Best Pens For Nurses

Best pens for nurses. Nurses must use their hands to cure patients and document the care they give, which means that they frequently need to work with their hands.

Taking notes is one of this documentation’s purposes; it may be used to explain what was done during a patient’s visit or shift, as well as drawing blood samples so that doctors can get correct results without depending on lab reports.

Maintaining accurate records aids nurses in demonstrating their knowledge when confronted with difficult situations while also providing feedback from other personnel on their performance.

Many people enjoy doodling and sketching, but without the proper tools, it might be difficult. I propose purchasing an artist’s pencil or pen to make your lines appear more professional.

Here we listed the top 6 products of pens for nurses.

6 Best Pens For Nurses

1. Sharpie S-Gel, Gel Pens

best pens for nurses

The Sharpie S-Gel pens are the first gel ink pens that do not bleed through paper or smear when you write.

The medium point is 0.7 mm and the colors available include black, blue, red, and green.

The ink is designed to provide bolder lines that can be written on most surfaces and resist smearing.

This is a smooth, fast-drying permanent marker. It has an ergonomic rubber grip for comfort and control. The built-in sharpener maintains the precision of your tip.

Sharpie S-Gel is a smooth writing, rapid drying permanent marker that’s perfect for use at school or at work every day.

This black gel ink pen features an ergonomic handle to reduce hand strain and a medium point (0.7 mm) that works on most surfaces. Twelve black gel ink pens are included with this pack.

2. PILOT G2 Premium Gel Pens

pilot g2 premium refillable

The Pilot G2 Premium Gel ink pen has a comfortable rubber grip and is available in ultra-fine, extra-fine, fine & bold points.

These are the #1 best-selling gel pen on the market. Available in an extra-fine 0.5mm tip or a fine 0.7mm tip to better suit your needs.

Each pen offers smooth writing and features contoured grips and rubberized finger grips for increased control of your writing utensil.

Among the top brands, the Pilot G2 premium retractable gel ink pen has shown to be the most durable.

This is a must-have accessory. Smooth writing gel ink refills in fine and ultra-fine points (0.38mm and 0.5mm) are available in pairs per pack.

The Pilot G2 is a smooth-writing rollerball pen with a bold line that’s refillable and long-lasting. This Pilot G2 pen features a fine point for writing accuracy.

This black ink gel pen has a pleasant rubberized grip that prevents your hands from becoming tired when writing for extended periods of time.

3. Zebra Pen Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen

zebra pen z grip retractable ballpoint pen, medium point,

The Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen is a great writing instrument for daily use.

Its comfortable writing feel and appealing appearance make it an ideal pen to bring along with you on your adventures.

It comes in black, blue, red, green, purple, and pink ink colors.

The Z-Grip Ballpoint pen has a pleasant writing sensation. The plastic barrel allows for ink supply visibility, and the soft, latex-free rubberized grip increases comfort.

This pen is ideal for use at work or on the go due to its pocket clip and medium point.

This is a convenient pen with a metal pocket clip for rapid, one-handed access. You can write precisely and correctly with the medium point of this black ink pen.

The rubberized grip on this black ink pen allows you to have a firm grasp while writing.

Because of the metal pocket clip, which ensures that the pen stays attached to your shirt or pants at all times, you will never lose your favorite pen again.

4. BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen

bic round stic xtra life

The BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen is the ideal pen for you if you value ease and accuracy when writing.

This ballpoint pen from BIC has a rubber grip that makes writing more comfortable. When you’re writing on paper with this ballpoint pen, the medium point ensures a smooth flow.

The translucent barrel of this black ink pen allows you to monitor how much ink remains in it.

It also features a frosted cap to keep the tip from drying out. While writing with this pen, the smooth grip provides you with good control.

This Ballpoint Pen has a soft round barrel for writing comfort. This tungsten carbide ball is ideal for everyday use at work or in your house.

These Pens come in 12-piece or 36-piece packs, each with 1.0mm medium point black ink.

This is a standard ballpoint pen in black, blue, and red ink. It has a flexible round barrel that makes it comfortable to write with for lengthy periods of time.

5. Paper Mate InkJoy Quatro Retractable Ballpoint Pen

paper mate inkjoy quatro

The Paper Mate InkJoy Quatro Retractable Ballpoint Pens is the ideal mix of enjoyment and usefulness. Each pen has four bright hues.

The ultra-smooth ink keeps the fun and ideas flowing, while the trusty, fluid 1.0mm medium point draws clean lines from start to end.

Paper Mate Ink is a convenient mix of fun and usefulness. The ultra-smooth ink on each pen ensures that your writing stays flawless on the page, and four distinct colors provide further variety.

The pens are always ready for action because of their retractable design, which never requires a cap.

These Ballpoint Pens are ideal for everyday writing. They have a pleasant grip that feels natural in your hand and produces clean lines.

In addition to this, you get two additional pens with red, green, blue, and black ink.

6. Pen Light, RISEMART Nurse LED

pen light, risemart nurse

The brightest white penlight with pupil gauge. The Led medical penlight with pupil gauge is intended to help you get the most out of each day.

It’s bright enough to see anything in low-light situations, and it has a built-in pupil gauge so you can check someone’s pupils before giving medicine.

It’s portable and convenient because of its tiny size. Ideal for nurses, physicians, students, first responders, and anybody who needs a dependable, small light.

These LED penlights are equipped with 4 AAA batteries. The Humanized Set is for you.

In clinics or hospitals, the red light is typically used to examine people’s pupils, but the blue illumination is usually utilized to inspect human eyes’ retinas.

It can also be used to read a book in a low-light scenario without affecting your eyesight; however, it will preserve them.

This penlight is a highly beneficial instrument for inspecting your eyesight as well as the pupil size of patients.

It’s meant to be used by physicians or nurses during examinations or studies.

This Penlight cute clip makes it easy to transport, and the built-in pupil gauge helps doctors or nurses assess patient pupils.



What kind of pens do nurses like?

The Pilot G2 is America’s best-selling gel ink pen, and for good reason. The smooth-rolling feel of this item makes the act of writing more pleasurable than most other products on this list.

Why do nurses use a red and blue pen?

Nurses’ notes are almost always bright and colorful. The red pen is used for nighttime, while the blue pen denotes daytime; it appears as if they have their own distinct personality.


Best pens for nurses. Nurses are frequently required to use their hands in both curing patients and recording the care they give, which means that nurses are frequently forced to work with their hands.

Taking notes is one of the functions of this recordkeeping; it may be used to explain what was done during a patient’s visit or shift as well as draw blood samples so that physicians can get accurate results without depending on lab reports.

Accurate records help nurses establish their competence when faced with difficult circumstances, as well as provide feedback from other staff on their performance.

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