Best Holster For Springfield Xd 9mm

Best Holster For Springfield Xd 9mm. After assessing and evaluating consumer satisfaction for the finest Springfield Xd 9mm Holster, we’ve identified 6 alternatives. To rank these items based on quality, we considered a variety of criteria, including artificial intelligence and big data.

The finest holsters for the Springfield XD 9mm might be a little costly, but they’re well worth it. To determine which brand is best in this ranking, we used customer happiness and artificial intelligence to rank our top 6 items.

We can verify the following goods since they’ve been recently purchased and tested by our experts. We hope we were of assistance to you in your search; if not, please contact us and we’ll do everything we can to assist.

6 Best Holster For Springfield Xd 9mm

1. Gun Holster for Springfield Armory XD

best holster for springfield xd 9mm

The Taurus G2 Polymer is a well-designed gun that’s made of robust synthetic material and comes with a thumb break and an adjustable retention strap, making it simple to draw.

A belt loop on the rear allows you to use a wide range of belts to help balance the weight of your handgun.

The Springfield XD 3”, which is also known as the Springfield 9mm Compact, is a polymer-framed, double-action gun with an integrated rail system.

This open belt carry holster allows you to position your index (trigger) finger in the ideal location for a smooth, rapid draw from this 360-degree adjustable holster.

Only the laser of the weapon is supported by this holster. The retention strap has been stripped but may be reinstated if desired.

The included Allen Key makes this tactical holster 360 degrees adjustable. Simply rotate the paddle to select your desired carry position.

And with the paddle, you may attach and remove this gun holster from your pants or belt in width up to 2″.

2. Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster Fit Springfield XD

amberide iwb kydex holster fit springfield xd

The Springfield XD MOD.2-3″ Sub-Compact 9MM / .40S&W is a concealed carry holster that can be worn inside the waistband for optimum concealment and comfort while still allowing easy access to your pistol.

The KYDEX Amberide IWB Holster is constructed of durable Kydex that will endure years of use and abuse, yet looks wonderful.

The KYDEX Holster with the Amberide IWB is ideal in terms of comfort and concealment.

The sweat guard protects the gun and carrier from moisture during rigorous activity, while the belt clip makes it easy to put on and take off.

The open-muzzle design allows for a smooth draw when you need it most, with no snags or catches when you pull it out. This holster may be worn anywhere beneath your clothes, including tucked-in shirts since it fits inside your waistband.

The Amberide Iwb KYDEX Holster is meant to be worn inside the waistband. A fast draw is facilitated by an adjustable retention screw and a sight channel.

The ride height may be adjusted by moving the belt clip up or down, as well as being entirely removed if necessary. This holster is waterproof and washable, with a sweat guard that extends over the trigger guard.

3. BLACKHAWK 410565BK-R CQC Concealment Serpa

blackhawk 410565bk r cqc concealment serpa

The BLACKHAK CQC Concealment Holster is a top pick for concealed carry. You may adjust the passive retention detent by turning the SERPA Auto Lock release and passive retention detent adjustment screw to fit your specific requirements.

The molded sight track ensures smooth drawing, while the sweat guard protects the firearm from harm while also protecting the holster.

This adaptable holster has an anti-slip outside that keeps it in place when you’re on the go despite its all-day comfort.

The Blackhawk! CQC Concealment Serpa Holster is a concealable, lightweight, and long-lasting holster. The speed-cut design enables fast draw, target detection, and re-holster.

This holster comes with both a belt loop platform and a paddle platform. It’s made to fit the Springfield Armory XDS 3 only.

The BLACKHAWK! CQC Concealment Vertical Paddle Holster is ideal for open or concealed carry concealment.

The Serpa Auto Lock release lever on this holster ensures that your weapon will remain secure throughout your day while you are at work or on the move. This paddle is molded in an injection molding process, making it incredibly comfortable to wear all day long.

4. Compact Holsters, OWB Holster for Springfield

compact holsters, owb holster for springfiel

The XDs 3.3 Compact Holster is constructed of the finest materials for durability and comfort.

Our holsters are made in our Florida shop using genuine leather and designed to endure a lifetime. If you’re not happy with your purchase, all of our holsters come with a 30-day return policy.

This XD-S 3.3 Compact Holster is made to fit Springfield Armory XD-S 3.3 Compact pistols with Crimson.

Trace LaserguardTM and XDS 3.3 Compact magazines, as well as other similarly sized weapons such as the Glock 19, 23, 32 & 38; Ruger SR9c; Smith & Wesson M&P Shield; Sig Sauer P320c; Walther PPS/PK380 etc. This holster includes an adjustable retention pressure screw on the inside that allows you to customize how securely it grips your pistol.

This is our first offering. The holster is built of military plastic and is easy to keep clean and use. It’s so light you won’t even notice you’re wearing it. In terms of internal design, it’s quite basic.

The protruding button makes it simpler to identify and the skidproof stripe aids in touch identification. It may be worn outside or inside the waistband, depending on your preference.

5. Springfield XD Holster IWB Kydex Holster Custom Fit

springfield xd holster iwb kydex holster custom fi

The Springfield XD-S is the most powerful striker-fired handgun in its class. It’s also the smallest, lightest, and thinnest of its kind.

The 3.3″ 9mm .40 S&W .45ACP model has an all-metal frame with a slim slide that delivers exceptional accuracy and performance right out of the box.

It has proven to be one of the safest and most reliable pistols on the market today after over one million rounds have been fired downrange.

This is the Springfield XD-S 3.3″ 9mm / 40 cal Custom Fit IWB KYDEX Holster, which provides comfort and security in any situation.

It is comfortable and safe to use, with a lightweight, sturdy, durable, sweat-proof, waterproof, and washable design that offers assurance and confidence in every environment.

Sweat can be effectively prevented by covering the entire body with this holster; clips may also be safely utilized.

The Springfield XD-S is a slim, single-stack, short barrel pistol that has been gaining a following in the concealed carry market.

The weapon is quite thin and flat, allowing it to be hidden beneath clothing with ease. This model’s holster must be specifically made to fit the shape of the gun’s frame perfectly.

6. Springfield XD-S  Holster For Springfield best holster for springfield xd 9mm 2021

The Springfield XD-S OWB Paddle Holster was created with open carry in mind.

This holster may be utilized for concealed and open carry, making it ideal for individuals who want to be able to conceal their weapon quickly and simply while still being able to go openly armed when necessary.

The paddle on this holster allows you to customize the degree of tightness on your belt, ensuring that you’ll have a good fit regardless of whether you’re wearing a suit or jeans.

The Springfield XD-S holster, which is an outside-the-waistband paddle holster for the Springfield XD-S 9mm/40 S&W 3, is made with your needs in mind.

The XDS is a tiny pistol that’s ideal for concealed carry and home security because of its small build and lightweight. If you are searching for an outside-waistband holster to fit your new Springfield XDS, this is it!

The Springfield XD-S is a 3.3″ 9mm/.40 S&W with a nylon frame, so finding the right holster for it can be tough.

This paddle will fit belts up to 1.5”, 1.75”, and 2.0” wide made of soft silicone on the skin side to make you feel better when it’s against your skin. The paddle may be adjusted 360 degrees for various carrying positions.


What does XD stand for in Springfield?

The Springfield XD is a unique polymer-framed handgun licensed to the company that produces them in America? These guns were invented back in 1999, which makes them an old favorite among gun enthusiasts across America’s midwest region.

How many rounds does the Springfield XD 9mm?

The 9mm XD Sub-Compact can accept 10- and 13 round standard mags; it will also work with a special 16 round stainless steel magazine that features an easily disassembled protective plastic collar.


Best Holster For Springfield Xd 9mm. The Springfield Xd 9mm Holster is one of the greatest on the market. However, as with any other consumer purchase, it’s crucial to consider all alternatives and pick what works best for you.

We hope this article has assisted you in choosing a holster that meets your requirements so that you may continue to protect yourself while carrying your weapon.

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