Best Transmission Additive For Sticking Valves

Best Transmission Additive For Sticking Valves. Transmission additives are an excellent method to keep your vehicle running smoothly and effectively.

They accomplish this by lowering the friction between each gear, ensuring that they move freely with no resistance so you can get the most out of all eight cogwheels on four differentials without experiencing any hiccups or jolts along the way.

A typical gear oil additive is 5-30 percent stronger than the differential oil you use, which should be enough to handle the additional strain on the components.

This boost, on the other hand, does not transform your gear oil into a wonder fluid that will keep your automobile running smoothly for years without problems.

Your automobile’s engine is designed to run on petroleum-based fuels, and anything else will cause harm over time, some more than others.

6 Best Transmission Additive For Sticking Valves

1. Lubegard 19610 Instant Shudder Fixx

best transmission additive for sticking valves

Instant Shudder Fixx from Lubegard is a concentrated friction modifier that has been developed to eliminate torque converter lock-up shudder quickly.

It offers four times less wear than conventional ATF and is suitable for all automatic transmission fluids.

Instant Shudder Fixx can be used as a transmission flush, additive for new fluid, or a maintenance product to keep your gearbox operating smoothly.

The original transmission shudder fix is Lubegard Instant Shudder Fixx. It’s a concentrated all-purpose fluid that may be added to any ATF or used as a whole transmission flush.

It instantly eliminates torque converter lock-up shiver, reduces heat and wear, protects against corrosion, and prevents overheating.

Lubegard Instant Shudder Fixx is effective with all transmissions and does not include any hazardous solvents or Teflon additives.

It can be used on automatic gearbox fluids of all makes and models, regardless of whether they are CVT or Type F/CVT equipped vehicles.

Lubegard Instant Shudder Fixx eliminates torque converter lock-up shudder, lowers heat and wear, prevents overheating, and preserves the fluid.

Lubegard Instant Shudder Fixx is safe for every car regardless of its transmission. It’s also compatible with any type of ATF or can be used as a whole replacement on new fluid.

2. Hot Shot’s Secret Transmission Additive

hot shot's secret transmission additive

A single product contains all of these items, plus a high-quality transmission lubricant, hydraulic fluid, cooling agent, and heat transfer fluid.

Our premium ester-based formula is designed to quickly adhere to all of your transmission’s metal components for a better performance that lasts up to 4 times longer.

The Secret Shift Restore from Hot Shot is formulated with a unique combination of polymers and solvents that dissolve the harmful gum and varnish that builds upon the surface of fine transmission components over time.

It will help you restore the smooth shifting you used to enjoy.

The best thing about Hot Shot’s Secret Shift Restore is that it won’t damage your transmission or any other rubber or plastic components in your vehicle, so it’s safe for use with all manual transmissions and transaxles.

Our formulation supercharges the surfaces of the parts to improve overall performance while reducing friction, allowing you to drive further between oil changes while still enjoying smooth shifting, preventing wear, power loss, and saving money.

3. Prolong Super Transmission Treatment

prolong super transmission treatment

Prolong’s Professional Grade Transmission Treatment is a proprietary solution that uses a molecular and chemical approach to treat metal surfaces, bonding molecules to create a protective layer that inhibits friction and heat.

It incorporates an advanced formula that promotes smoother manual shifts and restores automatic transmissions’ responsiveness.

It also claims to treat both standard (manual) and automatic transmission metal surfaces. The Transmission Treatment, which is included in Prolongs, uses silicone to increase fuel efficiency by reducing friction.

As a result, drivers will notice smoother shifting and quicker response times as well as increased acceleration.

Before applying more of the same product, please carefully read the application guide! After you’ve finished applying the treatment, replace the filler cap.

To protect their cars from extreme heat, many racing teams use Prolong’s Transmission Treatment. Best Transmission Additive For Sticking Valves.

Which is composed of the same material that NASCAR, IRL, and Formula 1 teams utilize to safeguard their vehicles against scorching temperatures.

Prolong employs nanotechnology, which binds molecules together in such a manner that they are embedded deep into metal surfaces. The chemicals are designed to be more powerful than metals.

4. Sea Foam Trans Tune TT16

sea foam trans tune tt16

The Sea Foam Trans Tune TT16 is a sophisticated cleaner and conditioner for automatic transmissions, power steering systems, and hydraulic systems.

It removes hazardous gum and varnish deposits from valve bodies, controls moisture in the system, lubricates moving parts to minimize wear and tear, dissolves sludge build-up on electrical contacts to restore transmission control module (TCM), transmission shift modules (SSMs), or electronic throttle control (ETC) operation.

This product also aids in the maintenance of seals by removing contaminants that cause leaks. It works on most automatic transmissions, including those utilizing modern low-viscosity fluids.

The Sea Foam Trans Tune TT16 cleans and polishes all transmission components.

It doesn’t contain high-pressure solvents, caustic chemicals, or dangerous amphoteric surfactants (betaines) that might harm painted or plastic parts within the vehicle.

Keep in mind that Sea Foam is an EPA-registered pesticide that kills germs on contact by damaging their cell membranes to cut off respiration immediately.

When putting away a vehicle with old, dirty automatic transmission fluid (ATF), the liquid’s UV inhibitor aids in the prevention of automobile paint job fading due to sun exposure. The safe drying chemicals provide no combustible residue after drying.

5. Liqui Moly 20040 ATF Additive

liqui moly 20040 atf additive

Liqui Moly ATF Additive is a transmission fluid that prevents oil loss and extends seal service life. It may be used to clean, recharge, and lubricate the transmission system.

The product also protects the gearbox against wear, reduces noise during shifting operations, and lowers repair expenses.

For synthetic or mineral oils in all kinds of automatic transmissions. LEE Liqui Moly ATF Additive prevents oil loss and extends the life of seals.

The additive also protects the transmission from wear, lowers noise during shifting operations, and reduces repair expenses. 1 l for 10-20L oil volume. Before using, vigorously shake.

All types of manual transmissions can be protected. It also lubricates the transmission system in gearboxes with hydraulic systems.

Friction causes mechanical components to stick, which might lead to failure due to climatic conditions. Corrosion, premature gear wear, and other problems caused by friction may be prevented by using this product.

With specific additive additives, seal softening is avoided, ensuring a smooth shift without clattering noises, especially when starting up after lengthy parking periods or driving up hills.

6. Lubegard 60902 Transmission Fluid

lubegard 60902 transmission fluid

The only product on the market that improves transmission performance by reducing friction and wear is Lubegard 60902 Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant.

It prevents overheating, lowers operating temperatures up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, improves overall transmission performance, Eliminates transmission fluid foaming and oxidation, and reduces wear throughout the transmission.

The fluid life in a tractor is extended, and the thermal and oxidative stability of the fluid is increased by up to 400 percent compared with existing seal technology. Improved fuel efficiency, higher horsepower, and better gearbox performance are all benefits realized through Lubegard 60902.

It has been put to the test in a wide range of automatics for commercial vehicles on long-hauls, city cars, minivans, recreational equipment, and heavy-duty semi-trucks.

It is compatible with all transmission fluids, including previous formulations that do not meet the new API standards but rather older ones.

It can be utilized in all types of transmissions, including manual and transaxle units. It also prevents clutch plate adhesion and is safe for both wet and dry clutches.

There are no harsh pressure modifiers in this product that might harm or wear away any clutch components, nor does it expose oxygen sensors or catalytic converters to any risk.


1. Are There Any Risks Associated with Using Transmission Additives?

Transmission additives are similar to all chemicals in that you should exercise caution when working with them. Some people have sensitive skin and will probably feel some discomfort when using an additive. If this is the case, make sure to wash the irritated area with water.

2. How do you fix a sticky transmission valve?

Clean the screen (most have filters built out of fiber) Clean any magnets that may be affixed to the bottom of the pan. Replace the gasket (some utilize a molded rubber reusable gasket) with fresh transmission fluid to the proper level.


Best Transmission Additive For Sticking Valves. If you want to keep your vehicle running smoothly and effectively, transmission additives are an excellent way to accomplish this.

They lower the friction between each gear, ensuring that they move freely with no resistance so you can get the most out of all eight cogwheels on four differentials without experiencing any hiccups or jolts along the way.

A typical gear oil additive is 5-30 percent stronger than the differential oil you use, which should be enough to handle the additional strain on the components.

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