Consumer Reports Baby Lock Sewing Machines

Consumer Reports Baby Lock Sewing Machines. A baby lock allows perfect stitching of different varieties with thread. You can stitch into the heavy fabric and on top of it.

Many sewing machines come with this significant benefit. You can chain off with decorative threads and use these as trimming.

8 Consumer Reports Baby Lock Sewing Machines

1. Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine

consumer reports baby lock sewing machines

This baby lock sewing machine offers 70 unique stitches. Quilting and decorative stitches can be stiched with this sewing machine, and also provide more options in stitching.

This sewing machine comes with a lot of other features and it is also the best option for a range of users.

No special types of instructions are required to use this sewing machine it is convenient. Also, comes with a bright backlit LCD display.

The feature that you may like the most is that it has the ability to change the speed via start, stop & reverse buttons.

This unit also comes with an automatic needle threader and drop-in top bobbin. These features perfectly to push the thread through the needle and make the unit jam-resistant.

This sewing machine also offers seven styles of one-step and auto-size buttonholes. With this machine, you can also sew cuffs, sleeves, and other heavy fabrics perfectly.

Moreover, this sewing machine comes with accessories including sewing and quilting accessories. It also has a hard case and wide table that comes as accessories with a box. It is easy to use, you can also view your stitch selections on the LCD display.

This sewing machine offers 10 presser feet including spring action quilting, walking, zipper, and many more. Most users want a wide table for stitching, this machine is the perfect choice for them because it offers a detachable wide table.


  • Offers a 70 unique built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • backlit LCD display


  • Tension issues

2. SINGER Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

singer heavy duty 4452 sewing machine reviews

This heavy-duty machine is ideal for stitching in garments and you can present this machine as a gift for your loved ones.

This sewing machine offers 32 built-in stitches and provides much more to its users. This machine can stitch different stitches such as basic, stretch, and decorative stitches.

Moreover, the stitches are perfect for all types of fabrics and also ideal for crafts and home decor, and much more.

The most important and unique feature of this machine is that it offers an automatic needle threader. With this threader, it is easily threaded the needle.

Comes with the right sewing speed of stitching, it can stitch 1100 stitches per minute. Its durable motor will allow you to complete your work in less time as compared to other sewing machines.

Moreover, the durable motor of this machine also makes this machine a long-lasting product. This motor can also sew a heavyweight fabric with ease.

Comes with all the essential accessories including a 5-pack of size 16 needles, and a clearance plate for thick seams. All the accessories are included with this baby lock sewing machine for utility stitching, the bobbins, screwdriver, auxiliary spool pin, and spool pin are also included in accessories.

Best singer heavy duty sewing machine.

This sewing machine has a stainless steel bedplate that enables smooth fabric flow. Also, comes with a heavy-duty interior metal frame that ensures skip-free sewing.

Its top drop-in bobbin is easy to insert which saves your precious time and can easily monitor thread supply.

This machine provides you professional results, it can tackle thicker fabrics and long seams without breaking the bank. Its 7 presser feet enhanced the machine’s capability for various techniques.


  • High speed sewing machine
  • Available with all the essential accessories
  • Automatic needle threader


  • Interior comes off ever few hours

3. Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine

brother project runway sewing machine manual

This machine provides modern fashioned stitches at a very affordable price. You can learn how to stitch easily with this machine and it is also easy to use.

It is a type of computerized sewing machine. This sewing machine also offers 50 unique built-in stitches.

These stitches include 5 auto-size buttonholes. Comes with all the essential features, it is compact and lightweight for portability.

It has also complete couture-level solutions and it will provide you with perfect stitching that is in fashion.

Comes with reliable threading of both upper and bottom threads. It provides perfect sewing on different types of fabrics. This sewing machine has also the ability to neatly stitch a quality buttonhole, zippers, and decorative top-stitching. brother project runway sewing machine manual

Moreover, this model has ultra-lightweight and portable. Comes with a small footprint which make this machine compact and easy to transportable. You can easily carry it because it is the portable and compact and the perfect option for learning classes.

Comes with an easy-view LCD display screen with an intuitive stitch selector. These allow you to simply choose your stitches with the intuitive push-button stitch selectors. Best brother heavy duty sewing machine.

This screen also shows the length and width of your stitch and guides you to the foot to use for each type of stitch. Comes with easy threading and an automatic needle threader.

This threader will push your thread right through the eye of the needle and provide you a reliability. It has also a vertical spool pin that helps ensure more consistent feeding, especially for metallic and other specialty threads. Consumer Reports Baby Lock Sewing Machines.


  • Easy-view LCD display screen
  • Super bright work area
  • 5 one-step, custom-sized buttonholes


  • Stitching speed is not too fast

4. Mini Multi-Purpose Crafting Mending Machine

best sewing machine for beginners 2021

This sewing machine comes in a lightweight, compact design, and is easy to store. This model also comes with a handle, highly portable you can easily carry it.

Its body has a scale, and the double-line sewing is firmer. Comes with an adjustment of the stitch length requires only a toggle button that is easy to operate.

This sewing machine offers 12 built-in stitches that will fully meet your daily sewing needs. These stitches are ideal for DIY dolls, crafting, mending, and quilting, and other basic sewing techniques.

Comes with a variety of intimate and practical functions. These multi-functions including tangential cutter, LED lighting, storage drawer, winding function, upper thread elastic adjustment, reverse stitch function, and double switch control.

Moreover, you can easily replace the metal presser foot or sew a button and a buttonhole. best sewing machine for beginners 2021

This machine is made of environmentally friendly high-quality materials.

Comes with ultra-durable motor technology that provides strong power, low noise, and long service life. Mini multi purpose sewing machine.

This machine supports two different speeds, with 12 built-in stitches to meet your DIY sewing needs. Also, equipped with a presser foot for sewing buttons.

You can change other presser foot as required. Comes with an automatic winding function, easy to use and maintain.

Moreover, this unit also comes with all the essential accessories including a button foot presser, 4 thread bobbins, 4 needles, 1-foot pedal, 1 metal thread cutter, 1 AC power adapter, and 1 manual. Also, backed by 12 months warranty.


  • 12 Stitch applications
  • Exchangeable foot presser
  • Automatic winding function


  • Not much powerful

5. Best Choice Products Compact Sewing Machine

best baby lock sewing machine for beginners

This sewing machine is manufactured in China, it is another compact machine. Also, comes with a beginner’s kit.

Comes with all the essential accessories, including bobbins, spools, a spare needle, and a needle threader. This unit also provides you an ideal comfort level.

This machine has been exceptional, and easy to use and understand. This product is cheaply made it take 4AA batteries that are located on the bottom of the machine.

Comes with 12 preset stitch patterns it simplifies the learning curve for beginners. This unit also allowing to complete more complex projects with ease.

It has automatic thread rewind, thread cutter, tension dial, and sewing light features. These features make it easy for beginners and pros to operate this machine.

The interesting thing about this unit is that before an item makes it to your home, it must have to first pass quality tests and the final stamp of approval. Best baby lock sewing machine for beginners.

This unit is compactly designed, it has a carrying handle to easily transport this small machine as needed. This sewing machine is ideal for a sewing machine to patch up torn clothes, or to create DIY crafts, masks, or clothes from scratch.

Moreover, this unit also comes with a storage compartment for easy access to threads and other supplies. You can get parts from the manufacturer, it depends on how old your sewing machine is the warranty could cover it.


  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile use


  • Use cheap plastic

6. Suteck Mini Best portable sewing machine

suteck mini portable sewing machine

Suteck Mini sewing machine comes with a large operation space with a metal hook tip.

This metal hook makes it easier to sew on thick fabrics and also can reduce machine failure caused by wear and extended life. This unit is ideal for silks, denim, wool, Hem pants, drapes, hole rips, and more.

Comes with only one straight line stitching. This unit is designed to support some small stuff or simple sewing. This unit also comes with 10 thread spools, very reasonable, not need to buy from others.

This sewing machine is portable that is designed compactly. This model uses 4 AA batteries or power adapters. This model allows you to carry on anywhere to continue your sewing projects. This sewing machine also comes with different speed controls.

You can choose both high or low speed to sew the fabrics. Easy to use for beginners and experienced quilters. The interesting feature of this unit is that you can choose a foot pedal or push the ON/OFF button switch to start to sew.

This sewing machine comes with built-in Light to provide an adequate light source during sewing. Also, comes with a built-in winding pole and spool assist to rewind the bobbins.

It is also easy for bobbins replacement. The combination of the bottom line and surface line with an automatic winding function provides high-quality sewing. Best portable sewing machine.

Another interesting feature is that it has a built-in thread cutter with no scissors needed. Before starting use make sure the bobbin winder spool is turn on and confirm the threads whether is smooth or not.


  • Automatic Bobbin Rewinding
  • This unique sewing machine has a FOOT PEDAL
  • Double threads and two speeds


  • Not durable

7. Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

janome 4120qdc computerized sewing machine

Janome 4120QDC comes with built-In sewing stitches and a built-In alphabet. This unit has been designed for every type of sewing.

It is ideal for every day, home décor, high fashion, patchwork, and quilting. Comes with 120 built-in stitches, including7 buttonholes. These stitches provide a perfect range of stitches for any task.

Equipped with a full LCD screen, automatic thread cutter, On-Screen stitch editing, and much more. This unit is computerized that will satisfy the needs of even the most experienced and demanding seamstress.

This unit avoids eye strain with its built-in automatic needle threader. Comes with a jam-proof easy-set top-loading bobbin system. There is no need to worry about running off the edge of your project. This sewing machine is Jam-Proof.

This unit also comes with handy function buttons, its thread cutter button will cut both the top and bottom thread with the touch of a button. Comes with a reverse stitch button that will use to sew in reverse for reinforced stitching.

The interesting lock stitch button will finish the stitch, don’t end up with half a stitch pattern. It has also a needle up and down button.

This sewing machine is equipped with an incredible amount of accessories, hardcover, extension table, instructional DVD, and much more.

The interesting feature of this unit is that it comes with an extension table for extra sewing and a working room. Comes with incredible stitching speed of up to 820 stitches per minute. Best janome computerized sewing machine.


120 built-In sewing stitches
Control panel with LCD panel
Handy function buttons



8. Bernette Sewing Machine

bernette 35 swiss design sewing machine

Bernette 35 Swiss is one of the inexpensive sewing machines for beginners. Comes with 23 stitches and 7 presser feet.

Comes with an automatic buttonhole, it has over 50 different stitches, consisting of 17 utility and stretch stitches, 2 darning stitches and 19 decorative stitches, 5 buttonholes, and 7 quilting stitches.

This unit has the ability to handle any sewing project perfectly. The stretch stitches enable you to sew elastic jersey fabrics. Bernette Sewing Machine.

This sewing machine is easy to use, you can handle any sewing project with this sewing machine. Comes with stretch stitches that enable you to sew elastic jersey fabrics.

Moreover, this unit also comes with a buttonhole function and 23 utility and decorative stitches. The interesting thing about this unit is that it has also a manual needle threader and a manual thread cutter. All of its outstanding features make your sewing faster and more efficient.

Comes with all the important accessories, provides plenty of storage space for sewing utensils, such as bobbins, cleaning brushes, presser feet, and threads.

This machine has seven presser feet soles and a stable presser foot shank. You can select the appropriate presser foot, you can choose the zigzag foot for zigzag stitches.

The normal stitch width is 5mm you can accomplish your sewing projects quickly and with excellent stitch quality.


  • Stitch width is 5mm
  • Comes with 23 stitches and 7 presser feet


  • Jam issues

Buying Guide (Consumer Reports Baby Lock Sewing Machines)

Buying a baby lock sewing machine is a difficult task but after reading this post you will be able to choose a sewing machine that suits your needs. We will discuss some important considerations that you have to look at in a sewing machine when you are going to buy it.

Number And Style Of stitches Offer

The first and important consideration is how much and how many stitch designs offer by your machine. Usually, for a beginner, you will need just two stitches straight and zig-zag.

Moreover, if you love embroidery or quilting make sure your sewing machine offers embroidery or free-motion sewing. Also, make sure that your machine is capable to adjust stitch length, zig-zag width, and tension.

Included Accessories

Before buying a sewing machine also ensure that it includes all the essential accessories. It should have a bobbin and a presser foot. Some units also come with a zipper foot, buttonhole foot, embroidery foot, removable extended work table, and an area for storage.

Frame Construction

For the long life of your sewing machine make sure the frame construction of your unit is either of high-quality plastic or metal. Sewing machines with a plastic frame construction are very common but they can deteriorate quickly and be more difficult to repair.


Your sewing machine should be jam-free. Usually, when you are not oiling the machine properly and misusing the sewing machine, it will stop working after a while. Ensure that your sewing machine comes with proper oiling and maintenance system to reduce jam.


How often should you oil the sewing machine?

When the efficiency of your sewing machine going down, then oil the machine properly. The experts suggest it will best if you oiled the sewing machine every few weeks or in a month.

How automatic thread cutter works?

This feature automatically pulls the top thread through to the bobbin side. This cutter neatly cuts both when you’re finished sewing. This thread cutter feature saves your time and creates an immaculate finish.

What is skip stitches?

The skipped stitches are a common problem that occurs because of the wrong fabric or wrong needle. This problem may also cause by using a very lightweight fabric.

Moreover, sometimes when you are using a heavy fabric, it requires a thickened needle, and it results in skipping the stitches.


Consumer Reports Baby Lock Sewing Machines. After a lot of research, we conclude that Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine and SINGER Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine are our top-rated units.

These sewing machines are equipped with all essential functions. You can buy these machines at a very affordable price these are reliable and easy to use.

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