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Best record brush. Keeping your records clean is one of the most effective ways to preserve them for years and ensure high-fidelity listening.

A wonderful brush will have delicate antistatic bristles, gentle velvet pads, or plastic rollers that can gently remove accumulated dust from vinyl without scratching its surface . A thorough cleaning regimen should also be simple enough that you’ll keep it up so as not to allow any residue build-up before it causes harm.

The RCA Brush is a vintage cleaning tool designed particularly for LPs, and it has remained a best-seller for over half a century.

The milky white urethane ball on the tapered handle glides softly over the grooves, loosening the dust before being drawn up into the body where you can easily clean it out with an air duster or compressed can of air.

The design of this brush keeps your hand away from the record surface at all times. Remember that because it’s made without bristles or microfiber wimps, it should be held parallel to the surface for safe gouging prevention when drawing it back towards yourself for another pass.

5 Best record brush

1. Big Fudge Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

best record brush


The Big Fudge Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit is a professional cleaning solution for your vinyl records.

For your collection, we know that only the best will do, so we’ve included everything you’ll need to clean and maintain your records.

Dust, dirt, and fingerprints may be removed using the anti-static velvet brush in combination with the cleaning spray.

Clean dust and dirt with the anti-static record brush, then spray on the cleaning formula. To finish off, clean the needle with the stylus brush. That’s it! We’ve thought of everything for you.

The stylus brush will remove dust or any particles from your vinyl record grooves if you have any concerns about how to clean, store, or preserve them for years to come.

The Spin-Clean Record Washer comes with a large quantity of cleaning liquid and a brush that almost gets the whole record in one stroke.

The cleaning solution is designed specifically to keep and restore your records. This high-quality cleaner is the ideal instrument for cleaning all the vinyl records in your collection, from new pressings to rare archival recordings.

The non-toxic composition leaves no residue or build-up on your records that might harm them over time. Big Fudge is a global leader in the audio accessories industry, having been regarded by Audiophiles throughout the world since 1999.

All of our goods are produced to exact ISO 9001 standards, so you can be certain that you’re receiving a top-notch product when you purchase from us.

2. Boundless Audio Record Cleaner Brush

boundless audio record cleaner brush


The Boundless Audio Record Cleaner Brush is the most advanced, high-quality vinyl record cleaners brush on the market.

High-quality carbon fiber bristles effectively remove damaging dust and grime from your vinyl records, significantly improving sound quality.

no fluids are necessary simply wipe down your vinyl with the microfiber cloth provided for optimal results. The Record Cleaner Brush is intended to be used before each play for optimum effects.

It has a stylish and compact design with a detachable lid and bottom plate (which may be engraved) for easy storage.

The carbon fiber bristles are non-toxic and don’t require any cleaning fluids. The delicate bristle brush is meant to be used before each play, carefully removing dust from your vinyl grooves as well as any other particles that may have sneaked in there.

You may also dust brush off by tapping it against a clean surface, dust using another record cleaner brush (not suggested).

That eliminates the need for brushes to dry between uses, which we believe is preferable to current record-cleaning techniques and products.  You can comfortably share your favorite recordings with friends and family without worrying about spreading germs.

3. Vinyl Record Player Cleaner

vinyl record player cleaner


Every vinyl album collection, big or little, requires the same amount of attention and maintenance.

However, when it comes to vinyl cleaning kits, this 4in1 Vinyl Care Set stands out from the crowd since it includes all of the needed equipment to clean, preserve, restore, and protect your treasured collection.

With this complete vinyl record cleaner kit, you’ll get a velvet brush and cleaning fluid for your albums, as well as a cleaning gel to use on the turntable needle.

When you remove an album from your vinyl record storage, its handcrafted frame and hand-picked pure velvet brush head will work their magic.

The cover of the album is then cleaned with the supplied cleaning solution, after which the record is thoroughly cleaned using the brush and liquid combination.

Vinyl records attract dust particles and create significant surface noise, so we recommend cleaning your album collection at least once a month to remove the dirt build-up.

Because of this accumulation of filth, germs, fingerprints, and other particles, the sound quality degrades over time. All of these factors will have an impact on both playability and sound quality.

During playback, your needle collects all of these elements that need to be eliminated in order for the sound quality to improve and the wear on your records to decrease.

4. Fluance Vinyl Record & Stylus Cleaning Kit

fluance vinyl record & stylus cleaning kit


The Fluance Vinyl Record & Stylus Cleaning Kit is a comprehensive cleaning solution for vinyl records and styli.

It works well, the carbon fiber brush works great when used lightly so that the tips can get into the groove. You should not see much bending of the carbon fibers. Works fantastic, and using a stylus brush helps too.

The soft velvet brush, carbon fiber brush, and record clamp are included in the kit, as well as an anti-static record mat to remove dirt from the grooves of your albums.

Cleaning your vinyl records is critical because it will eliminate any noise, such as pops and crackles, caused by dust accumulation on the grooves of your records.

This might be due to improper handling or storage of your vinyl collection. The tiny needle that traces along the grooves of your records is called a stylus.

This will over time develop residue from your records, resulting in unwanted distortion and loss of fidelity.

Using our record cleaning kit with a neutral cleaner like Fluance’s Hi-Fi Phono Cleaner will remove any dirt or dust build-up without leaving behind any oils or waxes that the stylus could pick up.

For heavily soiled areas, use the carbon fiber brush; for broad regions of lightly soiled records, utilize the velvet brush.

To help prevent static charge from accumulating on your vinyl while it is being stored or played back, use an anti-static record mat in between each user of our cleaning kit.

5. Ivation 2-in-1 Vinyl Best record brush

best record brush 2021


The Ivation 2-in-1 Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush is the most effective method to clean vinyl records.

It has a double row of carbon fiber filaments that fit into the tiny grooves of the record, removing static charge and accumulated dirt for better sound quality.

The fine, smooth cloth clings to dust, dander, grime, and hazardous particles to preserve documents in excellent condition without scratching or gouging.

This 2-in-1 brush also includes a built-in needle protector. The brush retracts when you want to play a record so as not to touch the needle. It takes only seconds for the procedure to finish.

The cleaning brush is simple to use, small enough to take with you, and highly durable. It’s superior to any other product on the market for restoring vinyl records that have been shelved or aren’t being played often.

Before playing a record, apply it every time to keep the excellent sound quality and avoid dust build-up. This is an item no vinyl enthusiast can live without if they care about music.

This vinyl record cleaner brush has two pianos carbon fiber brushes that work together to remove any dirt, grime, or debris from your records. It’s great.


Do carbon fiber brushes scratch records?

Using a record brush can be difficult because some of them have rough or sharp bristles. This might cause vinyl records to be scratched, so you should exercise caution when using them for the first time.

Is it OK to clean vinyl records with alcohol?

Pure alcohol is not recommended for cleaning vinyl records. Edible foods, toys, and other materials may react with it to generate hazardous pollutants that can harm your health or wreck a prized possession.

Never use undiluted pure liquid spirits as a cleaner; instead, be aware of the substances present in commercially available cleaners before purchasing so you don’t get burned if they don’t perform on certain surfaces such as those found in old photographs.

What is the best record cleaning brush?

A Bundle Of 2-in-1 Record Cleaning Brushes. A Gentle Roller Brush With Hard Plastic Bristles. A Large Carbon Fiber Brush With Nylon Bristles. An Ergonomic Brush With Soft Carbon Fiber Bristles For Extra Softness.

Is a record cleaning machine worth it?

Cleaning your records can be magnificent. It helps preserve the collection without wasting much of the vinyl’s substance.

How to use Best record brush?


Best record brush. Keeping your records clean is one of the most effective ways to preserve them for years and ensure high-fidelity listening.

A wonderful brush will have delicate antistatic bristles, gentle velvet pads, or plastic rollers that can gently remove accumulated dust from vinyl without scratching its surface a thorough cleaning regimen should also be simple enough that you’ll keep it up so as not to allow any residue build-up before it causes harm.

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