Best tv mounts for above fireplace

Best tv mounts for above fireplace. For any home, mounting a TV over the fireplace is an excellent idea.

It’s possible to mount a TV over a fireplace, but it does take some effort. It may be completed in a couple of hours if you know what you’re doing.

The install is very likely to go well as long as you get the right TV mount for your set and carefully position it on the wall.

Not only can you take advantage of all of the advantages associated with viewing TV from anywhere in the house, but it also provides great ambiance while cooking or relaxing on those chilly winter nights.

The Basics When shopping for a wall mount for your television that will be placed over a fireplace, keep in mind that weight is a factor.

Most fireplaces are constructed of brick or stone, which makes them heavier than usual walls.

6 Best tv mounts for above fireplace

1. Monoprice Above Fireplace TV Wall Mount

best tv mounts for above fireplace

The Above Fireplace TV Wall Mount from Monoprice is the ideal solution for mounting your flat screen television above your fireplace.

The pull-to-watch mechanism allows you to effortlessly pull the TV forward and downward into a comfortable viewing position without bending your neck upward.

The mount returns the TV to its original location over the fireplace when not in use. TVs with VESA holes spaced between 100x100mm and 600x400mm are supported by this sturdy mount.

Its extended mounting arms fit between the TV and the rear of your entertainment center. Because of reduced clearance, TVs with narrow backs that touch the wall behind them may not be supported by this mount.

The maximum weight capacity is 110 lbs., making it appropriate for most flat-panel TVs weighing up to 100 pounds. With all required components included – no drilling or measuring is necessary.

You can put your LCD/LED/Plasma television on a Monoprice Above Fireplace TV Mount and watch it from the sofa without having to crane your neck up.

2. VideoSecu MW380B5 TV Wall Mount

videosecu mw380b5 tv wall mount

The Sony VCL-HG32S/B is a full-motion articulating TV wall mount for a 37″ to 70″ flat panel LCD LED plasma display, up to 125 pounds weight capacity.

The arm extends 14″ from the wall and folds less than 3″, making it ideal for corner installation.

It includes standard mounting hardware as well as an HDMI cable. Steel tubular construction in the central shaft offers strength and durability. Suitable for both commercial usage and at-home theater activities.

It has a sturdy steel base with mounting hardware, including a VESA plate with 75mm and 100mm hole patterns, spacers, bolts, and screws everything you’ll need to attach the TV mount to your television and wall.

This product comes with a 10ft HDMI cable for linking your HD source to your TV. For optimum viewing, the TV’s articulating arm can be pulled out and secured in place at a 90-degree angle.

3. Mounting Dream TV Mount

mounting dream tv mount

Without a doubt, you do not want to put your TV higher than eye level for the best viewing angles.

With the highest point on the screen higher than eye level, it’s impossible to see and read without straining or craning your neck.

You also need some space behind the TV so that wires can be hidden and/or you might place furniture too close to each other.

If mounting your television more than 24″ away from a wall, we recommend using our MD2308 TV Wall Mount with a swivel articulating arm.

The minimum height of the extended arm reach from the wall to the TV is 8″ higher than most mounts on the market, which raises to 16″.

The swivel arm is long enough that you may rotate a 55 inch flat-screen TV 180 degrees for an opposite perspective.

This will be especially useful when your entertainment center does not have enough room behind it! Left and right horizontal movement of up to 20 inches away from a fixed wall.

The pan and tilt mechanism for this arm is robust and simple to use. This mount’s VESA compatibility ensures a great fit on a variety of TVs up to 55 inches.

4. ECHOGEAR TV Wall Mount

echogear tv wall mount

The ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount allows you to mount your television on the wall in fewer than 30 minutes.

The full-motion mechanism enables swivel, extension, and tilt of your TV for an optimum viewing experience.

This mount is compatible with most TVs on the market due to the instructional installation guide and comprehensive range of hardware.

It’s simple to set up with studs 16″ apart (most walls) and level adjustability, so you can hang your new flat screen straight down.

This mount is compatible with any brand and size of TV that has mounting holes spaced 13 to 24 inches apart.

If you want to use the provided screws on a surface other than drywall or wood, make sure they’re suitable toggle bolts. In our installation instructions, we provide instructions for using toggle bolts.

5. Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount

sanus premium full motion tv wall mount

The VLF728 wall mount is ideal for placing your TV in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or den.

This modern design fits in with any décor and is simple to set up. It can support TVs weighing up to 90 lbs., making it suitable for larger TVs.

The FluidMotion technology found in the SANUS VLF728 allows you to adjust your TV left/right +/- 10° and forward/backward 15° without having to take off the mount from the wall.

Sanus Systems, a premier supplier of home theater and audio equipment, today announced the introduction of its most extensive collection of TV mountings yet, including two new fixed-height wall mounts for flat-panel TVs – the VMF510 and VLF728.

These new models join Sanus’ current lineup of large tilting and full-motion mounts, making it easy for customers to personalize their viewing experience and rediscover enjoyment in their own homes.

6. MORryde TV56-129H Drop Down TV Wall Mount

morryde tv56 129h drop down tv wall mountThe MORryde TV56-129H drop-down mount is a fantastic option for mounting your TV on the wall.

This mount allows you to swivel your TV up to 50 degrees in any direction, making it ideal for use in your RV.

The mount has been certified and rated for 12-20 pounds. This TV mount comes with all of the necessary installation hardware and instructions, making it simple to install on your RV’s wall.

This mount is a lightweight, sturdy, and adaptable fixture that may be used to mount your flat screen television in your motorhome or travel trailer.

The swivel capability of this wall mount may be adjusted from either side of the TV, allowing you to relocate it after it’s in position.

This slim design allows you to have a smaller viewing area than your TV size so that it doesn’t take up valuable room. Best tv mounts for above fireplace.


1. Is it OK to mount a TV above a fireplace?

It’s not a great idea to place a TV over a fireplace since heat and electronics don’t mix. The area above the fireplace is frequently warmer than other surfaces in your house. The farther the fireplace mantle extends into the room, the more it will deflect heat away from the wall (and TV mounted there) on top of it.

2. Does heat from the fireplace damage TV?

A TV can be damaged by heat from a fireplace, especially if the TV is too close or nothing is preventing the heat from reaching it. Consider adding a mantel or converting it to a gas or electric fireplace with lower heat output if your TV becomes too hot due to your fireplace.

3. How to Mount a TV to the Wall?


Best tv mounts for above fireplace. Mounting a TV over the fireplace has many advantages. It’s possible to mount your TV and take advantage of all of the benefits associated with viewing from anywhere in the house, as well as enjoying it while cooking or relaxing on those chilly winter nights.

You may be able to install it quickly if you know what you’re doing. The only thing that could go wrong is choosing an unsuitable tv mount for your set and not positioning it correctly.

We can help you find the best tv mounts for the above fireplaces so that installation goes smoothly and efficiently every time.

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