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Consumer Reports Massage Tables. Choosing the correct massage table is not an easy task. When looking for the ideal massage table, you’ll discover a variety of choices.

Whether you’re purchasing one for personal use or business, it’s critical to think about all of these aspects before making any decisions regarding which product would best meet your demands and goals.

A therapeutic massage with some nice fragrances and candles (for ambiance!) can be fascinating as well as helpful because they reduce muscular tension while recovery occurs!

6 Consumer Reports Massage Tables

1. Master Massage 31″ Professional Portable Massage Table

consumer reports massage tables

Our adjustable face cradle is a fantasy for the greatest in comfort. The ergonomically sculpted headrest cradles your client’s head and neck because of its shape.

The memory foam layered pillow cushions their head and neck. You may customize the fully adjustable armrest shelf to meet your customer’s requirements.

The most popular type of massage table is the 31″ Montclair LX. It’s a flexible table that may be used in either a reclined or upright position.

This portable massage table has an adjustable headrest, face cradle, and leg panels, allowing you to tailor your treatment to your clients’ needs.

The 31″ Montclair LX includes Reiki calf panels and Shiatsu cable release, making it the SMARTEST investment you will ever make!

The Master Massage 31″ Montclair Professional Portable Massage Table Package with ME is a great option for your massage table needs.

It includes a 31″ x 72″ massage table, an adjustable headrest, and a contoured armrest shelf that is ideal for comfort. These features make it one of the greatest portable massage tables available today!

2. Sierra Comfort Best Portable Massage Table

best portable massage table

Sierra Comfort’s best Portable Massage Table is a long-lasting piece of equipment that will serve you for years to come.

With its black beech hardwood frame, it can support up to 500 pounds and has numerous frame support cables and threaded support bars.

The water and oil-resistant 2 high-density foam decks make cleaning after each usage simple. This table features an ergonomic design that is both comfortable for your clients as well as you.

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The massage table has a sturdy steel frame and folds for simple storage. The included headrest and face cradle offers extra comfort. Users of various heights will benefit from the adjustable height settings.

3. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table HARMONY D

best foldable massage table

The Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table is the ideal portable massage table for professional therapists.

The Cloudfill face cradle cushion in the Harmony DX is a deluxe, high-quality folding massage table with an innovative design and patented technology that allows you to adjust your lower back position while you work on your clients.

The Harmony DX is a foldable massage table with a carrying case for 38 pounds (19 kg) that tucks away simply for transport and storage.

This massage table is simple to set up and takedown in the home, workplace, or on the road. The Harmony DX has an elegant style and soft padding for your clients or patients to enjoy.

For an ideal position & comfortable client experience, the Harmony DX comes with a deluxe adjustable headrest with Cloudfill Poly-Gel blend face cradle cushion.

The Harmony DX portable massage table is the most advanced, cost-effective, and high-quality portable massage table on the market. The Harmony DX has a unique design that distinguishes it from other portable massage tables on the market.

It was created for years of professional use and includes non-slip stable feet, sure-grip knobs, a full-length piano hinge for strength and good looks, and a single-pocket carry bag with heavy-duty construction.

4. Master Massage 30″ Coronado Therma

master massage 30 coronado therma

The Master Massage 30″ Coronado Therma Top LX Portable Massage Table Package, Royal is a sturdy and dependable table that will last for years.

It comprises a 3″ thick cushion of Multi-Layer Small Cell foam (higher density than common foam), ensuring greater durability and longevity.

The water-resistant, CFC-free PU Upholstery in Royal Blue hue makes cleaning a snap. This bundle includes the following items:

The client’s back is kept warm and comfortable with the Thermador’s unique, patented adjustable heating system.

This exclusive technology also allows the user to adjust the heat to their preferred level. The Thermador heats up in a matter of minutes, allowing you to get started on your message sooner.

The Master Massage Portable Therma-Top LX massage table package is the top of the line in professional portable massage therapy. The Therma-Top LX has the industry’s greatest heating system, as well as a high-quality, transportable massage table.

5. Master Best Aluminum Massage Table

best aluminum massage table

The Master Massage Violet-Tilt 29.5” Liftback Tilting Salon Aluminum Massage Table is a top-notch, portable massage table that was created to offer comfort and support for both the client and the therapist.

This table has an extra broad top with a non-slip surface that allows clients of all sizes and body types to have the optimum traction.

The height can be altered from 23″ to 34″ by pulling on the lever at the end of each leg; this enables you to change it quickly while working with your customer without wasting time.

The Master Massage Salon Aluminum Massage Table is a versatile and inexpensive table that delivers the highest levels of performance, comfort, and durability.

This table allows you to customize your treatment experience for each client using a variety of positioning choices.

The Comfort Touch Powered Vibration Platform with Whole Room Vibration is an excellent massage table for small spaces. It’s ideal for use in a variety of settings, including gyms, schools, and treatment centers.

6. Luxton Home Premium Memory Foam Massage Table

luxton home premium memory foam massage table

The Luxton Home Premium Massage Table has 5 mm of foam, with the top 2 cm being scientifically created memory foam and the remaining 3cm being traditional foam.

The figure of 89 degrees creates the greatest body support at any angle. It’s constructed using high-quality materials for long-lasting comfort and looks like this Consumer Reports Massage Tables.

This massage table has a thickness of 5 centimeters, with the top 2 centimeters being scientifically developed memory foam and the remaining 3 centimeters being standard foam.

This is an excellent low-cost massage table! Everything you need to start your own business is included in the kit.

The Quick Rest Massage Table is a very simple yet effective massage table that only takes one or two minutes to set up and has just a few steps. You can have a soothing session with your client/patient in no time at all.

This item is extremely cost-effective, saving you money on pricey massaging tables that are difficult to set up! Quick Rest Massage Tables are also portable, which allows you to use them in any room of your house or business.


How do I choose a massage table?

There are a lot of factors that should be considered when choosing the best massage table. One important consideration is weight capacity, as well as quality and fabric styles for your desired use- whether it’s at home or in an office setting.

How high should my massage table be?

The standard height for massage tables is between 24 inches and 34 inches. This dimension should match the dimensions of your chair, so be sure it’s not too short or tall!

Are aluminum massage tables better than wood?

It’s not really important whether you opt for wood or aluminum because both have different benefits. Wood is stronger but will be heavier so it might not suit everyone’s needs equally well.

How to make a massage table?


Consumer Reports Massage Tables. With so many options out there, it can be tricky to choose the perfect massage table. Massage Tables has reviewed hundreds of tables and narrowed down their top 10 favorites.

You’ll find a range of styles including folding, portable, heated/cooling, adjustable height, ergonomic backrests with cushions even some that are for children!

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