Best unbreakable dishes

Best unbreakable dishes. Today, consumer needs are different, which is why it’s possible to find attractive dinnerware that you can leave out on your dining table or use without the concern of dropping or breaking.

If you think only paper plates are immune to shattering, know there are many options for dinnerware that will withstand not just dishwashers but also daily wear and tear. Here are a few things to consider when determining what makes up the best unbreakable dinnerware set.

Our daily plates and cups handle a lot of things for us. We eat off of them, drink from them, leave them in the sink, or sometimes even drop them. You might be wondering how they break at all.

In most cases, they break due to excessive use and mistreatment which means sometimes we can take a stand against breaking simply by being mindful of how we treat our daily dishes and cups.

6 Best unbreakable dishes

1. Greenandlife 10inch/6pcs Dishwasher

best unbreakable dishes

These plates are made of natural wheat straw, starch, and food-safe PP material. They are OFFSET printed through rotary offset printing technology with vibrant colors.

The tableware can be microwaved to heat up meals without getting too hot to the touch, very comfortable for children to hold them in their hands.

Designed with space-saving style and smooth round edges which make it easy for you to clean up after your meals, simple beauty but useful function.

Paired with our chopsticks/frying sticks/forks/napkins, this tableware will complement all occasions you have at home.

Microwave and dishwasher safe. Lightweight plates are easy to carry around on an outing, not too heavy when you remove them from the microwave.

Temperature resistant up to 120c. Our plates are shatter-proof, chip-resistant, with an innovative design never seen before! Enjoy a meal on these lightweight but sturdy hard ceramic plates that are more durable than standard plastic boxes.

2. Gibson Home Brist Melamine Dinnerware Set

gibson home brist melamine dinnerware

Fun and beautiful table settings for your everyday use. These products are not only attractive but they’re also developed to hold up regardless of the level of wear.

And tear they go through regardless of whether you’re using them for dinner, lunch, or dinnerware that’s just intended for decoration.

They’re durable, made to last, and give you two options, one of which is for everyday use: a set consisting of 4 plates, four bowls. A 2nd six salad plates.

Now you can sit down at any table, regardless of where it’s placed (indoors / outdoors), and serve up some delicious food with some trendy style as well as dig into some delectable desserts on this sturdy but gorgeous plate collection.

This product is dishwasher safe however we recommend you wash with soap and water by hand as washing your products in the dishwasher can lead to the paint peeling off.

We do not advise you to use this product in a microwave as extreme temperature changes might cause this product to warp over time or the ink could fade. Best unbreakable dishes.

3. Melamine Dinnerware Set

melamine dinnerware set

This 4-piece dinnerware set is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

The dinnerware includes four 11-inch plates, four 8 1/2-inch salad plates, and four 6-ounce bowls with an attractive cover to minimize food and spills for easy storage and carrying.

You’ll love using this beautiful dinnerware at campgrounds or barbecues, catered events or picnics, or even when you have company over for a casual meal in your home.

This set of dishes is constructed from durable materials. Thanks to it being lightweight and break-resistant, your life will become a lot more convenient as you won’t have to worry about your dishes getting damaged.

You can rest easy because we will be able to repair them if anything should happen to them.

4. 10 Inches Unbreakable Wheat Straw Plates

10 inches unbreakable wheat straw plates

These hand-crafted wheat straw plates are made of high-quality bamboos. They are ideal for replacing plastic plate which is harmful to the environment.

These bamboo plates are easy to clean and can withstand temperatures up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit (120°C).

Food is your passion and we intend to feed all your senses with the best of our genial hospitality. Our plates can feed you with salad, noodles, pasta.

The size of the plate is 100% GUARANTEE. We aim to make you happy with your purchase so enjoy eating further.

5. Fiesta 4-Piece Place Setting

fiesta 4 piece place setting, lapis

Fiesta 4-Piece Place Setting: The most decorated dinnerware in the industry and the only dinnerware which is 100% domestic.

Ovenproof, microwave safe, freezer proof, dishwasher safe. 99% Lead-free and made from recycled material, this tableware is lead-free and made using many green practices.

The very durable glaze of this Fiesta plate is great for everyday use. This timeless pattern can be traced all the way back to 1936 and since then has been a favorite amongst many collectors.

Many patterns have come and gone since, but Fiesta remains a constant because it continues to attract as much as it did when it first appeared.

New pieces, as well as colors, are constantly being added, ensuring this pattern never loses its appeal over time.

6. Melamine Dinnerware unbreakable dishes

best unbreakable dishes 2021

Complete 12 piece m Melamine dinnerware set for large 10.5″ plastic dinner plates, 4 8.5″ dessert or salad plates, & 4 6″ bowls.

Our rustic melamine dinnerware is both sturdy and lightweight; an ideal table decoration for any cabin or patio where it can be taken outdoors.

We recommend complimenting our hand-forged flatware to take the rustic look of your dining decor up a notch without sacrificing formality.

Both pieces are dishwasher safe and food-grade; therefore they are perfectly safe for use in the kitchen while adding an extra touch of elegance when company comes over or while you’re entertaining at home.

We’ve designed this melamine plastic dinnerware set with convenience and farmhouse beauty in mind.

It’s the perfect addition to your indoor and outdoor kitchens, camping trips, or even your college dorm room decor.

Indulge in indoor and outdoor living with this durable plastic set that has a classic look with a modern twist to it.


Does stoneware break easily?

Like all ceramics, stoneware is a fragile material that’s easy to break. However, unlike most ceramics, stoneware doesn’t shatter into big chunks of useless material.

If strong enough care is taken, a piece of stoneware can last for more than one lifetime and be used by more than one person.

Can you use soap on stoneware?

Wash Pampered Chef stoneware by hand in hot water. Never use soap on the stoneware or place it in the dishwasher.

The exception to this rule is when you have a glazed piece of stoneware, which you should wash using soap because the glazed exterior must be kept clean and shiny.


Best unbreakable dishes. When deciding on unbreakable dinnerware sets, there are a few things to consider. First, think about what you’re serving. If you’re planning to put out a cheese plate, for example, you’ll want to find a set that’s microwave-safe. You’ll also want to think about the number of people you plan to serve.

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