Best oscillating saw

Best oscillating saw. Oscillating tools are the hand-held workhorses of the toolkit. You may sand down to perfection or drill holes with ease and precision, no matter what material it is that requires attention, thanks to these tools’ flexibility in use.

These devices also allow one gadget to do many tasks due to their adaptability they’re ideal when space isn’t unlimited but still need something done fast without creating too much dust. Whether you’re installing shelving or hanging a picture, the small size and lightweight of these tools make them ideal for almost any DIY project.

They’re easy on your hands and wrists so they don’t cause back pain when using regular power drills, which is why they’re utilized for heavier-duty tasks like hangings.

This one’s cordless, so you can take it with you to work. Yes! So if you want to save time determining which is the best oscillating tool for the task, simply go through these reviews and tutorials first before purchasing. We’ve got all of the information you need right here.

6 Best oscillating saw

1. Makita XMT03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool

best oscillating saw

The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion cordless multi-tool (XMT03Z Tool Only) offers the features of a corded tool without the inconvenience of a cable.

The XMT03Z is enhanced with enhanced performance, reduced vibration, and decreased noise for better performance, and it’s ideal for cutting, sanding, scraping, grout removal, and more.

It’s part of Makita’s 18V Lithium-Ion Series, which is the world’s broadest line of cordless tools powered by an 18V Lithium-Ion slide-style battery.

Because Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries have the quickest charge times in their categories, they spend more time working and less time charging.

A multipurpose blade adorns the XMT03Z, allowing it to be utilized for a variety of tasks. It features an integrated LED light to maximize illumination in dark work areas and is made with Extreme Protection Technology (XPT).

Which combines a tough ABS composite exterior shell with shock-absorbing inner components to significantly reduce tool weight and bulk while providing exceptional protection.

The blower port at the bottom of the tool is designed to deflect air away from the user’s hand while working, which is beneficial during long-term usage.

The XMT03Z weighs just 5.4 pounds with a two-piece 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery (BL1850B) for enhanced operator comfort.

2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

dewalt 20v max xr oscillating multi tool kit

The DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit, Variable Speed (DCS356D1) is the ideal cordless oscillating tool.

The DCS356 has a brushless motor that allows for up to 57 percent more run time than a comparable brushed tool.

The 3-speed switch enables users to choose from three different speed settings based on the task at hand.

With the Quick-Change accessory system, you may swap out blades quickly and efficiently, and the universal accessory adaptor enables it to work with most DEWALT accessories.

This kit includes one brushless 3-speed oscillating tool, one universal accessory adaptor, and four DEWALT 20V MAX* XR lithium-ion 5.0Ah batteries.

The T101D blade provides up to 57% more run time than comparable brushed tools, as well as improved tool performance.

The tungsten carbide blades or universal accessory adaptor for use with other oscillating tool accessories (both available separately) can be used to cleanly scrape paint, grout, and caulk easily cut metal studs, wood, fiber cement board, and roofing materials at lower RPM settings.

Allows users to customize their speed setting based on the application; all three speeds are designed for specific applications. The narrow RPM range delivers high performance in applications that require higher RPMs like hardwood flooring installation.

3. Genesis GMT15A 1.6 Amp Multi-Purpose Oscillating

genesis gmt15a 1.6 amp multi purpose oscillating tool

The Genesis GMT15A 1.6 Amp Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool and 19-Piece Universal Hose Kit is a multi-purpose tool that may be used for household repair, remodeling, or restoration.

It has a 1. 5 amp motor that spins at 21, 000 rpm to slice through wood, plastic, ceramic, or metal with ease. The 4-pin flange keeps attachments in place for precise slices every time.

This tool is ideal for cutting door jambs for flooring, as well as trimming Caulk, scoring linoleum or mats, drywall cutouts for electrical boxes and receptacles, scraping paint or adhesive residue from surfaces, and a variety of other home renovation tasks.

It also includes a work light to help you make more precise cuts in dark areas under cabinets, inside closets, and other places.

In addition to the EZ-Lok quick accessory mounting system, the tool features a rapid release button on top of an EZ-Lock mechanism for fast accessory changes without the need for a wrench.

To unlock accessories, just squeeze the brake lever. This kit also comes with 19 pieces of universal hose kit so you may connect your preferred attachments to it. This Worx tool’s belt hook may be attached on either side, so it’s suitable for left- or right-handed use.

4. Dremel MM50-01 Multi-Max Oscillating DIY Tool Kit 

dremel mm50 01 multi max oscillating diy tool kit

The Dremel MM50-01 Multi-Max Oscillating DIY Tool Kit with Tool-LESS Accessory Change System is the ideal small, lightweight, and powerful rotary tool for any DIY job.

This versatile tool may be used to cut, sand, and grind wood, drywall, metal, and other materials thanks to the included accessories.

The MM50-01 comes with a variety of attachments that allow you to adapt your ideas to match your needs. It’s ideal for projects like adding new molding, cabinets, furniture, and building a new home for a beloved pet at home.

The MM50-01 is so adaptable that it may be used to replace parts without the assistance of any tools! To turn on the oscillation, simply press the on/off switch located on top of the head. Its motor generates a stunning 28,000 RPMs.

This rapid rotation allows you to complete your tasks faster and more efficiently with less strain on your wrist and hands.

This 20 V machine also includes a Quick Release Chuck that allows for fast bit changes while still allowing full accessory rotation.

It comes with a standard Multi-Max 3-jaw chuck that accepts 1/8 in. shank bits and attachments as well as a Quick Release Chuck that enables quick bit changes while still allowing full accessory rotation.

5. Rockwell AW400 F80 Sonicrafter 4.2 Amp Oscillating

rockwell aw400 f80 sonicrafter 4.2 amp oscillating

The Rockwell F80 is the most powerful and rapid oscillating tool available. It has two distinct oscillation angles and a wide range of attachments and connections for total adaptability in any project.

The 5-degree angle is perfect for tough cutting tasks, while the 3-degree angle helps you get into tight places and gives greater control when working with metal or other materials.

This tool’s compact size and durable construction make it simple to use and built to last. An innovative bevel gear system powered by a 4-amp motor spins at up to 10,000 no-load oscillations per minute.

The dust blower built into the unit as well as the detachable battery pack enhances visibility while maintaining accuracy and safety.

Rockwell Tools, a family-owned and managed business, has created and produced high-performance and dependable power tools for more than 60 years.

The firm is dedicated to producing top-quality goods like its most recent oscillating tool series, which was released earlier this year.

6. PORTER-CABLE Best oscillating saw

best oscillating saw 2021

The PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 oscillating tool kit includes a 3.0 amp motor that delivers the power you need to complete projects quickly and effectively.

The tool-free system blade replacement allows for rapid changes and modifications for particular applications without the use of wrenches or bolts.

The 10-foot cord minimizes the need for extension cords, while the depth guide aids in faster plunge cuts with greater accuracy.

It is simple to do a wide range of activities with this high-quality oscillating tool thanks to its 52 accessories included in the kit.

3.0 amp engine provides 2.9 ft/lbs of torque for a wide range of applications, including hardwood or softwood projects with 5,200 OPM (oscillations per minute) for faster cutting and sanding plus better finish results.

Improved rear exhaust directs debris away from the work area, increasing both safety and productivity when using this oscillating tool kit.

Improved rear exhaust directs particles away from the working space, improving both safety and productivity when using this oscillating tool kit.

Improved rear exhaust directs particles away from the working environment, increasing both safety and efficiency when utilizing this oscillating toolset.

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Can oscillating tool cut wood?

The versatile multi-tool is one of the most versatile tools available. It can sand, cut metal, wood, and drywall with ease; make large holes in durable materials like steel frame buildings.

There will be no other tool that can match these capabilities, so buy yours now before they’re gone.

Can a multi-tool cut concrete?

You may use your multi-tool to cut and form concrete as well as remove grout with a carbide grit oscillating tool blade.


Best oscillating saw. As you can see, oscillating tools are the workhorse of any toolkit and allow for flexibility in use, whether it’s sanding down to perfection or drilling holes with precision. They also make ideal space-saving solutions when there isn’t enough room available but a task needs to be done quickly without creating too much dust.

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