Best Tripod Work Light

Best Tripod Work Light. Getting yourself one of the tops led work light tripod choices will help you with yard work or lighting for a big open area.

A strong and bright portable LED light like an on-site led is required if working either late at night or in garages after hours since it can illuminate everything around us while we do our job securely without causing any accidents along the way.

If you’re working late or putting in some extra overtime for your employer after hours, using an led light will help you see everything.

This is when a tripod led light comes in handy, since it is portable, strong enough to produce bright white LED lights with 100 000 lumens or more, and has lots of adaptable features for many sorts of worksites and environments without the need for electricity.

Here are some pointers to assist you in locating your new headlight, which will make the process much simpler.

6 Best Tripod Work Light

1. Woods L13 Twin Head Work Light

best tripod work light

The Woods L13 Twin Head Work Light, Adjustable Tripod with Shadow Fighter Grill eliminates shadows. Two 500-watt quartz halogen bulbs produce a total of 16,000-lumen output.

All metal construction with hinged face and UV-protected tempered safety glass that rotates 360 degrees and telescopes up to 42 inches tall.

Tripod stands to utilize locking nuts that require a 1/4 turn to make quick adjustments, as well as a 4 foot 18/3 gauge cable.

Each light has simple controls. A hand-held tester is built into the system for easy diagnosis. 120/240 volts, 60Hz, single-phase power supply are available.

The Woods 13 Head Tripod Light (Woods 13 Twin head work light) is ideal for large-area lighting needs since it may be used on the tripod or the ground with broadside illumination.

The twin headlamps rotate 360 degrees, and the fixture telescopes up to 42 inches tall, making this an excellent choice for construction sites, sports complexes, RV parks, stadiums, parking lots, convention centers, and more.

2. DEWALT 20V MAX LED Work Light

dewalt 20v max led work light

The DEWALT 20V MAX LED Work Light is a lightweight, natural white light work light that provides accurate color vision.

It has 3 brightness settings for customized illumination and long life. This rechargeable work light stays cool to the touch and features a telescoping pole that extends the head of the lamp to 7 feet to reduce shadows and glare.

The tough shroud protects the light head from knocks, bumps, and job site factors.

DEWALT, a brand of Black & Decker Inc., is the world’s largest provider of industrial power tools and accessories for trade professionals.

Professional-grade power tools such as corded and cordless drills, saws, hammers, grinders, routers, planers, and dust extractors are all designed and produced by the company.

Since its foundation in 1924, DEWALT has set the benchmark for innovation and product development with unrivaled product quality and development capabilities becoming a worldwide leader in high-quality products at reasonable prices.

3. LUTEC Peri 6290L 5000 Lumen 

lutec peri 6290l 5000 lumen 

The LUTEC Peri 6290L 5000 Lumen 38 Watt Dual-Head LED Work Light with Telescoping Tripod and Power Cord is a powerful work light with a maximum brightness of 5,000 lumens.

The color temperature of 5,000K. When you need intense illumination to view your next project.

Professional grade die-cast aluminum housing with integrated LEDs that never need to be replaced.

8-foot power cord and adjustable height from 61 to 90 inches Rotation of lamp head 90° vertically and 330° horizontally Tripod stands with flip-lock.

You’ve reached a new level of efficiency thanks to the 38 Watt power and 5,000 Lumens provided. This high-intensity work light gives the brightness you need to see everything clearly at a more affordable rate than ever before.

Our 2000+ lumens provide you with the power for any task, whether you’re outside on an adventure or working inside in your store.

This is one hefty piece of equipment, weighing 10 pounds and being one solid device. One head rotates vertically 90 degrees and another horizontally (and spins all the way around).

There’s also a corded plug-in function for ease of use. The main tripod standing component features height adjustments from 49″ to 61″. When we installed it, we found it easy to use and very sturdy.

4. HOMCOM 10,000 Lumen Dual Head LED Work Lights

homcom 10,000 lumen dual head led work lights 2021

The 10,000 Lumen Dual Head LED Work Light from HOMCOM is the ideal lighting solution for any situation or place.

The adjustable knobs allow you to rotate the light up to 270 degrees vertically and 360 degrees on the axis.

This lighting stand is built of a sturdy powder-coated steel frame with ETL certifications that makes it suitable for most situations and environments, including rainy weather.

The light switch contains three positions (off, medium, and bright) and seven brightness levels. The eight-sided gimbal keeps the beam straight and focused to ensure that your camera won’t get dizzy or suffer from nausea when filming for extended periods.

There is an adjustable knob on the side of each unit that allows you to rotate it 360 degrees vertically and 270 degrees on the axis.

The stand is made of a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame with ETL certificates, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and conditions.

The Stanley VF Value Folding Work Light is a 10,000 lumen LED work light with adjustable knobs that provides optimal illumination for up-close activities when there isn’t enough light.

It’s great for use in the garage, workshop, camping, hunting, automobile repair, and wherever more light is required.

5. PowerSmith PWL2140TS Work Light 

powersmith pwl2140ts work light 

The PowerSmith PWL2140TS 40W 4000 Lumen LED Work Light with Tripod is the most powerful work light in its class.

This high-powered LED work light has a maximum brightness of 4,000 lumens and a color temperature of 5500K.

The PowerSmith PWL2140TS comes with an adjustable tripod that allows you to change the height from 24 inches to 63 inches, whereas other manufacturers only go up to 48 inches.

Because this super bright led work light provides 25% more power than competitors in its class, it’s ideal for tackling larger projects.

The PowerSmith PWL2140TS is made with 40 watts of LED power, which is more than other brands that utilize halogen bulbs.

Not only is this LED work light brighter, but it also has 15% higher efficiency, meaning longer running time and less energy usage.

The LEDs are designed to be shock-resistant, preventing them from breaking or flickering when they fall up to 6 feet high when compared to other brands that typically only fall 1-3 feet without shattering or flickers.

6. EverBrite LED Work Light 3000 Lumens 

everbrite led work light 3000 lumens 2022

The EverBrite 3000 lumen LED work light is a high-quality item. It has three CREE XM-L2 LEDs and a maximum output of 3000 lumens.

The EverBrite LED work light is waterproof, with an IP65 rating, allowing it to be utilized in all types of weather. As a result, you can use the work light outside without having to worry about water or dust damage.

The adjustable legs on the EverBrite 3000 lumen LED work light allow you to adjust the lamp’s height as required.

Although this product does function as described, there are a few shortcomings to consider. To begin with, the EverBrite 3000 lumen LED work light is not compatible with rechargeable batteries.

This implies you’ll need three CR123A non-rechargeable lithium batteries to operate the lamp, which may get expensive after a while.

Another issue is that CR123A batteries don’t last very long in low temperatures. To address this problem, you’ll need some high-quality CR123A rechargeable batteries for use in cold weather. Best Tripod Work Light.


1. How many lumens do I need for a work light?

The most effective handheld work lights have between 250 and 600 lumens, with 500 being a good compromise. Some handheld work lights can be adjusted, making them ideal for most applications. Standing office lights may vary in brightness, but the majority of them have a power range of 3,000 to 10,000 lumen.

2. Can I mount a light on a tripod?

Yes, you may utilize a tripod or a light stand. Just make sure the setup is sturdy enough to support your camera. Furthermore, do NOT connect multiple lightguns using hot-shoe adapters or other hardware – apart from additional weight, it might damage the game (due to incorrect connection).


Best Tripod Work Light. When you are looking for a good work light that is not too expensive, this could be the one. It has plenty of features to make your job easier and customizable to what you need it for.

The Lumens rate means it can handle normal yard work well but may struggle with larger projects like big construction sites (or at least require more than one). Still, if you only do small jobs around the house or office occasionally-this tripod lamp should suit your needs just fine.

We hope this review helped you decide on which product will best serve your needs; feel free to contact us if we can help in any other way.

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