Best rc lipo battery

Best rc lipo battery. Lipo batteries are one of the most popular and versatile power sources for electric RC toys. They provide a lot of current, low self-discharge rates that don’t need any special attention or storage instructions, and lightweight (compared to other types) which makes them ideal for flying your drone in all sorts of weather conditions.

That’s why I’ve created this little guide of eight distinct sorts so you can make an educated selection before diving in without doing your homework first.

LiPos, like all batteries, are composed of chemicals that contain flammable components. If overcharged or mishandled, they can erupt violently or cause a fire, which is a significant risk to you, your home, and the environment.

That’s why this article will also teach you the fundamentals about them so you don’t end up with an inferno in your hands. The first thing to consider is the battery’s mAh (milliamp hours).

This determines how long the drone can fly before it needs to be charged again. For drones that fly 5 minutes per charge cycle, a minimum of 2000mAh is required.

6 Best RC lipo battery

1. Zeee 7.4V Lipo Battery 2S 50C 5200mAh Lipos Hard Case

best rc lipo battery

Zeee 7.4V Lipo Battery is one of the most widely used batteries in the industry, with cutting-edge technology and stringent quality controls to assure its top grade.

Zeee power lipo batteries have a flat discharge curve, excellent performance at low temperatures, and high discharge rates, allowing you to reach top speeds while maintaining maximum stability and power.

The battery has a capacity of 5200mAh, which should be more than enough for your needs. The battery will provide additional strength to your remote control models.

The Zeee 7.4V lipo battery is compatible with all 1/10 scale RC vehicles, including Kyosho, Traxxas, Yateron, HPI Racing, and Axial.

It can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor activities. The Zeee 7.4V lipo battery has its own proprietary technology that enables it to achieve the very best efficiency in low-temperature performance when used with excellent chargers.

The batteries come completely built with high-quality wires and connections already attached (T-Plug connector), making them ready to install right into your car.

2. HRB 11.1V 5000mAh 3S 50C-100C LiPo Battery

hrb 11.1v 5000mah 3s 50c 100c lipo

HRB is the first and only battery manufacturer in the world that focuses on providing batteries for drones, UAVs, UASs, and FPV products.

Dedicating to offering a better flying experience. HRB has been putting out some incredible tech advancements lately.

The HRB 5000mah 50c 11.1V lipo battery offers you a lot of power while remaining reasonably durable.

These drone batteries have outstanding continuous discharge and performance in the high current drain and high-temperature conditions.

The HRB 50C battery is the ideal form for in-between the arms of your multi-rotor chopper, ensuring a more steady and smooth flight. It’s really simple to install into any RC model.

If you’re a professional player or a hobbyist who enjoys doing things yourself, the HRB 100% 11.1V 5500mAh 30C Lipo Battery is your best choice for its high capacity and tremendous strength.

Our goal is to provide high-quality, professional products to customers at an affordable price. We are always working hard to decrease the cost of our clients.

That is why we have implemented a “Payment within 15 days after delivery” Return & Refund policy for all HRB batteries today.

3. Socokin 4S Lipo Battery 14.8V 6500mAh 100C

socokin 4s lipo battery 14.8v 6500mah

The Socokin 4S Lipo Battery 14.8V 6500mAh 100C is a great battery for your FPV quadcopter, RC car, plane, and other similar devices.

It has a high discharge rate and long run duration. The battery has excellent quality and uses safe LiPo chemistry cells.

Overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuits are all prevented by the PCB board protection. It also includes a balance lead wire to allow you to charge the battery securely and quickly.

For effectively preventing overcharging, over-discharge, and short circuits, the battery is protected by a high discharge rate and long run time.

The balance lead wire allows you to charge the battery safely and efficiently. According to the size of the battery, there are three methods for mounting it on your quadcopter.

You can screw the screws through its holes and install them on the frame; you may also use double-sided adhesive tapes, or you can simply place it in the fuselage.

When putting this battery on your RC toy, be sure no electricity is connected to avoid creating a short circuit. If feasible, leave a little gap between the battery and plastic shell nearby.

4. POVWAY Lipo Battery 3S RC Battery 

povway lipo battery 3s rc battery 11.1v

The POVWAY Lipo Battery 3S RC Battery is composed of robust material that can guarantee the power supply’s safety and stability.

The lipo RC battery is intended for racing drones, and it prevents the plug from coming off effectively. The 5200mAh lipo battery extends the life of your RC gadget.

This lipo battery has a balance lead protector, which helps keep the plugin in place. It has a balance lead guard, which ensures that the plug does not fall off.

The burst rate of 50C is fast. It also features high energy density, low internal resistance, and a small structure. The maximum burst discharge rate is 100C.

The battery is made of calcium, iron phosphate, and manganese. Because of its large capacity, it can deliver a powerful burst of power. It has a high discharge rate, long cycle life, and low self-discharge.

The balance lead is a JST XH 2S connector type balance lead. It’s compatible with the DJI F310 F450 F550 Flame Wheel 330 Racing Drone Quadcopter Helicopter Airplane HELICOPTER 6A ESC 6 AXIS GYRO E010 Frame Kit Spare Parts.

It fits for frame kit spare parts of the DJI F210 F330 Remote Control Quadcopter Airplane RC helicopter Best rc lipo battery.

5. Spektrum 11.1V 5000mAh 3S 100C Smart Hardcase

spektrum 11.1v 5000mah 3s 100c smart hardcase

The Spektrum Smart 100C LiPo batteries provide the best performance and convenience.

They include a microchip that connects to a Spektrum Smart charger, allowing you to customize your battery’s charging status so all you have to do is press the “Start” button every time.

As a result, charging becomes more straightforward than ever before. Spektrum’s Smart LiPos are compatible with several types of batteries, including the Marx battery.

Our 3D-printed Hardcase provides extra protection and long-lasting durability because these powerful cells are equipped with our unique 3D-printed Hardcase.

They’re also able to retain their voltage longer due to high-grade Japanese cells, resulting in increased run duration. There is no easier method to charge Spektrum Smart LiPos than using Spektrum transmitters.

Transmitter stick charging via the transmitter stick (charge up and charge down functionalities available) Connects to receiver for charger programming and control High-performance 3S hard case battery.

With microprocessor-controlled balance charge protection system that communicates with a Spektrum Smart Charger, allowing you to connect your battery simply by pressing a button on your transmitter, without having to plug/unplug connectors from the battery.

6. RoaringTOP 2S rc lipo battery

best rc lipo battery 2021

The Roaring Top 2S 50C 5000mAh Lipo Battery for RC Vehicle is a high-quality battery with a discharge rate of up to 50C.

It has a maximum capacity of 5200mAh and an operating voltage range between 7.4V and 12.6V, making it appropriate for most 1/10 scale RC cars on the market today.

The Roaring Top 2S 50C 5000mAh Lipo Battery for RC Vehicle may be charged using any standard lipo charger with a balance port, such as the iMAX B6AC V2 Digital RC Lipo Battery Balance Charger (LiPo Battery).

The Roaring Top Power Racing Series 5000mAh 7.4V 50C Lipo Battery is a highly powerful brushless system and, as such, requires a battery with similar power.

The Roaring Top Power Racing Series 5000mAh 7.4V 50C Lipo Battery is an improved form of the standard Top Fuel 3S 1300mah LiPo Battery, which has an extra thickness in its design to allow for the 50C discharge rate.

Quartzite, on the other hand, is a heat-resistant material that dissipates heat effectively. This means you can run your brushless system at full power without having to worry about it overheating or burning out due to variances.


Do LiPo batteries last longer than NiMH?

Lipo batteries are ideal for modelers who require more power. Their greater voltage allows them to endure longer and fly faster, making it easier to launch or land your plane correctly.

Will a LiPo battery make my RC car faster?

When switching from a NiMH or NiCD battery to a LiPo, you can expect to see an increase in the acceleration and top speed of your vehicle. Even if just upgrading from an older one to a more powerful one.


Best RC lipo battery. Lipo batteries are a popular power source for electric RC toys because they provide a lot of current, low self-discharge rates that don’t need any special attention or storage instructions, and lightweight (compared to other types) which makes them ideal for flying your drone in all sorts of weather conditions.

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