Best p365 holster

Best p365 holster. The holster is a popular choice when it comes to finding the finest concealed carry handgun.

This little 9mm gun has a legendary reputation for its versatility, combining high levels of accuracy with an ergonomic design and being only over 5 inches long from barrel length to handle.

Not only will this weapon stand up as dependable, but it will also be very easy to reach in every scenario.

It’s the same reason why the holster might assist you in taking down an aggressor who doesn’t want to go down without a fight.

However, if your gun isn’t ideal for the holster. Even though learning how to conceal a handgun is simple, what you need to know about holsters may not always be clear.

That’s why we’ve put up this straightforward tutorial on how to pick the finest Sig Sauer P365 holster for you. Because they are extremely comfortable and stable.

Comfort implies that such holsters are placed right against the body and come with several possibilities for placement depending on their design.

Implying that wearing a holster does not need to be worn over another item of clothing around the waist region. The p365 is one of the finest p365 holsters.

6 Best p365 holster

1. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster 

best p365 holster

A belly band holster for concealed carry is a popular choice for women and males who want to conceal their weapons.

This belly band gun holster is available in right- and left-hand draw, fitting guns of all sizes, including subcompact, compact, and full-size pistols and revolvers.

The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster may be worn at the appendix or hip position with an additional magazine pouch or inside the waistband cross draw or open carry style with an additional magazine pouch.

An ambidextrous design, the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster can be used by right-handed or left-handed people.

The band is made of neoprene with a polyester cord interior that wicks moisture away. This stomach band gun holster has four pistol magazine pouches (for Glock 19 magazines) for ammunition storage.

Because this product offers additional features like extra pockets and pistol magazine pouches, it may not be as comfortable as belly band holsters without them.

Our wearable holster is a very comfortable way to carry your gun and will help you conceal it in any scenario! Our belly band firearm holster has several advantages.

It’s lightweight and inconspicuous beneath loose-fitting or baggy clothing, making it an ideal choice for concealing your weapon.

This product may also be worn as a belt with the option of adding the “Holster Ready System.”

Wearers can select their preferred mode of carrying (side or cross-draw) and draw from the holster depending on how they’re wearing it (appendix, cross-draw, hip).

2. Sig Sauer Black Point Tactical Holster

black point tactical holster

The SIG SAUER Black Point Tactical P365 Appendix Carry Holster is the finest holster for your new Sig Sauer P365.

This minimalist style is both comfy and long-lasting, making it a great choice for concealed carry.

The holster is made to be worn inside the waistband (IWB) and has adjustable retention to ensure that you get the perfect draw every time.

The SIG SAUER Black Point Tactical P365 Appendix Carry Holster is the finest IWB holster for your new Sig Sauer P365 pistol.

With the highest quality materials, you can be sure to get a comfortable concealed carry holster that will last.

The Black Point Tactical holster has belt loops on both sides for customizable canting and is worn inside the waistband (IWB).

The SIG SAUER P365 Appendix Carry Holster was created with concealment in mind and it performs exceptionally. It offers excellent comfort while still allowing for rapid access when you need it most.

There are no concerns about uncomfortable spinal pressure or feeling self-conscious wearing your handgun outside of your pants at any event since it is positioned here rather than behind or in front of you.

3. CYA Supply Best Concealed Carry Holster For Sitting

best concealed carry holster for sitting

The Base IWB holster from Cya Supply Co. is a good choice for individuals who want to carry inside the waistband without having to worry about a light or laser attachment, as the shape of this holster will not fit on these guns.

This type is made specifically for Sig Sauer’s new P365 pistol, but it may also be used with previous-generation P320 and a few other weapons.

This UMAREX model is compatible with the Sig Sauer P365X however, it will not fit the new P365 / SAS versions.

Due to design restrictions, light or laser attachments are not available.

This holster was designed for people who don’t want to deal with attachments on their pistol and want an IWB holster that goes inside the waistband.

The Best p365 holster model can be worn in a variety of ways, including Appendix Carry (which many users find to be very comfortable), Cross Draw (behind hip), and Appendage Carry (on the opposite side).

The muzzle of your handgun will ride higher than usual pancake holsters, giving it improved retention abilities.

This holster is somewhat larger than the gun itself, resulting in a distinctive concealment feature that will separate you from the crowd as others will notice your firearm isn’t “wearing” other conventional IWB holsters.

4. Crossbreed Best Concealed Carry Holster For Sitting

crossbreed best concealed carry holster for sitting

The comfiest and concealable inside the waistband (IWB) holster you’ll ever wear.

The MiniTuck is hand-molded to fit each specific gun listed, and it has a high-quality leather backer with a molded and mounted kydex pocket.

The SuperTuck may be worn comfortably with or without your shirt tucked in, depending on your carry style.

The SnapLok powder-coated steel belt clips are modular, allowing you to change the angle as well as ride height.

The MiniTuck is a hybrid holster that combines the comfort of an IWB with the concealment of an OWB.

The most common forward cant is 30 degrees for all MiniTuck holsters. The MiniTuck is handmade in the United States and available in black or tan, as well as left-handed and right-handed options.

After you’ve chosen your firearm model, a fitment message will appear. A wedge will be built into this concealed carry holster to aid in pushing your gun’s grip into your body for easier concealment.

This is a one-of-a-kind Kydex IWB custom with a thickness of 0.08 formed from beautiful brown leather with hand-placed patterns after being molded for each specific pistol.

This holster, which is the most comfortable on the market today, has adjustable carrying height and cant angle adjustment.

5. DESANTIS The Nemesis Pocket Holster  

desantis the nemesis pocket holster ambidextrous

The Nemesis Pocket Holster is the most concealable pocket holster on the market.

It’s meant to be carried in a person’s front pocket. The Nemesis Pocket Holster has an unusual tacky exterior that grips both your gun and your pocket, keeping it in place throughout daily carry.

The sticky outer material “sticks” to the outside of your pocket once you draw, allowing for a clean draw from deep cover without having to re-adjust after it’s back in place.

The Nemesis Pocket Holster offers excellent protection for your weapon while still being extremely comfortable to carry.

An anti-scratch, non-abrasive inner liner, and soft non-abrasive material protect your gun from excessive wear and damage.

The Best p365 holster has a stainless steel spring clip on the back of the holster that keeps it in place even when worn inside a lighter pocket, thanks to its low profile and tight fit.

Nemesis holsters also feature an extra-wide mouth opening that allows for smooth ejection and clearance of your handgun.

I’m psyched to share my experience thus far with the Nemesis Pocket Holster before it becomes commercially available next month, thanks to Nemesis Holsters giving me an advanced sample of their new pocket holster.

The new Nemesis Pocket Holster is considerably superior to the original Nemesis 1911 HC, which has been a good pocket holster in its own right.

6. Winthrop Holsters OWB Pancake Holster

winthrop holsters owb pancake holster

The Winthrop Holsters OWB Pancake Black Leather Holster is constructed of Hermann Oak 7-8oz Cow Hide.

This wet molded to the shape of each gun. Fits belts with a width of 1.5 inches.

Our pancake-style outside the waistband holsters is extremely comfortable and provides excellent concealment. Slots cut for standard 1.5″ gun belts into the belt slots.

This is the same holster that’s available for different Glock models.

The easiest approach to tell if you’re receiving this model is to look at their pictures and study the retention screw head placement on the gun it’ll be used with.

Checking the fit at the trigger guard, where it will only cover up to, but not including, slide serrations reveals that this is truly a G19 holster, as opposed to a G26/G27 holster.

Which will cover slide serrations and generally extend beyond the bottom of the grip…as opposed to a G26/G27 holster.

Our pancake style is distinguished by two features: The leather form molded to the weapon. The leather along the trigger guard is removed to give a natural and comfortable grip on your firearm.

So, if you’re looking for an outside the waistband pancake holster that’s easy to put on and remove, ours is ideal.


1. What does the IWB holster mean?

Carrying inside the waistband, Carrying your gun in an IWB holster inside the waistband is one of the easiest ways to keep it concealed. You can get both a belt attachment for when you need extra support or wear it as just another layer under clothing.

Whether this means jeans and tee shirts at work all day long or dressier affairs on formal occasions like weddings where concealment isn’t necessary but style matters just as much.

2. Is IWB comfortable?

IWB holsters provide a more pleasant method to carry your firearm. This is because they may be both physically and mentally stimulating, especially given the criteria we spoke about previously – such as shape, size (concealment), and material composition or coloration for example-to ensure that it suits YOUR needs.

It’s best to wear your IWB holster at 4-5 o’clock for maximum convenience and concealment. If you don’t want to wear it on your hips, you may also rotate it so that it is horizontal or vertical. You have the option of wearing IWB holsters on every part of your body, even around your back.

3. Are belly band holsters any good?

The Clinger IWB Hybrid tuckable NPW holster is well made in the United States, has a decent blend of leather and durable Kydex, and is quite comfortable.

The leather is extremely soft and aids in the comfort of the holster as it conforms to your body. It’s thick enough to be sturdy while also flexible.

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