Best pool alarms consumer reports

Best pool alarms consumer reports. Swimming should be a safe and pleasurable activity, but things can go wrong. Pool alarms may assist you to avoid additional problems if they detect someone or something coming into contact with water in your pool that shouldn’t have access to it.

The sensor is activated when waves produced by the person who fell into the pool triggered them or depending on what type of alarm system you choose (more information below), other forms of detection technology like floating sensors might also function well.

A gate’s basic security features are usually sufficient to deter unauthorized persons from attempting to enter your property; however, more sophisticated technologies such as motion-detection lights might even further discourage intruders and enable you to keep your family safer.

A passive pool alarm only detects if something enters the water, whereas an active one sends out a signal that can help identify what set off the alarm.

This is especially beneficial for people who leave their pools open as a precaution, such as when they’re sleeping or away since it aids in determining whether it’s just leaves falling onto the surface or if someone is actually in the water with you.

6 Best pool alarms consumer reports

1. Techko S189 Ultra Slim Safe Pool Alarm

best pool alarms consumer reports

The Techko Ultra Slim Safe Pool Alarm is the world’s first door alarm that may be utilized both indoors and outside.

This clever pool safety gadget will still sound an alarm if the glass door is shut while the screen door is open, even though it works on sliding glass doors and screens.

The UL 2017 certified door alarm has a bypass feature that allows adults to open the door without setting off the alert.

It can be easily added to any sliding glass door or window with provided double-sided tape, owing to its distinctive form. This ensures that the alarm will not go off when you need it most.

This is an excellent product! We enjoy having our doors open, but our pool is in the backyard, and we’ve had a lot of near misses with our kids approaching it too closely or thinking they can hang on to the door while swinging their bodies out of reach.

This has been a fantastic safety device for us and was simple to install! I would suggest this item to anybody with young children who are interested in pools.

Techko Pool Alarm Ultra Slim Safe Pool Alarm provided us with complimentary samples in order to assist in our evaluation. All comments are ours and based on our personal experiences with these goods.

2. Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm

poolguard pgrm 2 in ground pool alarm

Once the poolguard pool alarm has been installed in the pool, it cannot be disabled; it is always in an alarming state.

Tamper-proof When the poolguard pool alarm is removed from the pool, it sounds like an alarm. sleep mode Simply removes the alarm from the water and put it into sleep mode when you want to use your swimming facility.

Automatic wake-up When the poolguard pool alarm is placed inside the water, it will automatically wake up and run a system test.

The PoolGuard Pool Alarm includes a built-in in-house remote receiver with a range of up to 200 feet.

This isn’t a wireless device, but it can be linked to any existing wired alarm system. It includes a standard one-touch test button that activates an internal motion detector.

If the door or gate is opened, the PoolGuard pool alarm will honk. If the motion detector activates the mobile radio receiver, it will give an audible warning.

If the audible alarm is silenced, the door or gate may be closed. The PoolGuard pool alarm will continue to monitor the door or gate. Should the door or gate be reopened, another audible warning will sound.

It is recommended that a second security measure be put on the entranceway. The PoolGuard has a low battery alert function that sounds an audible warning before the battery is completely drained.

Because this device employs active infrared sensors to detect intrusions, it is more sensitive than any other pool alarm; as a result, it does not rely on someone swimming past its sensor like many other devices do.

3. PoolEye Aboveground Pool Immersion Alarm 

pooleye aboveground pool immersion alarm

The Poole Aboveground Pool Immersion Alarm is an essential component of any pool safety plan. Keep your pool secure with the PoolEye Immersion Pool A lamp.

You may rely on PoolEye for that extra layer of pool protection since it has the most precise pool intrusion technology available for aboveground pools.

This battery-operated water motion detector is simple to set up as well. It only takes around 10 minutes. The pool safety alarm has sub-surface wave detection, resulting in fewer false alarms.

When there are no more waves, the rudder switch inside the protective cage detects them, not flotsam or jetsam.

The Poole Immersion Pool Alarm features a distinct sound profile, allowing you to tell the alarm apart from other pool alarms. Each pool will also have its own unique tone, making it easy to determine which one is being warned.

The water motion detector comes with everything you’ll need for a simple installation one sensor unit, battery, beeping console, and deluxe post mounting bracket that hangs on a top rail fence.

This alarm pack also contains alligator clips to connect the alarm system to metal poles. In any pool where little children might be present, use this pool safety equipment. Best pool alarms consumer reports.

Order your PoolEye Aboveground Pool Immersion Alarm right now. The Poole Aboveground Pool Immersion Alarm and the Swimming Pool Safety Alert System are trademarks of PoolEye, LLC. Bob Knight came up with the concept for the aboveground pool immersion alarm, which he then developed with PoolEye, LLC.

4. Poolguard DAPT-WT Immediate Pool Door Alarm

poolguard dapt wt immediate pool door alarm, white

PoolGuard’s Pool Safety Product is a fantastic option. This wireless door alarm is perfect for families with children at risk of drowning in the house pool.

If a kid opens the door and leaves it open, this gadget will sound an immediate alert to tell you that your child could be in danger.

If the door is left open, the alarm will continue to ring. This device includes another function that allows adults to enter the home without setting off the alarm.

This is a fantastic invention that I’m sure will save lives, but we can’t help but wonder if there isn’t an easier and less expensive way to prevent children from playing in the water when you’re not around using something between the door jambs or better yet beneath them.

And wouldn’t this technology make more sense for larger pools the preceding example appears to be overkill. The concept is valid. PoolGuard offers a fantastic pool safety product called PoolGuard Wireless Door Alarm.

This wireless door alarm is ideal for households with small children who may be at risk of drowning in their backyard pool. If a kid opens the door and leaves it open, this gadget will sound like an urgent buzz to let you know your child is in danger.

The alarm will continue to ring if the door is left open. This device also has a function that allows people outside to enter without setting off the alarm.

5. Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm

pool patrol pa 30 pool alarm

The Pool Patrol Alarm is the first pool alarm to include a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter may be placed in the pool or spa, while the receiver can be set up to 100 feet away.

When the transmitter detects motion in the water, it transmits an alert via radio to the receiver, letting you know there is an activity in your swimming area.

The Pool Patrol includes five transmitters, so you may install one on each corner of your pool for the greatest protection.

A black flotation base with a clockwise or counterclockwise turning raises or lowers the volume is also included in this package deal.

Additionally, additional receivers can only be used on one transmitter, so if you want to add more receivers to your system, make sure they’re compatible with the first transmitter included in this bundle.

The Pool Patrol Alarm is not compatible with any Zodiac alarm systems at this time. However, we aim to have new information available shortly.

The Pool Patrol is currently not compatible with our AquaArmor wireless pool fence systems. We are waiting for a solution that will fix this problem.

6. PoolEye Best pool alarms

best pool alarms consumer reports 2021

The PoolEye Inground/Aboveground Immersion Pool Alarm is an important part of any pool safety strategy.

The required hardware is included with the PoolEye, which may be attached to the deck of an inground pool or the top rail of an aboveground pool.

This battery-operated alarm meets ASTM F2208 requirements for pools up to 16′ x 32,’ and it has a maximum sound level of 85 decibels when activated.

When someone enters the water, this siren goes off at 85 decibels. The PoolEye is a UL-listed product that meets UL Standard 1073, Inherently Safe Apparatus.

Please note that because of the use of a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) circuit, this alarm must be installed by a professional. Unless they are properly installed and tested, pool alarms will not work. Only a qualified expert should install and test this alarm.

The PoolEye Alarm is now available through your local pool safety equipment store. To find out where you can buy PoolEYE, please click here. Best pool alarms consumer reports.

Now is the time to get all of your pool safety concerns addressed with dependable goods that are built for your peace of mind. For further information on the PoolEYE Alarm or any other Aqua Products, please contact our customer care team at 866-818-4426.


Do pool alarms really work?

A swimming pool alarm is not a substitute for parental supervision, but it can offer another layer of protection to your home.

Since the alarms may alert you if a pet falls into water or act as a safeguard against property intruders they’re an excellent investment that will keep both children and pets safe at all times.

2. Do pool alarms work with solar covers?

Poolguard pool alarms are the best, most reliable, and affordable option for your swimming pool needs.

With a 20′ x 40′ size range or 800 square feet of coverage area with our advanced alarm technology, you’ll never be outsmarted by thieves again when enjoying relaxing time inside.

3. How does a pool alarm work?

Pool alarms are an essential part of the safety system for any pool. For those who have a surface wave detection alarm, there is usually some type of sensor that extends on top of the water and detects when waves occur in order to trigger its warning signal at regular intervals.

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