Consumer reports best artificial christmas tree

Consumer reports best artificial Christmas tree. In the past, I’ve only ever used natural Christmas trees. Artificial trees are less expensive than real ones and may endure for up to ten years.

With lights and decorations galore, the city is aglow with festive energy, making shopping a lot more appealing this time of year because you don’t want to break your mother’s bank account wide open by getting something that will make your home more fun without going bankrupt doing so – which happens every holiday season if we’re being honest here.

But these days, especially thanks to sites like Amazon Prime Day and Cyber Monday sales, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. We may get even cheaper prices on high-quality goods without sacrificing anything other than what is usually provided with them by using online retailers such as Amazon.

6 Consumer reports best artificial Christmas tree

1. National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree

consumer reports best artificial christmas tree

This is a 1,430-branch tree with a convincing artificial appearance. You’ll have to remind yourself that it isn’t really as you would for an actual Christmas tree.

The branches are hinged and foldable for easy assembly and disassembly. A free dust-proof drawstring storage bag, reusable fastening cable ties, and 10 pieces of self-adhesive conductive reusable pads are included with this tree.

After use, no more cluttered cables! The metal base is durable enough to endure many holiday seasons and is also fire resistant and nonallergenic.

This beautiful pre-lit tree is ideal for individuals looking for a realistic fake tree that is simple to store and transport. This might be the ideal compromise for people who desire a real evergreen from time to time but don’t have the yard space for one.

The tree also comes with remote control and extra light bulbs. The manufacturer is so confident in this product that the pine needles and other branches are covered by a lifetime guarantee, while the rest of the branches are covered by a 10-year warranty excluding batteries, which have their own 1-year warranty.

Appearance is very realistic, simple to set up and takedown has adequate base coverage and height range (5ft-9ft), comes with a rechargeable battery pack and power adapter. They’ve just added LEDs to their already gorgeous collection of phony Christmas trees, which they previously utilized LED lights.

2. Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

national tree company pre lit artificial

This pre-lit artificial Christmas tree has a beautiful, full-bodied canopy with 398 branch tips. The branches are designed to appear ultra-realistic and lifelike, each one is individually produced.

It includes a sturdy metal base with 200 UL white lights that will stay lit even if a bulb burns out. Our fire-resistant, nonallergenic needles are ideal for creating the lushest and full shape of the tree.

Plan on spending 30-45 minutes to shape it to its fullest, fullest form. At its base, it is 4.5 feet tall and 32 inches in diameter.

This is a great choice for both in-store and at-home decorators since it has a swiveling base and a simple setup. It’s ready to go out on the stage, and you may add your favorite decorations to it for Christmas time when it will look beautiful on your living room floor.

This is a wonderful alternative for individuals who are on a budget for Christmas trees. It’s not as lifelike as other designs, but it does have a nice form and plenty of branches that may be used to hang ornaments or other decorations on.

Even if one of the UL bulbs burns out, the tree will still appear lovely because the UL lights are equally dispersed across it.

3. Christopher Knight Home

christopher knight home 307377

The Christopher Knight Home 4.5-Foot Mixed Spruce Tree is a beautiful way to bring the holiday spirit into your house, and it’s a great Christmas tree to decorate with your family.

This tree features pine and fir needles that appear natural, as well as hinged branches for ornaments. It will take you back to the fun of childhood Christmases once more Consumer reports best artificial Christmas tree.

This Christopher Knight Home 4.5-Foot Mixed Spruce Tree is constructed of a mix of pine and fir needles that appear natural, hinged branches for decorations, and it comes pre-lit with clear lights.

The Christopher Knight Home 4.5-Foot Mixed Spruce Tree has a mix of pine and fir needles that seem natural, as well as hinged branches for decorations that will undoubtedly stand out.

The tree comes pre-lit with white LEDs. This tree is made of PVC material and takes little setup time. It’s ideal for small areas because of its tiny size.

4. 9-foot Cashmere Pine 

9 foot cashmere pine and mixed

This is a 9-foot pre-lit artificial Christmas tree with 105 pine cones. The needles are green, giving it the appearance of a snow-covered tree.

This item includes an iron stand that guarantees stability when in use. Additionally, this item features leg caps to protect your flooring and furniture from scratches.

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and charming Christmas trees available. It has a weight of 4.2 pounds and a shipping weight of 5.7 pounds, so you may see how well-built this item is.

It has an average size because of its height of 9 feet and width of 54 inches, which makes it quite large.

This tree is formed in ascending order from the bottom to the top. The lowest branches are somewhat separated while the higher ones are close together, giving this item an amazing appearance during Christmas time because the higher branches have snow on them.

While the lower ones have green leaves, making it seem real at first sight. All of these characteristics have been produced possible by utilizing cutting-edge technology in creating fake trees for decades.

5. National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial

national tree company pre lit

The National Tree Company Dunhill Fir is an artificial Christmas tree that will stand proudly in your living room.

This tree has 80 inches of fullness at the base, making it one of the most lifelike-looking trees on the market.

The 7,794 branch tips are composed of a unique PVC substance that mimics real pine needles. For the convenience of assembly and disassembly, the branches are also hinged you should expect to spend 90 minutes to two hours putting this tree together.

All you have to do now is connect the lights to the silver wires that run through the tree and wrap them around the pre-wired hooks on the silver wires that pass through it.

The Dunhill Fir from the National Tree Company can hold up to 7.5 feet of weight, such as garlands and other Christmas adornments, and comes with a sturdy metal stand.

The trunk is 22 inches in diameter, so it will fit in any corner of your living room nicely. This tree also includes 50 clear mini-lights already strung along its branches, while 100 green lights are wrapped around its leaves for excellent nighttime visibility and protection.

6. Artificial Consumer reports best artificial Christmas tree

consumer reports best artificial christmas tree 2021

The Artificial Christmas Tree with Pre-Strung Multicolored Lights is the ideal tree for any home. It has 1,838 branch tips and a 6.5-foot height to give it an authentic look and feel.

The tree features pre-strung lights for your convenience, so you can decorate in no time! This artificial Christmas tree will provide the same glimmer as real trees without requiring upkeep or watering, making it ideal for flats or houses with little space.

The Artificial Christmas Tree Comes With Stand Is constructed of durable materials and has a sturdy stand, ensuring it remains standing and looks good year after year.

This artificial Christmas light tree is lighter because of the plastic construction, making it easier to transport and put up for guests and family. This Christmas tree is a fantastic addition to any house.

This Artificial Christmas Tree is Foldable Making it very easy to store when you are finished with the holidays. Allowing you to save space for other activities during the year. So do not miss out this holiday season pick up one of these artificial trees today.

(How It’s Made Artificial Christmas Trees)


Why Consider an Artificial Christmas Tree?

Artificial Christmas trees are long-lasting and relatively inexpensive. They require planning, packing, and transportation with care, but they aren’t nearly as difficult as real trees to set up.

Plus you save money by not having to spend anywhere from $50 – 200 each year on them, which adds up fast.

What does “Tip Count” mean?

It’s critical to get the best tree for your home since one with a lot of tip counts will fill you with warmth and holiday cheer on Christmas morning.

Because they have such a complete look that works in any setting, Puleo International Christmas Trees are regarded as some of the most lifelike trees available.

What should I look for in an artificial Christmas tree?

When it comes to picking the proper tree, size is crucial. Make sure you understand how tall and broad your space can accommodate as well as how much light it needs for proper coloration; if not in terms of wattage, at least in terms of exposure time.

Before curtains or window coverings are required to preserve seclusion while still allowing enough natural sunlight during day hours (and going without them all together does not make sense).

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