Consumer reports surge protectors

Consumer reports surge protectors. In the case of a power surge, your equipment can be damaged by an unexpected voltage spike. Surge protectors are intended to keep these surges from harming you and also to prevent damage caused by other possible dangers such as fire or water.

It may come into contact with electronics when there is no protection between them and this kindling waiting for any spark. Surge protectors are designed to absorb any extra electricity that might harm your electronics.

This device’s Protection Rating, often known as Joule Rating, determines how much energy it can absorb before being destroyed. According to this principle, more joules equals a lower risk of harm and higher cost.

Most equipment only needs 400-800 joules, but some devices like Plasma TVs may require more protection based on where they are plugged in.

As you would expect, our best advice is to avoid putting it off – call the professionals and have a whole-house surge protector installed. Here are some of surge protectors.

Consumer reports surge protectors

1. GE 6-Outlet Surge Protector

consumer reports surge protectors

The 6-Outlet Surge Protector from GE is a safe and practical way to charge your devices.

The six grounded three-prong outlets provide ample room for all of your gadgets while the surge protection protects them from electrical spikes and surges with 800 joules.

This surge protector’s 10ft. range makes it ideal for larger spaces where you require more than one outlet or want to protect an appliance that is far away from the wall outlet.

The copper-made cable is durable and long-lasting while being flexible enough to fully extend.

Electrical power surges, spikes, and lightning are all protected by integrated circuit protection. The 6-Outlet Surge Protector has a one-of-a-kind design that gives easy access to numerous electrical outlets in one small package.

6-outlet, 800-joule 3 prong 10 ft. cable with space-saving right-angle plug LED Indicator North American UL listed GE 6-Outlet Integrated Circuit Breaker Safety Standard Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.

The double steel heating elements are located between the two ceramic flat plates to evenly cook foods from all types Product description An attractive and long-lasting electric grill with a nonstick cooking surface and a variety of features for customization.

2. Belkin Power Best surge protector

best surge protector

The slender style of the Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector keeps your home office clear. Its plentiful outlets provide plenty of room to insert large plugs and charge bricks.

The surge protector has 12 AC sockets, a 3-prong angle plug, and 4 safety shutters for compatibility with a wide range of computer accessories.

It also includes a 3-foot / 1-meter coaxial protection cable to protect your TV equipment from surges on the cable line’s best surge protector.

TAA Approved 14 AWG Surge Protector Power Cord Cable Many types of surge protectors are available including those made specifically for sensitive electronics like cameras, laptops, GPS units, video game consoles like Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.

3. Belkin Power Strip best surge protector for pc

best surge protector for pc

This is the best surge protector for PC It has six outlets, as well as an on/off switch. I use this to connect my computer, monitor, printer, speakers, scanner, and modem.

The main benefit is that it offers six surge-protected outlets. This means the devices connected to it are protected against lightning strikes or other events that produce surges or spikes of electricity.

Because any electrical equipment is protected from lightning strikes or other incidents that generate surges or spikes of electricity when linked to this power strip.

This surge protector is not only effective for the gadget you have connected to it, but it also protects all of your other electronics from surges and spikes.

It includes a 9-foot long cord, allowing you to use this in many locations without having to search for an outlet close by. The color combination is fantastic since it’s black with orange striped accents.

If manufacturers were allowed to develop their own colors for items, I like these dark hues because they seem extremely modern and elegant when compared to my computer equipment, which is mostly white and silver.

4. Bototek best surge protector USB charger

best surge protector usb charger

The Bototek Power Strip, Surge Protector with 10 AC Outlets is a surge protector that protects your home or business against power surges.

It has an overload protection mechanism to safeguard you from spikes and variances in voltage.

The built-in voltage sensing technology recognizes and responds to the demands of your electronic gadgets while safety mechanisms assure that they are safe.

This item is ETL Listed and FCC Certified. The 300-Joule Solar Tracking System from Book is a set of panels that receive light from one or more suns.

The power output of the panels in this system fluctuates between 500 and 600 watts, depending on the amount of available sunshine.

When multiple electronic devices are plugged into the same outlet, they may draw more power than intended, result in higher energy costs, and increase the risk of damage due to overloading the electrical circuits.

The Surge Protector with 10 AC Outlets from Bototek is easy to use and provides simple protection against surges caused by lightning or extreme weather conditions. Consumer reports surge protectors.

5. APC Best Surge Protector For Tv 

best surge protector for tv

The APC best surge protector for tv Power Strip is a high-end power strip with seven outlets and a 6-foot long cord.

It has a 1440 Joules energy rating, a 6 feet long power cable with a flat end, a 90-degree space-saving plug, a recessed power switch, and keyholes for wall attachment.

This surge protector comes with a lifetime guarantee and $50,000 connected equipment protection coverage to safeguard your expensive electronics from destructive surges, spikes, and lightning strikes.

The APC Surge Protector Power Strip is equipped with 7 outlets, which are conveniently grouped into 3 rows of 2.

You may also use it in any room of the house or workplace since its small design saves space while its right-angle plug fits into tight spots. I appreciate that it includes 7 sockets for all of my family’s requirements and one built-in USB charger, which is fantastic when I need to charge my phone.

The keyholes allow you to easily hang this surge protector on the wall. It’s extremely durable, sturdy, and powerful. It will be a wonderful addition to any home or office because you can safeguard your equipment with ease.

6. Belkin Wall Mount Surge Protector

belkin wall mount surge protector

The Belkin SurgePlus USB Wall Mount with Cradle is a surge protector that connects to any standard AC outlet in your home or workplace, and it even includes a shelf for showcasing or storing your smartphone or media player.

The two USB ports on the surge protectors charge a variety of mobile devices ranging from smartphones to tablets to media players.

The ports also charge faster than typical USB ports because they have 2.4 Amps of shared power.

You may keep your phone, tablet, and other gadgets organized on the wall-mountable cradle while charging them through the surge protector.

The Belkin Boost Up! BoostCube is a portable charging station that allows you to keep your phone, tablet, and other devices organized on the go. The surge protector has a length of 4 feet, while the cradle is about 8 inches long.

With extra outlets and a place to store your gadgets while they are being charged, the Belkin SurgePlus USB Wall Mount with Cradle is an all-in-one solution for wall outlets and countertops.

The Belkin SurgePlus USB Wall Mount with Cradle has extra ports as well as a spot to keep your devices such as smartphones, tablets, and more when they’re juicing. The D-Link Powerline Home 500W includes two 2.4A shared USB ports that allow you to plug in several devices at the same time from one AC outlet. Consumer reports surge protectors.


1. How do I find a good surge protector?

Select a surge protector with at least 200 to 400 joules. When purchasing one, be aware of the sensitivity and price tag on your equipment; if you have pricey electronics such as computers, displays, or audio/video equipment, consider protecting them with something stronger like ours, which has a capacity of 1500 Joules.

Some might believe that whole-house surge protection is prohibitively costly, but the fact is that it’s less expensive than replacing your appliances after a big electrical storm or worse, your home.

You may save approximately $300 every year simply by installing surge protection devices (SPDs) on your major power lines.

2. How many joules should a surge protector have?

It’s critical to get the right surge protector for your electronic equipment. A device with 1000-2000 joules of protection should be sufficient against power surges, but if you want more assurance, consider one of our top picks with ratings up to 30k volts.

If you’re the sort who prefers to pay only once for a surge protector, Belkin’s Conserve series is ideal. This cost-effective model has up to 4160 joules of protection and 6 outlets.

It includes a separate on/off switch that will allow you to save money by shutting off power to components that aren’t in use.

The included 6-foot cord allows for a convenient wall connection while also shielding valuable equipment from surges at the electrical socket.

3. What Does A Surge Protector Actually Do?

Surge protectors are intended to handle the changing energy produced by activities like switching on or off a device, which puts your electrical system under strain.

However, severe power surges do occur from time to time, particularly during storms. If you haven’t changed it in a while, your surge protector is most likely either overtaxed or insufficient for the task at hand.

how to fix a bad surge protector?

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