Consumer Reports Jitterbug Cell Phones

Consumer Reports Jitterbug Cell Phones. It was discovered in a recent study of over 61,000 Consumer Reports subscribers that those who change providers experience a drop in their monthly charges.

Some participants claimed they received more dependable coverage and improved customer service as a result of making the switch.

Why not consider one of the greatest phones on the market, ones that come with financing alternatives. There’s no need to settle for something lesser when there are so many options available.

This post will look at several ways to purchase your next device: outright or on credit with certain limits. Unlocking them may also be an alternative, as might be buying them.

4 Consumer Reports Jitterbug Cell Phones

1. Jethro SC490 4G Unlocked Bar Style Senior Cell Phone
consumer reports jitterbug cell phones

Jethro SC490 4G Unlocked Bar Style Senior Cell Phone for Elderly & Kids, Big Screen with Large Buttons for Easy Use! Hear Aid Compatible.

Speed Dial and Speaking Keypad Make Calling Simple. There’s no Internet, GPS, surfing capability, or app store access available.

Jethro’s SC490 is a simple-to-use phone that’s great for seniors who just want to stay in touch but don’t need the bells and whistles of today’s smartphones.

The Jethro SC490 is a cell phone for seniors and youngsters that features a 2.4″ TFT display, camera, Bluetooth, MP3 player, FM radio, video recorder, and more.

Jethro SC490 is a quad-band unlocked GSM mobile phone with support for all GSM networks worldwide – including AT&T service providers such as Consumer Cellular Pure Talk USA H20 Wireless.

This cell phone is ideal for senior or youth users because it has a big screen dialer and simple-to-use buttons. When seniors or youngsters are calling numbers, they may use the large keypad to dial them easier.

2. Total Wireless Motorola Moto e 4G LTE Prepaid

total wireless motorola moto e 4g lte

This phone is tied to the Total Wireless network, which means it can only be used on that network. The Motorola Moto E4 Plus has a 6.2″ Max Vision display, 1.8 GHz octa-core processor, Android 10, fingerprint reader, and dual 13MP + 2MP rear cameras/5MP front camera.

Internal storage is 32GB; however, micro SD media cards are not supported (not included). There is no indication of RAM capacity.

What a long way we’ve come since the simple days of black and white photographs. Now you can easily convert, edit, and publish books in just a few minutes.

The all-new Moto E4 Plus is a blend of power, performance, and style. It’s our most inexpensive smartphone yet, coming in at just $99. You can do more with the sleek metal design that fits comfortably in your hand.

It has sophisticated functions like an 8 MP rear camera with flash and a front selfie camera so you may capture every moment in exquisite detail. The 5.5-inch HD screen is big enough to view videos or photographs on the move while still being comfortable to use.

3. Jitterbug Smart2 No-Contract Easy-to-use Smartphone

jitterbug smart2 no contract

The GreatCall Jitterbug Touch 2 is the most basic smartphone ever! It’s ideal for elders and has simple-to-use functions and a huge touchscreen. It’s also only available through GreatCall. Activate it using the GreatCall app or on the website.

The GreatCall Jitterbug Touch 2 is simple to operate and offers features that are only available through the GreatCall network. The large touchscreen makes reading texts, emails, surfing the internet, taking photographs, and more a breeze! You can even create a video with it.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the latest versions of the company’s flagship smartphones, which reimagine what a camera may do. With a variable aperture that allows you to shoot photographs in any light, these smartphones offer the best smartphone camera ever.

Consumer Reports Jitterbug Cell Phones the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are easy to use, always connected, and more individual than ever before. It’s time to do bigger things with new ways to capture them on your phone.

4. Jitterbug Flip2 Cell Phone for Seniors Gray

jitterbug flip2 cell phone for seniors gray

The Jitterbug Flip2 smartphone for the elderly is simple to use and comprehend. It has a huge screen, big controls, a powerful speaker, an easy list-based menu, and Amazon Alexa.

The Jitterbug Flip2 Cell Phone for Seniors is a basic and simple-to-use flip phone that’s great for elders. It has big buttons and an extra loud speakerphone, allowing you to hear every conversation even in noisy environments like restaurants or the mall.

It also includes several safety measures and applications to assist seniors to stay connected and autonomous.

The Jitterbug Flip2 Cell Phone for Seniors is straightforward to use. It has big, highly visible buttons that are color-coded to make calling the numbers you utilize most simple.

There’s no confusing navigation because all other features are accessed through easy list menus with large icons and phrases, so there’s no mistaking what to do.

The Jitterbug Flip2 cell phone for seniors includes a powerful speakerphone that enables users to hear every conversation up to 50 feet away.

In addition, its extra loud ringer signals people in all sorts of noisy environments, such as restaurants or airplanes. This flip phone has big buttons and is simple to use for elders with vision issues or arthritis.


Does jitterbug work with Alexa?

The Jitterbug phone can link to Amazon Alexa voice capabilities. Users may speak to the phone and command it to make calls, send texts, or check the weather. The Jitterbug is a two-way or two-speaker phone for individuals with hearing loss.

How do you pay for the Jitterbug bill?

You may now pay online from your Great Call Jitterbug account using the new functionality. To establish a separate “CPNI” password that is delivered by postal mail, you must first call them up. For basic calling functions, the regular access passwords still work.


Consumer Reports Jitterbug Cell Phones. The consumer reports study shows that switching providers can be a good idea. It’s important to find the best deals and customer service possible, which is why Consumer Reports has been around for so long- we help people make informed decisions about their purchases.

If you’re looking for financing options or just want something new, check out our list of the best phones on the market with no contract available now.

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