Dash cam reviews consumer reports

Dash cam reviews consumer reports. Dash Cam is mounted onto the windscreen to records the road when you are driving. It works automatically when the ignition key is turned.

Dash Cam provides powerful evidence if you are involved in car accidents. It has the ability to observe the whole of the road ahead it records everything that happens on road.

Dash Cam has many benefits like it tackles crime and motorist. Provide protection whilst parked with parking mode. Dash Cam resolves disputes from incidents and encourages better driving.

8 Dash cam reviews consumer reports

Types of Dash Cam

There are different types of Dash Cam.

SD Cameras

Dash Cams comes in two main types SD cams and network-connected cams. SD cams use physical media the recording access depends on the driver.

The driver can remove the card and transfer the data. There are also some disadvantages of this type of cam such as the cards can be lost. Moreover, SD camera systems require costly installation and maintenance.

Connected Dash Cam

This type of Dash Cam provides easy transfer of data. You can send recorded data wirelessly to the cloud. Connected Dash Cams use cellular networks.

Connected Dash Cam allows you to customize the cam’s positions and settings. This Cam also helps you in the insurance claim process. It provides reliable incident footage.

External Dash Cam

External Dash Cam records whatever happens to be in front of your vehicle. This type of Dash Cam reduces risky driver behaviors dramatically.

It can be mounted in different areas of your vehicles. It helps the drivers to avoid damage when backing up. It also provides powerful evidence in case of an accident.

1. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P best dash cam consumer reports

Vantrue N2 Pro comes with a 2-way dash-cam to record the interior of your car. This dash-cam based on a powerful Novatek CPU. Also comes with a snapshot of a 170° front-facing Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor and 140° rear-facing OV4689 sensor.Dash Cam Reviews Consumer Reports

This Dash Cam comes with a higher resolution and provides the best visibility with dual 1080P recording.

This Dash Cam can shot full HD 1920x1080P 30fps. It is an ideal dash cam for taxis, Uber, ride share, Lyft drivers, commuters, and families.

This Dash Cam provides drivers and passengers with optimum protection. Comes with 4 IR LED lights and an f/2.0 aperture.

With these LEDs and aperture, it can handle low light conditions. Its unique HDR video system automatically balances the light and dark areas of the video.

Comes with 24 hours motion detection parking mode. Automatically record when it detects motion, and it is ideal for climates with 4° to 158°F. It also records high-quality audio with its built-in microphone.

This Dash Cam is also cold and heat resistant. Enclosed by PC and ABS housing that protects the cam from cold and heat. Comes with optional GPS to track the driving route and location.

You have to buy an extra N2 PRO GPS to use the GPS function. Moreover, G-sensor can also detect sudden shakes or collisions. This Dash Cam can support up to 256GB microSD cards. It makes your record evidence more strong by display time on recording footage. 


  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Comes with auto LCD off feature
  • 24 hours motion detection mode


  • Bracket mount is bulky

2. AUKEY Dash Cam FHD 1080p best dash cam consumer reports

AUKEY Dash Cam comes with a powerful sensor such as Sony Exmor IMX323. This sensor captures everything in full HD 1080P resolution. It provides an ultra-wide view with a super-wide 170° field of view. This Dash Cam even works in a bad light.Consumer Reports Dash Cam

The WDR night recording allows capturing everything without blur and graininess. It works at even extreme temperatures. It uses a supercapacitor for greater heat & cold endurance. It can work from -30°C to 75°C temperature.

It can record footage in both ways Emergency Recording & Loop Recording.

In the emergency recording, it captures unexpected driving incidents automatically. In loop recording, it captures everything continuously.

This Dash Cam also comes with a built-in G-sensor. This G-sensor can detect the motion, sudden shake, or collision. You can connect the Hardwire kit to maintain the power supply to your dash camera.

This Dash Cam also comes with GPS compatibility. To use GPS function you have to buy AUKEY GM-32 GPS Antenna. This antenna helps you track locations and speed data. This Dash Cam comes with a stealth design and an easy mounting process. It can fit directly behind the rear mirror without blocking the view.

Also comes with a 3M sticker mount and cable clips for simple installation. Comes with a dual-port USB car charger, USB Mini-B power cable, six cable clips, user manual, 45-day money-back guarantee, and 24-month product replacement warranty card.


  • Comes with a powerful sensor
  • Provide ultra-wide view
  • GPS compatibility


  • Some users report randomly shut off issue

3. Nextbase 422GW  2.5″ HD 1440p best dash cam for road trip

Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam comes with built-in Amazon Alexa. It allows you to play music, place calls, and get direction without removing your hands. Even you can check the weather, control smart home devices, find parking, and more with Alexa built-in feature.Dash Camera Reviews

This Dash Cam can record your journey with a 1440/30 fps. Its HD Dash Cam provides the highest quality of footage and you can also view and share this footage using MyNextbase cloud storage.

Nextbase cameras come with night vision to record your journey at any time. Comes with an F1.6 lens to provide high-quality footage for your security.

You can also clearly read license plates and important information from the footage. Provide you a highly detailed 2.5″ IPS screen with a viewing angle of 140°.

You can also control it easily with its touch screen. The interesting feature in this Dash Cam is with Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi. Which allows automatically sync files straight to your phone. You can easily share your footage with these features. 

Comes with GPS compatibility this feature provides high-detail information regarding where the accident occurred. You can also send the video of an accident quickly to emergency services.

Comes with integrated magnetic power connectors that allow you to install and remove your Dash Cam easily. Its G-sensor provides automatically safeguard recorded footage.

Moreover, comes with an intelligent parking mode feature to detect bumps and physical movement on the vehicle when left parked and unattended. Best dash cam for police encounters.


  • Comes with Alexa built-in feature
  • BLUETOOTH 4.2 and WiFi feature
  • Touch Screen interface
  • Police dash cam


  • Difficult to pair phone with camera

4. Garmin 010-02062-00 Dash Cam Mini

Garmin 010-02062-00 Dash Cam is a tiny, reliable dash camera. This Dash Cam can record your journey and any incidents on road automatically. This Dash Cam can capture high-quality 1080P HD footage about as small as a car key.Top Rated Dash Cam Consumer Reports

It can capture footage with a wide-angle of 140-degree. This Dash Cam can automatically on when plugged into your vehicle’s power source. It works automatically and records videos of incidents that provide strong evidence if you are involved in an accident.

This Dash Cam requires an 8GB micro SD card to store footage. Also comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth technology. Best dash cam consumer reports.

You can share save footage to your compatible smartphone with this technology. Comes with a Garmin Drive app that helps to view, edit, and share your dashcam footage.

This Dash Cam can capture video in front of and behind your vehicles. You can also see the captured video from different viewpoints. Garmin Drive app automatically combines and organizes the media files that make it easy to view and find your file.

This camera enables you to control and playback footage via the Garmin Drive app on your smartphone. This Dash Cam does not require a battery. While connection to the vehicle power cable is required for it to record.

You can also pair multiple cameras to the Garmin Drive app at the same time. This Dash Cam can record videos with a length of only one minute. There is no setting to change this length. It will keep recording for as long as power is supplied to it and to turn it off you can manually turn the camera off by unplugging it.


  • It Is tiny and reliable cam
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi feature
  • Captures video with 140 degree wide angle


  • Can record video clips of up to 1 minute

5. Garmin Dash Cam 55, 1440p 2.0″ LCD Screen

This Dash Cam is an extremely small and discreet device. It records footage in case of incidents automatically and saves footage on an SD card. It can capture high-quality video of 1440P. This Dash Cam is easy to use with its 2.0″ LCD display.Backup Camera Reviews Consumer Reports

This Dash Cam captures everything that happens on an entire road with its wide-angle lens. This Dash Cam also uses GPS function to easily track any location and parking. GPS also helps you to find that place easily where the events happened.

This Dash Cam provides powerful evidence and provides advanced driver alerts for a collision.

It can also detect Red light and speed cameras and lane departure warnings. The interesting feature about this cam is that you can control it with a voice command.

You can also share videos with your friends via Virb mobile app on your smartphone. Its built-in Wi-Fi feature allow you to easily share videos with friends, insurance agencies, or legal authorities.

Garmin Dash Cam’s recording length time will vary based on the record resolution, 720p or 1080p, and the SD card capacity. This Dash Cam works at a temperature range from -20° to 55°C or from -4° to 131°F.

No need to worry about overheating and shuts off. For parked mode, you have to buy a separate cable. Comes with three wires ground battery and accessory. It can capture videos even in dark with excellent results. Best dash cam for road trip.


  • Captures high-quality HD video
  • Lane departure warning alert feature
  • Easy control with voice command


  • Easy control with voice command

6. THINKWARE Q800PRO Dual Dash Cam

THINKWARE dual dash cam comes sony STARVIS image sensor. It can capture clean and high-quality footage in 2K QHD 1440P.

Comes in a beautiful design and perfect in performance. Equipped with an assistance system that warns you of ahead collision and lane departures with red light cameras and speed cameras.Police Dash Cam

Comes with an advanced parking mode that can records events triggered by impact and motion detection. This unit activates the built-in car battery protection system to prevent vehicle battery drain. 

It can capture every incident in every situation. Comes with a THINKWARE CLOUD feature that helps you to check your vehicle’s location.

You can also receive Geo-Fencing and Driving Impact notifications on your smartphone through this app. Moreover, you can also use this app to send and receive notifications.

It stores video data on Thinkware memory card. This Dash Cam comes with anti-file corruption technology to improve the reliability of memory cards. This technology also minimizing the risk of losing footage due to data corruption.

This Dash Cam also works at night its super night vision technology also reduces noise at night. Comes with a built-in GPS antenna. This antenna can track the speed, time, and route history of the vehicle. It also can detect red light and upcoming cameras.

This Dash Cam comes with a hard-wiring kit, power cable, 32 GB MicroSD card, USB MicroSD Card Reader, and more accessories. Comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from an authorized re-seller.


  • Super night vision technology
  • Comes with built-in GPS antenna
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Best dash cam consumer reports


  • Expensive

7. BLACKVUE BV-DR900S-2CH-16 best 4k dash cam

BLACKVUE comes in a sleek design and useful functions. Comes with a proximity sensor that toggles audio recording ON and OFF by simply waving your hand in front of it. This sensor also helps you to trigger manual events videos.Best Dash Cam Consumer Reports

You can easily operate this dashcam it comes with a Wi-Fi button. By just pressing this button you can ON and OFF even reset your Wi-Fi password. This Dash Cam can capture everything on the road with outstanding image quality.

It can capture videos in 4K Ultra high definition quality and 4x resolution of 1080p. Comes with a front cam with an 8 megapixels sensor. Rear cam with 2.1 megapixels STARVIS sensor.

These provide full HD footage and can capture everything on the road with a wide-angle of 162-degree (front) and 139-degree (rear).

This Dash Cam works outstandingly even in low light. With this dashcam, you get 4 times improved images without sacrificing recording time.

Comes with a built-in GPS and dual-band Wi-Fi. GPS technology helps you in finding locations, parking areas, and speed data for your videos. Dual-band 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi will help you to transfer videos and make connections faster.

Comes with accessories including power magic pro, Power Magic Battery-Pack B-112, and Ultra Battery B-124X. Also comes with The Expansion Battery B-124E to double the capacity and Parking Mode time. Dash cam reviews consumer reports.


  • Built-In GPS & Dual Band Wi-Fi
  • Ultra High Definition camera with high resolution
  • Built-In Impact & Motion Detection
  • best 4k dash cam


  • Too expensive

8. PAPAGO GoSafe 366 Dash Cam

This Dash Cam also comes in a sleek design and with a 3.5-inch touch screen. You can easily operate this Dash Cam with its touch screen. This Dash Cam captures footage with a wide-angle of 140 degrees that provide strong evidence in case of any incident.Best Dash Cam India 2019

It captures footage in 1080P high definition in both front and rear camera. It provides a crystal clear display on the screen even at night it captures footage with the same results.

Comes with a built-in Wi-Fi feature you can also view the recorded video on your smartphone with Wi-Fi compatibility.

You can also share recorded footage. This Dash Cam also comes with a 16GB microSD card included with support for up to 256GB microSD chip.

These SD cards provide a large space to store a large amount of data and these are also format free. The Anti-corruption technology solves the problem of having to periodically need to format their SD card.

This dashcam comes with a heat resistant lens. These lenses avoid focus shifts and distorted videos. These lenses can withstand the heat from the sun. It provides reliable loop recording and compatibility. It can automatically record over oldest data when SD cards are full.

It includes a Rear Camera, Windshield 3M Sticker Mount, 12-24V Direct Hardwire Car Charger Cable, 16GB microSD Card with Adapter, Wi-Fi Dongle, User Manual, and Warranty Card.


  • Capture footage with a wide angle
  • Provide much space to store videos
  • Comes with high definition front and rear cameras
  • Best dash cam consumer reports


  • It will shut off when the car battery is low

Buying Guide Dash cam reviews consumer reports

There are some important considerations that you should keep in your mind while purchasing a best Dash Cam.

High-definition video

Your Dash Cam should have the ability to provide clear and high-definition video.

If your camera’s image quality is good it will help you to simply view important details and information from the footage.

You can see the license plate of a moving car easily if your dashcam has a high resolution of at least 1080p.

Motion detector

Motion detectors sensors are important factors in a Dash Cam. The motion detector can activate recording when there’s movement or something comes in contact with the car while it’s parked.

It allows you to park your vehicle safely. These motion sensors also save your time in parking vehicles on streets or in public parking.

GPS and WiFi

Many Dash Cams comes with a built-in GPS and WiFi features. These features allow you to easily share and watch recorded videos on compatible smartphones.

LCD screen

Dash Cams comes with different display screens. The LCD screen provides a clear view you can see everything clearly that has been recorded.


Dash cam reviews consumer reports. After a lot of research, we will suggest that you should have a good budget for a Dash Cam.

If you have a good budget, you can buy dash cam with HD recordings and all the essential considerations.

According to our point of view, Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam is one of the best options for the best Dash Cam.

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