Best shoulder pads for quarterbacks

Best shoulder pads for quarterbacks. For many individuals, watching American football is a lifelong dream. It’s an experience every guy wants to have and be a part of, but it’s not easy because you need at least three other players on your team for protection, which isn’t always possible with only eleven players in each game.

The most essential player may be easily harmed since he is wearing a helmet as he runs down the field tackling someone else who might try to take him out or simply run into them without meaning too; this way, he is protected from any possible traumatic injuries that can occur during play.

The second use of shoulder pads is to protect against non-traumatic injuries, such as sprains/strains (which heal quickly). These light yet durable pieces offer protection for the shoulders, collarbone, and chest, all of which are susceptible to breaking under intense pressure.

6 Best shoulder pads for quarterbacks

1. Schutt Sports XV HD Varsity Football Shoulder Pads

best shoulder pads for quarterbacks

The lightest shoulder pads in their class, the Schutt Sports XV HD Varsity Football Shoulder Pads are constructed with high performance in mind.

These varsity football shoulder pads have an arched design that reduces weight while also increasing protection.

Outside raised corrugations provide extra strength and improved airflow by allowing for increased surface area.

During contact exercises or scrimmages, these shoulder pads protect your shoulders from harm by using high-density impact-absorbing foam and a robust shell.

With Schutt’s Speed Cinch System, you may quickly change the comfort of this varsity shoulder pad by simply tugging on the cinch straps.

The gear fit indicator on this system displays how much strap is required for a perfect fit! Other features include extended aluminum stays that are simple to adjust with hook and loop cinches in three different positions, as well as an adjustable bicep pad.

Shoulder pads from Schutt Sports XV HD Varsity Football should be ordered shorter than your jersey size. The sizes shown in the table below are for the Schutt Sports XV HD shoulder pads alone, not your actual chest or waist sizes.

2. Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads

xenith flyte youth football shoulder pads

The Xenith Flyte Youth Shoulder Pads are built for dedicated athletes. These shoulder pads include varsity-level protection technology while still providing a comfortable fit for young football players.

Xenith shoulder pads are designed with the dedicated athlete in mind; they’re lightweight and low-profile, allowing for a full range of motion without sacrificing protection.

Cleaning and maintenance are both simple with detachable padding. The laceless design and buckle straps give long-lasting and dependable use every year.

Every time with the Ultra-Thin Adjustable Waist System, you can expect a lock-down fit, thanks to the belt and buckle size adjustments system that eliminates superfluous bungees and straps.

The Xenith Flyte Youth Shoulder Pad is the only shoulder pad your developing athlete will require. All of Xenith’s items are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Xenith Flyte Shoulder Pads include a single-strap closure system that is very adjustable, allowing you to obtain the ideal fit. The new buckles on the shoulder pads connect to the bottom of your belt on both sides of your body.

3. Riddell Pursuit Youth Shoulder Pad

riddell pursuit youth shoulder pad

The Riddell Pursuit Youth Shoulder Pad is a shoulder pad for kids that was made with their comfort and safety in mind.

The flat pad design sits low across the player’s shoulder, restricting interference with the helmet’s rotational range.

This product also includes integrated deltoid pads for extra protection and incorporates the Z-fit belting System, which involves high-strength nylon clamps to make putting on and securing a shoulder pad more simple.

It is an O. E. M.-approved component that meets NOCSAE requirements. The pad features a flat profile that sits low on the player’s shoulder, minimizing interference with the helmet’s rotational range.

The Riddell Pro Slow Motion Helmet with Integrated Suspension System is shown here. You can purchase this in youth and adult sizes, as well as four distinct hues.

Clear/White, White, Navy Blue, and Kelly Green. The internal suspension system reduces impact forces on the head by up to 33%. It has perforated ear pads for weight reduction and maximum comfort.

4. CHAMPRO AMT-1000 Varsity Football Shoulder Pad

champro amt 1000 varsity football shoulder pad

The CHAMPRO AMT-1000 Varsity shoulder pads are designed to give maximum protection while still allowing for a wide range of motion.

The low-profile design provides additional motion while also providing ample protection from harm.

Swivel front and back connections provide for a more natural feel during the peak of play by allowing the shoulder pads to move with the player.

Clavicle and deltoid protectors, as well as cushioned epaulets and sternum protection, increase overall safety and comfort levels.

The nylon-covered plastic inserts provide a more stable structure for additional protection. The lightweight, long-lasting nylon/polyester mesh on the outside provides ventilation and cooling comfort.

The head is made of matte-finish, hard polycarbonate with a three-piece shell construction. It has an adjustable rear brim for personalization and ventilation.

The weight of the product is 2 pounds 12 ounces (1.2 kg) each, which means you can use it for multiple sports outdoors without having to worry about breaking it.

5. Schutt Sports Varsity FLEX 4.0 All Purpose

schutt sports varsity flex 4.0 all purpose

The ultimate in football cleats for versatility and durability is the Schutt Sports Varsity FLEX 4.0 All Purpose Football Cleat.

The deeper cut in the arch design allows you to perform at your best on any surface, allowing you to tackle heat and moisture with ease while also maximizing airflow to keep you cooler and performing better.

The 4.0 All Purpose Football Cleat is made for Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Running Backs, and Defensive Backs. It’s the pinnacle of cleats in terms of versatility and durability.

The arch is cut deeper to allow you to reach your full potential on any surface. You can tackle heat and dampness with ease while maximizing airflow by wearing this low-profile version.

The Rep Flex 3S is made for Quarterbacks, Defensive Backs, and Wide Receivers. With its small profile, you can tackle heat and moisture with ease while also allowing more air to flow through you, ensuring that you are cooler and performing better.

This lightweight shoe will allow you faster speeds without sacrificing your balance or support.

6. Xenith Element Best shoulder pads for quarterbacks

best shoulder pads for quarterbacks 2021

The Element Skill is the ultimate shoulder pad for skill players. It features a short chest piece and integrated backplate that promotes a range of motion and speed over thickness.

If you’re a DB high-pointing a jump ball or a wideout bending over backward to make a back-shoulder catch, the Element Skill was made with you in mind.

Xenith shoulder pads are built for athletes who put in the extra work they’re lightweight and low profile, allowing for full movement while still providing protection.

The inner bungee system helps you get a custom fit. The removable cushion makes cleaning and maintenance simple.

The ultimate in custom-like fitment is provided by the Laceless design with an internal bungee system. The Xenith shoulder pads are built to endure, allowing them to move freely with your body in every direction.

The Element line is a shoulder pad model that has dropped the typical football shoulder pad full clavicular coverage, allowing for a greater range of motion and comfort.

The upper chest plate construction of the Element series is made up of ultra-thin materials to keep shoulders cool and increase mobility while also guarding against hyperextension or hyperflexion injuries.



Yes, but not as much. These shoulder pads are lighter and more flexible than the ones worn by other members of the team. For other teammates on the squad, bulkier and larger shoulder pads are available.

Do quarterbacks wear different shoulder pads?

The sort of shoulder pads you use on the football pitch is determined by your position. Quarterbacks, running backs, and other skilled players use lighter pads to enhance mobility and visibility.


Best shoulder pads for quarterbacks. Football players are tough and they need the best protection in order to make it through a game. They rely on their teammates, but there is one player who needs more support than most-the quarterbacks. These guys take all of the hits for the team since they’re wearing helmets.

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