Best Pj Bass Pickups

Best Pj Bass Pickups. The pickups on your guitar can make a major difference.

Make sure you’re using the right sort for the sound and style that works best for you because it’s critical that each instrument has its own voice enough to be recognized as belonging specifically to it.

When played simultaneously with other instruments at gigs or competitions where only one microphone is available per musician who needs vocals.

The first thing that many people do when they want to improve the sound of their instrument is switch to a new set of guitar pickups.

If you don’t have a lot of money, the best alternative is J-type pickups, which are commonly used for most standard musical genres ranging from blues to ambient electronic dance music popular in Ireland.

They can also be found on low-cost beginner guitars. P-type pickups, on the other hand, are less frequently utilized.

Which makes them a more appealing alternative for individuals on a tighter budget who still want to sound unique. Here we listed the top 6 products of Pj Bass Pickups.

 6 Best Pj Bass Pickups

1. Squier by Fender Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ 

best pj bass pickups

The Squier Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ is a fantastic bass for both novice and experienced players.

The neck on the PJ is small, comfortable, and smooth, making it simple to execute your favorite riffs.

It also has split single-coil pickups with chrome hardware, so you can get the bright, clear tone of the J Bass bridge pickup or the tighter low-end punch of the P Bass neck pickup.

Its 4-saddle bridge and chrome hardware are also nice touches. If you’re searching for a bass that sounds great and plays well, look no further than the Squier Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ.

The squier vintage modified series is a fantastic guitar for beginners and pros alike, with its unbeatable price and a new built-in overdrive circuit to add even more of that classic muscle car sound.

Its offset body style and simple controls – including on/off switch, intensity control, and tone knobs – make it easy to use.

2. DiMarzio DP126 P+J Bass Pickup

dimarzio dp126 p+j neck and

The DiMarzio DP126 P+J Neck and Bridge Bass Pickup Set is the ideal complement for any bassist seeking to achieve that vintage sound.

The neck pickup, Model P, has a full-range, punchy sound with guts in the midrange.

You can dial in any tone from a tight midrange punch to a warm bottom-end with a bright, clear attack thanks to the bridge position DiMarzio Model J pickup.

With this set, we adjusted the sound to work well in passive mode, but you can really unleash their full potential when powered with the DiMarzio B-Styled Bass Preamp.

The blend knob allows you to configure the ideal balance between both pickups. This combination of separate boost control that adds up to 20dB of extra output and a blended tone control gives you broad flexibility in any environment.

The DP126 P+J Pickup Set is manufactured in the United States and includes all mounting hardware as well as a black trim ring for each pickup. This model is also available with gold lettering on cream white rings (DiMarzio).

3. Fender Precision Bass Pickups 

fender precision bass pickups

The Fender Precision Bass pickup is made with the same attention to quality and performance as their renowned guitars.

The precision bass has a split-coil humbucking design that generates a full, rich sound without the humming.

The enamel-coated magnet wire contributes to a warm vintage tone while the flush-mount pole pieces ensure uniform string response for greater sustain and enhanced dynamics.

Alnico 5 magnets deliver clarity and focus, while cloth output wire and fiber bobbin construction help preserve Fender’s distinctive sound. Installation hardware is included.

Copper winding of coil is in a clockwise direction, while aluminum winding of coil is in a counterclockwise direction.

Coils are wound to have an equal DC resistance of 7kOhm. The precision bass pickup is a split-coil humbucking type. There is no hum with this pickup because of the alnico 5 magnets.

The sound is enhanced by the Alnico 5 magnets. Maintaining fender’s audio excellence tradition, a period-accurate cloth wire and fiber bobbin wire contribute to the tone.

4. Aguilar AG 4P/J-HC Bass Guitar Pickup

aguilar ag 4pj hc bass guitar pickup

The AG 4P/J-HC from Aguilar is composed of matched Precision and Jazz-style pickups, including the popular AG 4P-60 P-Bass pickup and the recently introduced AG 4J-HC bridge pickup.

Many P/J setups have pickups that are mismatched sonically, with a deep neck pickup and a puny bridge pickup tone.

The Aguilar AG 4P/J-HC is a well-balanced set that provides a wide range of tones, from the character of a smooth P-Bass to the J-Bass.

The AG 4P/J-HC bundle includes an Aguilar four-string AG 4P-100 pickup, two AG 8-32 cables (one 36 inches and one 60 inches), an Allen wrench, mounting screws, and straightforward installation instructions.

The AG 4P/J-HC pickups may be fitted in any four-string P-Bass or J-Bass bass. Aguilar advises against using the 4P/J-HC with a five-string Jazz Bass because the wider neck pickup would cause interference.

The combination is ideal for drop tunings, including 5-string J-Basses tuned to B, C, G, D, and low A while maintaining great clarity on standard EADG tuning.

According to aguilar engineers, connecting the pick-ups is simple and requires only basic soldering skills found in most stores or a guitar technician’s experience.

The AG 4P/J HC bass pickups are pre-terminated with round braided shield wire at the factory to minimize radio frequency interference caused by long runs on stage or in studios where loud equipment is used.

5. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-J

seymour duncan quarter

The Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-J Set is a set of pickups for both Jazz and Precision bass guitars.

The Jazz neck pickup has the same polepiece spacing as Gibson humbuckers, so it can be used in any position on the guitar.

It’s got plenty of output with excellent string balance and a powerful mid-range. This makes it ideal for slappin’, funk music, or just plain rockin’ out.

The bridge pickup is wound to 7k-8k ohms, which gives it more oomph than your normal jazz bass pickup.

The P-J pickup features two blade polepieces for precise string-to-string balance. The Quarter Pound Jazz set has punchy sounds with excellent tonal definition, regardless of your style.

For more strings to be engaged than conventional pickups, quarter-inch width blades are used. A wide frequency response that extends into high and low extremes is provided by the dual magnets.

High output with dynamics and touch sensitivity is achieved while maintaining tension with dual magnets, which are designed to mimic studio basses where thicker necks are frequently utilized.

6. Lace Sensor Man O’ War PJ Bass pickup

lace sensor hot gold electric

Lace Sensor bass pickups are by far the most common and widely used pickups in the world.

With excellent string-to-string balance, Lace Sensors produce a dynamic sound that is warm and clear.

The lace micro combs replace conventional bobbins, giving you a broader tonal range and better string balance than conventional pickups.

Unwanted microphonics are prevented by shielding the body, vacuum wax potting, and epoxy filling. These all contribute to the originality of the lace design, which translates to pure and natural sound.

Best Pj Bass Pickups if he struck too many “on” positions during regular play, he wanted to be able to reduce the volume by rotating the knob.

He was immediately enthralled by the sound it made, though he was disappointed when he heard it.

His disappointment soon faded away, however, after seeing its potential as a genuine musical instrument voice.

The Man O’ War bass pickup has a biting attitude and precise harmonic content, which cuts through in every situation.


1. What are PJ pickups bass?

PJ Bass pickups are ideal for any wailer searching for a one-of-a-kind bass sound. The bite of a split-coil combined with the bark of a straight single-coil gives PJ Bass pickups their unique sound. These pickups, when used together, are just what you need to breathe new life into your bass playing.

2. Are PJ basses good for metal?

If you’re looking for some hot PJ pups that are perfect for metal since they have a “hot” signal, go with EMG’s. If you want to redirect your bass so you can use active pick-ups, that’s possible and the bass EMG isn’t as well regarded as the rest of them.


Best Pj Bass Pickups. The pickups on your guitar can make a major difference. Make sure you’re using the right sort for the sound and style that works best for you because it’s critical that each instrument has its own voice enough to be recognized as belonging specifically to it when played simultaneously with other instruments at gigs or competitions where only one microphone is an available per musician who needs vocals.

Whether you’re playing rock, country, jazz, blues, or any genre in between find out what pickup will give your tone just the edge needed to stand out from all others.

We offer top-quality bass pickups designed by some of today’s most respected players so we know which ones work well together and won’t clash under pressure.

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