Best Measuring Cups America’s Test Kitchen

Best measuring cups America’s test kitchen. One of the most essential aspects of cooking from a recipe is measuring ingredients properly.

When it comes to liquids, measurable have handles/pour spouts designed especially so that they can pour; while flour measures require flat surfaces at all times. Each type should be used only when needed otherwise, things could get out of hand.

World Kitchen’s great choice of measuring cups/spoons will ensure that you get the most options. We stock all sizes from 1 cup to 8 cup glass measures, as well as other tools like food scales and measuring spoons.

Every utensil is constructed of high-quality materials including stainless steel, metal, plastic, and bamboo wood.

Several also feature ergonomic designs that make them easy to use for cooking or baking whether you’re right- or left-handed.

Here we listed the top 6 products of cups test kitchen.

6 Best Measuring Cups America’s Test Kitchen

1. Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup Set

pyrex glass measuring cup

The Pyrex 4-Cup Measuring Cup. This convenient set of measuring cups will always have the correct size on hand.

Each has easy-to-read measurement marks in red for quick accuracy, ergonomic handles, and spouts designed for controlled pouring.

You may also melt ingredients like butter or chocolate right in the cup and then put it in the dishwasher for simple cleanup with this durable Pyrex glassware.

With the Pyrex 4-cup Measuring Cup, you can add a measure of uniformity to your kitchen routine.

The little Pyrex measuring cup, which is also the smallest at 4 fluid ounces, is the tiniest of the measuring cups. The largest measures 6 cups or 24 fluid ounces.

Customers can buy this size from Pyrex’s nesting set of 3 measuring cups, but I am not sure if they are available separately. It may be used in custard recipes, however, it cuts very small.

And because you bake regularly, having a complete set saves time and effort looking for that particular measurement while cooking anything that requires it.

Because of its small spout, you must be extra cautious while pouring liquids not to spill or drip batter on the counter or within your oven/stove, which can result in a lot of unnecessary clutter.

2. KitchenAid Classic Measuring Cups

kitchenaid classic measuring

They have a distinctive design that allows them to nest together with an indent on the inside of each cup that fits into a small plastic ring on the outside of another cup, making it easy to store and save space when you’re not using them.

The handles also contain measurements printed directly on them, so there’s no need to measure with a separate ruler or measurer.

These BPA-free, sturdy, and dishwasher-safe plastic cups can be used for both wet and dry ingredients.

This is a fantastic product for beginners or anybody who wants to be able to measure without using a separate measuring cup. There is, however, one small disadvantage.

If you put your KitchenAid cups on the top rack of your dishwasher, they are only safe for the dishwasher. If you put them in with other items in the lower racks, they will most certainly break and shatter over time.

They’re constructed of plastic, so they can melt when exposed to extreme heat. Using these cups in the dishwasher may shorten their lifespan; instead, wash them by hand with warm water.

3. Chef Craft Easy to Read Plastic Measuring Cup Set

chef craft easy to read plastic

The Chef Craft measuring cups are ideal for adding all of the necessary ingredients to any recipe.

The large, easy-to-read digits are etched into the black plastic with a beautiful and bright contrasting color.

Never worry about pouring too much or not enough because these exact measures feature a handy spout that allows you to pour straight from the cup without spilling.

These sturdy and long-lasting measuring cups are constructed of double-molded plastic that will never scratch or wear away.

Dishwasher safe makes clean-up even easier after cooking. With the handle that fits into the cup when not in use, it is simple to store.

The cups are stackable, making them ideal for weighing sugar, flour, rice, and other ingredients. One liter measures 250ml/8.3oz by volume and are graduated every 5ml/0.2oz by volume.

When I washed the measuring cup with a sponge or scouring pad, the plastic scratched easily. Also, because the red marks wore off quickly, it was difficult to tell how much liquid they contained at a glance. Best Measuring Cups America’s Test Kitchen.

For about 8 months now, I’ve been using this set to measure my food portions exclusively, and I’ve been doing so for over 3 months now.

4. OXO Good Grips 4 Piece Stainless

oxo good grips 4 piece

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Measuring Cup Set is a beautiful yet useful measuring solution.
The unique magnetic clasp allows you to remove one Cup at a time with ease. This characteristic also keeps the cups neatly stacked for storage.
The durable, stainless steel Measuring Cups are designed to make leveling ingredients easier for more precise results.
Permanent etched measurement marks and soft, pleasant, non-slip handles distinguish the Cups.
The 2 Cup Measuring Cup is ideal for portioning ingredients for a family-sized dish and conveniently fits in most refrigerators.
It’s also good for storing prepped meals in the fridge or taking things to and from the kitchen when cooking or entertaining.
The 4 Cup Measuring Cup is perfect for smaller recipes and fits neatly in most cabinets or can be stacked with other Good Grips measuring cups.
This 8-cup measuring cup is perfect for recipes up to eight cups in size, and it easily fits inside most refrigerator doors. For compact shelving, all Stainless Steel Measuring Cups nest together.

5. Hudson Essentials Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

hudson essentials stainless

The stainless steel measuring cups from the Hudson Essentials Stainless Steel Measuring Cup Set – 6 Piece Stackable Set with Lids are an excellent addition to any kitchen.

The set includes 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/4 cup, and 1 tablespoon measuring cups.

These measuring cups are constructed of high-quality stainless steel that makes them long-lasting and resistant to chipping.

On the side of each container is a scale figure for easy reading. The stackable design makes it simple to store in your kitchen cabinet or drawer without taking up too much space.

They come with lids that keep the containers fresh and cover them, as well as being wonderful for storing leftovers.

It includes a free whisk that is ideal for combining and stirring ingredients, ensuring that your dishes are exactly how you want them to taste.

The set comes with a one-year replacement guarantee, which means you may return them to the manufacturer if they rust or break.

Hudson Essentials Stainless Steel Measuring Cups Set – 6 Piece Stackable Set with Lids Save Up To 30% Off.

6. Bellemain Measuring Cups

bellemain measuring cups

Bellemain Stainless Steel Measuring Cups are the only ones you’ll ever need.

These multipurpose measuring cups have a built-in handle that allows them to stand upright on any flat surface.

Bellemain stainless steel measuring cups are free of BPA and other hazardous chemicals, unlike low-quality plastic and metal measuring cups.

Bellemain Stainless Steel Measuring Cups are the only measuring cups you’ll ever need.

These versatile measuring cups have a built-in handle that allows them to stand upright on any flat surface.

They won’t bend or break like cheap plastic and metal measuring cups, and they will never contaminate your food with BPA or other toxins, thanks to their stainless steel design.

The cups are a decent size for most applications since they’re all joined together and there’s no chance of spilling the tiniest cup if you drop the huge one that holds them all together.



1. How do you measure a cup in baking?

When using a set of cups with markings on them, it’s simple to get the liquid quantity just right. Pour your required amount into one cup and then bend over so that both eyes are focused on eye-level lines for reference.

2. Can I use measuring cups for liquid?

When measuring dry ingredients, there’s one golden rule to follow: use a scale or cups for liquids. If your box tells you to measure out four round tablespoons, do it that way, and don’t be fooled by other methods like using an antique coffee cup with vague markings inside its handle.


Best measuring cups america’s test kitchen. We’ve seen how measuring cups can be different depending on the needs of your recipe, but it doesn’t stop there. Other kitchen tools come in various sizes and shapes for specific tasks too.

For example, a whisk is often used to beat eggs or cream together which requires using both hands so that you don’t have to hold onto anything else at the same time.

A slotted spoon with holes will allow water or oil to drain out while cooking vegetables without them sticking; tongs are great for grabbing things like meat off of a grill because they grip securely.

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