fizziest or coarsest hair. You can create many sleek hairstyles quickly and simply with this straightener.Best Hair Straightener Consumer Reports

It has a wide temperature range; the iron heats up quickly. Can withstand temperature range from 140°F up to 450°F.

You can also choose the optimum temperature range according to your hair type. It avoids hair damage and enhances styling results.

Comes with micro-sensors that prevent hair damage. It has high-quality ceramic plates generating negative ions. These plates also allow water molecules to penetrate the hair shaft to reduce frizz and static.

Create long-lasting and durable results. Moreover, the floating plates provide flexibility to flip, curl, or straighten hair.

This brand creates delivering salon-quality styling tools and hair care products. They use high-quality ingredients and construction materials for their products.

This hair straightener is perfect for travel. You can travel anywhere you want with this straightener. Comes with 110/220 worldwide dual voltage. So you can use it anywhere or any place on earth.

It has also a 360° swivel cord for increased flexibility. Provides more sleek design styling hairs. Comes with extra length to avoid a cord.

The interesting thing about this straightener is that it comes with a heat-resistant glove to protect your hand against the hot iron. It also includes an HSI style guide for tips and attractive silk.


  • Micro-sensors prevent hair damage
  • Takes less time to heat up
  • Tourmaline crystal iron plates
  • Includes heat resistant glove


  • No digital screen to show the exact temperature

2. Remington S5500 Ceramic Hair Straightener

Remington S5500 comes with anti-static technology and digital controls have 1-inch plates. That provides you versatility in styling your hair. Anti-Static Flat Iron reduces the number of negative particles during styling.Hair Straightener Reviews Consumer Reports

This technology helps you in creating sleek hair design in less time. It also keeps your sleek hairstyle for a long time period.

These 1-inch long, thin plates not only straighten your hair but create gorgeous curls and waves fast. You can make a hairstyle comfortably without damaging your hair.

Comes with digital controls so you can easily set the temperature. It depends on your hair’s condition or depending on your hair thickness and texture.

These digital controls are simple to use it can be done by only pressing the buttons.

It takes only 30 seconds to heat up. You can make your hairstyles in a few minutes with an efficient hair straightener. Moreover, this straightener also comes with a turbo boost function. By pressing and holding the “+” button you can quickly heat up the iron.

This hair straightener also comes with a hinge lock. This hinge lock protects the flat iron during storage. The temperature range is up to 410°F. At this temperature, it works quickly and prevents overexposure to heat.

The interesting feature in this unit is its auto shut off feature. After 60 minutes it will automatically shut-off. You can use this straightener with peace of mind every time. Comes with a 360° swivel cord.


  • Affordable and reliable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Automatic shutoff feature


  • Comes with smaller plates

3. KIPOZI Professional Best Hair Straightener Consumer Reports

This hair straightener comes with 1.75-inch blades. These blades give a better style of thick and curly hair. They design this hair straightener with the user’s comfort in mind. Comes with an adjustable temperature that is from 170F to 450F.Flat Iron Reviews Consumer Reports

At this temperature, it works perfectly and provides an optimum temperature setting. Moreover, you can also view these settings on the digital LCD.

Its Titanium plate gives a tighter press which is also an excellent conductor of heat.

With this hair straightener, you can create your hair fizzy, smooth, and shiny. This straightener is ideal for thick, curly, and wavy hair.

You can make various styles with this straightener either your hairs are long or short. Best hair straightener for thick hair.

Provide versatile styling with no tugging. Its LCD display is clear so you can easily read the display. This straightener also gives consistent heating with no overexposure. Its plates come with undergone precision melding for snag-free styling.

The interesting feature that you will like most about this straightener is the dual voltage feature. The dual voltage feature means that you can easily travel anywhere without worrying about issues.

Comes with an automatic shutoff feature, when the straightener is not in use it will automatically shut off after 60 minutes. This hair straightener also comes with an 8-foot power cord that provides ease in use.

To set default temperature press p and for the increase and decrease the temp pres plus and minus, respectively.


  • Easy to control temperature by buttons
  • LCD display shows exact temperature
  • Comes with travel storage bag


  • Handle may feel hot while styling your hairs

4. KIPOZI 1 Inch best hair straightener

The Kipozi hair straightener is designed to give you a perfect salon look. It will heat up quickly so you can style your hair in a very short interval of time.

It is a titanium flat iron that comes with an advanced PTC ceramic heater. It provides optimum styling temperature for ideal styling results.Hair Straightener Reviews

This straightener also gives a less percentage of damaged hairs during straitening or styling your hairs with this unit.

It emits negative ions to moistens hairs. These negative ions can also transform frizzy, dull hair into sleek designs.

Comes with easy and understandable temperature settings. The temperature range is up to 450℉ you can adjust the temperature according to your hairstyle. It has two titanium plates that deliver heat quickly.

This straightener is ideal for fragile hairs, damaged hair, and unhealthy hair. The titanium plates are smooth that helps in easy to glide in your hairs. It also adds softness to your hair. 

This hair straightener comes in 3 colors and made of high-quality materials. It has also an LCD display to show the exact temperature. Its 3D floating plates never pull your hair.


  • Heats up quicky
  • Ideal for various type of hairs
  • Comes with 3D floating plate
  • consumer reports flat iron


  • Uncomfortable hold during use

5. CHI Original 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hair Straightener

The CHI Original is one of the versatile hair straighteners. Comes with an all-in-one ergonomic design. It used advanced ceramic technology that helps in creating silky, shiny, and frizz-free hair immediately.Best Hair Straightener 2018

It conducts heat quickly the temperature range is up to 392°F. You can also enjoy silky hairstyles with this hair straightener.

It uses the latest innovative technology. This technology combines ceramic with heat distribution and generates a high amount of negative ions.

This straightener also produces Far Infrared to reduce static electricity perfectly. The negative ions are produced in this straightener also add moisture and shine to your hair.

This straightener comes with a polarized plug where one blade is wider than another one. For prior use plug the straightener in a polarized outlet.

It provides safety, it can fit in a polarized outlet. If the plug is not fitting in the outlet, then insert the plugin in the other direction.

For safety use, this appliance is only for households. This is designed for 120V voltage, 60Hz frequency, and 35W power. It is easy to operate just plug the iron into the power supply to turn it on.

Comes with an LED light that will illuminate when the switch is on. Moreover, this appliance comes with a swivel cord, the dual voltage that requires an adapter. Available with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Professional straightener
  • Comes with dual voltage
  • 2 year warranty


  • Comes with only one heat setting

6. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR best flat iron

Infinitipro is one of the affordable and reliable hair straighteners. This appliance is a tourmaline ceramic flat iron type hair straightener. It conducts heat quickly and provides different hairstyles in a few minutes.Jack And Jillian Hair Straightener

Comes with 30 heat settings that provide ease in its use. Also comes with extra-long floating plates and advanced ceramic technology.

It can heat up to 455°F without hot spots. It straightens your hair comfortably without damaging your hair.

This appliance can create gorgeous smooth, shiny straight hairstyles. It provides you salon straight hair at your home. The interesting feature of this appliance is tourmaline ceramic coated plates.

These coated plates provide even heat to minimize damage for less frizz and shiny hair. It will heat up in just 15 seconds and with a high temperature of 455 Fahrenheit. It works efficiently no need to wait for heat up. You can easily operate this unit with full safety features.

It has deep purple tourmaline ceramic flatiron that produces negative ions. These negative ions reduce frizz and provide shiny and healthy hair.

Comes with a convenient automatic shutoff feature.

No need to worry that you have left the straightener on because with this feature it will turn off after some time. Comes with a .25 fl. oz bottle of argan oil to protect your hair from damage.

The plates of this appliance are 85mm in length provide quick hair styling.


  • Maximum temperature id 455 Fahrenheit
  • 30 different heat settings
  • Heat up to the desired temperature in 15 seconds


  • No digital temperature readout

7. FURIDEN best hair straightener for thick hair

Furiden works perfectly as a professional hair straightener. You can straighten your hair and style any type of hair. This appliance is easy to use. Comes with a directional switch to rotate clockwise with high speed in only one step.Best Hair Straightener For Thick Hair

This straightener also provides ultra-smooth silky hair with one touch. Its ceramic plates heat up quickly that saving your time.

You can style your hair into waves, curls, or smooth styles without waiting for heating up the iron.

Comes with MCH which is a new heating standard. It can conduct heat only in 15 seconds that saves energy and time. It is made of high-quality materials that make it more durable.

It is a convenient hair straightener that can last for a long period. Comes with a 360°swivel long cord flat iron with floating plates.

These plates balanced heat you can control this heat. The floating plates come with curved edges to adjust the angle to avoid snagging your hair.

This appliance is best for traveling comes with curler 2 in 1 and worldwide dual voltage. It can work at AC voltage from 110 to 240 volts. Comes with auto-shutoff features that save electric power.

For safety, this appliance also comes with a heat resistant glove. This appliance also includes a flat iron bag for easy storage and transportation.

The other accessories with appliances are a salon comb and 2 salon hair clips. Comes in a stylish gold color that increases its beauty.


  • Easy adjustment of temperature
  • Provides various styles options
  • Wide range of heat


  • 1 inch plates are not too wide

8. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Digital Straightener

The BaBylissPro Nano Titanium hair straightener is made of high-quality materials that make it more durable. Comes with a width of 1inch. This appliance provides maximum comfort & precision for users.Consumer Reports Hair Straighteners

It saves your time you can create various hairstyles in less time. It is ideal for straightening your smooth hair with just one pass.

Comes with a digital temperature adjustment that offers precise control. It can control the temperature of up to 450°F.

It’s Nano Titanium advanced technology that provides shiny, silky results. These Nano Titanium plates also offer heat distribution without hot spots & negative ions.

It has multi-directional floating plates that provide 100% contact with hair.

It has an easy operating system with all the safety features. Besides smooth & straighten hair it can also be used to create loose, beachy waves.

This appliance works the same as the professional hair straightener works.

This digital hair straightener has ideal temperature adjustments. It helps you to set your desired temperature for your hair type.

The plates heat up immediately don’t have to worry about excessive heat damaging your hair.

Comes with styling tools that are versatile and engineered to last. Moreover, this hair straightener is available with a 4- year warranty.


  • No pulling or snagging
  • Adjusted up to 450 degrees F
  • Durable titanium plates


  • Smaller in width

Buying Guide Best Hair Straightener Consumer Reports

There are some important features that you should keep in mind while buying a new hair straighteners.

Rapid heating

Your hair straightener should conduct heat immediately. It saves your time and doesn’t have to wait for minutes to be able to use your hair straightener. It also saves electric power, some appliance also comes with auto-shutoff features.

No need for using hair straighteners daily

Choose a hair straightener that gives optimum results. The high-quality appliance gives you optimum results and avoids using a hair straightener on a daily basis.

Your appliance should bring the sheen and right texture of the hair.


Which type of flat iron will be the best?

The most famous materials used in flat iron are ionic tourmaline and ceramic. These materials are ideal for frizzy, stubborn, or curly hair. However, these materials can demand the highest temperature. Metal plate hair straighteners may be good for normal to fine hair.

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