Best Pokemon theme decks

Best Pokemon theme decks. The Pokémon Trading Card Game is popular. If you’re new to the series, starting with structure decks (the best way) will get your feet wet, and then you may go on to buying singles or booster packs as needed.

The market for theme decks is exploding lately, as they’re extremely cost-effective They allow you to build Decks yourself using content that may already be found in stores, even though some of them aren’t necessarily required at first view but having one will ensure that you have important standards.

There’s no debating how much fun Trading Card Games are, so maybe a couple of Theme Decks isn’t such a bad idea. The XY Series’ first deck is called “Burning Winds.”

It includes Vivillon and its various evolutions, each with new assaults that make their debut in the TCG. XY-Onslaught has more powerful Energy cards than previous sets.

6 Best Pokemon theme decks

1. Pokemon 2016 Rayquaza Keldeo Battle Arena Deck

best pokemon theme decks

Rayquaza-EX is a formidable Pokémon in the new Pokémon TCG Battle Arena Decks.

This Dragon/Flying-type Pokémon has the ability to attack twice with its powerful Dragon Claw attack, and you choose your opponent’s Active Pokémon for Rayquaza to strike.

If that Pokemon-EX is benched during your opponent’s next turn, it can’t retreat. Jirachi from the XY expansion.

Which works well with Trainer cards like Mega Turbo and Sky Field, are also included in the deck. A total of 10 foil cards are included in the bundle 4 rare cards and 6 common ones.

Every Pokémon Trading Card Game Battle Arena Deck box contains two 60-card decks, all of the cards and accessories necessary to play, as well as two metallic coins and two pairs of damage counters.

The decks are meant for players who wish to jump right in and use recent expansion cards. The objective is simply to KO your opponent’s Pokémon! The decks include 60 cards total, with no duplicates.

Powerful Trainer cards may be found in both decks that you can utilize to turn long-term objectives into short-term triumphs.

This pair of pre-made decks features some of the most well-known Pokémon TCG cards and provides a solid basis for beginners to construct their own unique decks. Each box includes two 60-card decks, two metal coins, damage counters, a game mat, a rulebook, and a player’s guide.

2. Pokemon Venusaur V Battle Deck

pokemon venusaur v battle deck

V Battle Decks is the first expansion for Pokémon Trading Card Game. V, bringing you into battle with the strength of Pokémon V on your side. Each 60-card deck is led by either Venusaur V or Blastoise V, and the set includes everything you need to play right away.

A playmat, damage counters, a metallic coin, and a deck box are also included in the package.

Not only that, but there’s also a rule book, advice on how to win strategies, and reference cards to make the game even easier to play. Let the combat begin.

Prepare for battle with the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram in Pokémon Trading Card Game V, and enliven your game with the Legendary Pokémon.

You get a dependable buddy that knows how to dish out damage to any opponent with this 60-card deck. When it’s time for an unbeatable combination, link Reshiram’s Blue Flare attack with Victini’s Victory Star Ability for maximum power.

This Pokémon trading card game deck is ready to go right out of the box. All you need is a way to play Pokémon TCG Online (on a video game system) and a computer or mobile device.

3. Pokemon Both TCG Sun & Moon Burning Shadows

pokemon both tcg sun & moon burning shadows

Over 140 cards, including 12 new Pokemon-GX and 6 new full-art Supporter cards featuring important human characters from the Burning Shadows set.

The set consists of 10 random cards in each booster pack. Burning Shadows is the 130th Sun & Moonset, and it’s packed with all-new Pokémon.

Slug it out with new titans like Necrozma-GX and Tapu Fini-GX while rising stars like Decidueye and Incineroar get powered up. The Alolan Pokémon and certain underhanded Trainer cards join in on the action, too.

The 2 new powerful Prism Star Pokemon, Necrozma-GX, have arrived! Each has a unique backstory, so what kind of power might they unleash. Because this is the Sun & Moon series, it’s only natural that there are 6 whole-card art Supporter cards in this set to round out your deck.

When you battle in the Sun & Moon-Burning Shadows expansion, add these spectacular cards to your collection. The set includes a sneak preview promotional card with a Shiny Silvally, as well as no XY Evolutions, Megas, or full-art basic Energy cards.

The new feature of the Master-Break series is a tiny W symbol on some of the cards. These cards are identified by an absence of a set name and a 4-digit code on the lower corner of their card type line. Best Pokemon theme decks.

4. Pokèmon 175-80757 Pokemon-Sword & Shield

pokèmon 175 80757 pokemon sword & shield

“Pokèmon Sword & Shield Vivid Voltage Theme Decks are the ideal introductions to the game.

Take command of a team with Drednaw or Charizard as its focus, and you’ll have all of the game counters and rules manuals you’ll need.

You’ll get two theme decks 1 x Charizard and 1 x Draw. It’s an excellent way to begin your collection of Galar Pokémon.” Now, there are two decks to pick from. Since the artwork depicts Charizard’s unique Z-Move, it’s most likely based on him.

Pokkén Tournament DX has a new method for novice gamers to get started in the game – Pokkén Tournament DX Early Access.

Starting today and running through October 11 at 10 p.m. PT, you’ll have the opportunity to play with all 22 characters and interact with friends or compete against strangers online, even before Pokkén Tournament DX is available on Nintendo Switch on November 23. Playing.

Pokkén Tournament DX Early Access will allow you to use LAN Mode to play with up to 8 Switches locally, or try out Wireless Play (with a wired connection).

If you have amiibo figures, you’ll be able to transfer your amiibo settings from Pokkén Tournament for Wii U. And last but not least, during this pre-launch phase, the new Fusion Misfits Theme Deck will include DLC Battle Pack content for free.

5. Pokemon Sword and Shield Darkness Ablaze Elite

pokemon sword and shield darkness ablaze elite

The Pokémon TCG: Darkness Ablaze Elite Trainer Box comes with the following items: – 2 never-before-seen foil promotional cards featuring Eternatus and Centiskorch.

A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, a digital version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Trainers can now battle players from all over the world while building their decks and they’ll have more time to do it! nn6 Pokémon TCG booster packs from recent expansions, providing a solid foundation for building a new deck or powering up existing decks.

The Elite Trainer Box includes ten Booster Packs, one each of five different Basic Energy cards Basic Fire, Water, Lightning, and Nature—to get players started in their quest to overcome the Grand Masters.

A Pokemon theme decks player’s guide to the Elite Trainer Box, with images and information on all TCG items included. 6 die-cut sticker sheets with the 6 Pokémon types used by each Elite Trainer League class Psychic, Fire, Darkness, and Metal.

1 competition-legal coin-flip die specifically made for the Elite Trainer League. Damage and Energy counters (2 each).

A collector’s box to keep everything in order, with four separators to keep it organized. 2 never-before-seen foil promo cards including Eternatus and Centiskorch are included.

6. Pokemon Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds Theme Decks

best pokemon theme decks 2021

The Pokemon theme decks Unbroken Bonds expansion is here With more than 130 new cards, including 6 Pokemon-GX and 6 full-art Supporter cards featuring major human characters, the Unbroken Bonds expansion introduces a lot of fresh stuff.

New Trainer cards will also be included to aid your strategy, as well as a brand-new Special Energy card the Red Chain to boost the strength of your GX attacks.

Only Zeraora-GX and Mewtwo-GX may utilize Red Chain. This is a 60-card deck with both Mewtwo and Zeraora, as well as an all-new ACE SPEC Trainer card.

The Team Up Expansion introduces 12 Pokemon-GX, 6 Full Art Supporter cards featuring Gym Leaders, and 6 Ultra Beasts to the game. Metal will have a bigger role in this set than it has in previous sets.

2 never-before-seen foil promo cards with unique holofoil treatment are included. The names for the new sets are derived from human characters in the Pokemon anime, as some of you may have already known.

Here are the candidates we believe to be the most likely based on their prominence in the official poster Candice (Snowbelle City Gym Leader) Looker (International Police Officer).

Acerola (Trial Captain of a Ghost-type) Gladion (Poipole’s original trainer and brother to Lusamine) Professor Kukui (Alolan Island Kahuna and Pokemon League Champion). Kukui has been extensively featured in several Unbroken Bonds previews, making him a leading candidate as one of the feature characters.


Are theme decks worth it Pokemon?

You may even construct your own deck to play if you put a little imagination and understanding of the game to use. These decks are fantastic, but if they were the only thing in this world, they’d be known as “Thematic Cylinders.

The greatest part about playing cards is coming up with new card ideas – don’t let them slip through your fingers.

Do theme decks have Holos?

The development of theme decks is fascinating. It typically starts with the highest levels on the packaging and evolves into different versions, such as holo cards or coins that come in a variety of colors when packaged together, depending on the collector you’re looking for.


Best Pokemon theme decks. The Pokémon Trading Card Game is an exciting card game that many people are starting to play. If you’re interested in the series, it’s best to start with structure decks because they get your feet wet and allow for a gradual learning curve. You’ll then be able to branch out into singles or booster packs as needed depending on what type of deck you want to build.

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