Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports. Radar detectors are devices that let you know where is radar gun used by policemen or law enforcement to detect the speed of your vehicle.

This device is usually used by motorists to reduce their speed before being ticketed for speeding. A radar detector detects radar devices based on the radio waves it emits.

This device can collect the frequencies used by radar guns. These radar guns used by police emit huge radio waves but track just one target.

Moreover, advanced radar detectors do not only detect police radar, but they can identify the reading a police radar receives.

8 Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

Types of Radar Detectors

Corded Radar Detectors

Corded radar detectors are mounted on the windshields through suction cups. It makes it easy to supply power to the device anytime. You can plug it right into the car’s 12-volt power outlet.

Corded radar detectors are difficult to install. Moreover, you can hard-wire the detector into your fuse box. It maximizes the space inside the vehicle.

Cordless Radar Detectors

Cordless radar detectors are easier to install without worrying about cord management. This cordless detector can be mount anywhere in the vehicle for the best results.

It required battery power to work this battery is rechargeable. The interesting thing about cordless radar detectors is that if the car turns off this device will remain on.

Mounted Radar Detectors

Mounted radar detectors can be permanently hoisted onto any vehicle. You need to provide clear installations that cannot be detected by burglars.

These are mounted in the position for the best detection results. You can see these results on the dash-cam installed in your car. This type of radar detectors also requires a professional installation.

1. Cobra RAD 450 Best Radar Detector Consumer Reports

Cobra RAD 450 is one of the affordable and top-rated radar detectors. Comes with best-in-class patented technology and audible band identification and signals strength.Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

This unit also comes with patented technology. This technology has an IVT Filter TM system to reduce false alerts.

Also avoids alerts from sources like collision avoidance systems so you hear only what you need to hear.

This radar detector comes with a wide range. It has a range of up to 2 miles in flat and open places. This unit comes with an eye-catching-oled display or you can say that an Easy-to-Read display system.

This high-quality display features band identification icons and a numeric signal strength meter provide an accurate and informed drive. It detects radar guns quickly that helps you in focusing on and enjoying the drive with no worry.

This radar detector can also detect laser signals from both front and rear. It also helps to ease your mind as you drive and know when radar enforcement is nearby. Moreover, this unit comes with everything that you need to get started.

It is pre-programmed for both English & Spanish. This unit is also ideal for unparalleled radar detection. Its component included in the box are radar, mount, power cord, and manual. Also, this unit comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Comes IVT Filter TM system
  • Eye-catching-oled display
  • 1-year warranty


  • Only front and rear detection

2. UNIDEN R3 consumer reports best radar detector

Uniden R3 comes with a built-in GPS feature that helps you to mark geographical points where you commonly find radar guns. This unit is efficient in performance and comes with an advanced false alert filtering system.Consumer Reports Radar Detectors

It provides you the highest level of protection against speeding tickets. Its GPS technology also can remember and mute common false alerts. If you are on regularly driven routes so you never have to listen to the same false alert twice.

Uniden R3 is equipped with red light and speed camera locations with free Database and Firmware updates. These updates ensure that your detector will never be out of date.

This radar detector also comes with a multi-color OLED display. This display makes it easy to read and also allows for more useful information to be displayed. This multi-color OLED display also makes you aware of every situation.

Its voice alerts feature allows hands-free operation and provides clear communication. You can easily drive by keeping your eyes on the road the voice alerts feature will do the job for you.

Moreover, the radar band frequency display also lets you know about the current speed, battery voltage, altitude, and clock. The components included with this unit are a suction mount, cigarette charger with mute key, and USB jack.


  • Comes with GPS technology
  • Comes with multi-color oled display
  • Advanced false alert filtering


  • Speakers stop working after some time

3. Whistler CR65 best radar detector for the money

Whistler CR65 is an affordable laser radar detector. This laser radar detector is equipped with 360-degree Maxx Coverage technology. This technology offers complete perimeter protection and detecting signals from the front, sides, and rear.Consumer Reports Best Radar Detector

Comes with a 12V power cord and windshield bracket kit. This unit is a high-performance and professional-grade dash models. It can detect all new lasers used in North America.

This model can also detect X band, K band, Super Wideband Ka, and laser protection.  These 4 bands used for speed measurement. Also equipped with POP Mode detection that has an advanced speed detection capability.

Its total laser detection identifies Laser Atlanta Stealth mode, Laser Ally, and LTI Truspeed S. The interesting feature in this unit is alert periscope flashing LED lights to provide an additional visual notification.

Comes with OLED display or a color icon display that provides a numeric signal strength indicator. This unit also offers Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) technology.

This technology helps to eliminate false alerts from radar-based traffic monitoring systems. Also comes with features like setting saver, dim/dark mode, 3 city modes, alert priority, vehicle battery saver, and VG-2 detection. The company gives a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • 360 degrees of complete perimeter protection
  • POP Mode
  • Traffic Flow Signal Rejection feature


  • Frequent false alarms reported by users

4. Escort Passport 8500 X50 best radar detector for the money

Escort Passport 8500 X50 comes with a “V-Tuned” radar receiver. That provides a 360-degree extreme detection range on all radars including conventional and instant-on radar.Radar Detector Reviews

It displays all the information you need to make the best possible decision. Also comes with protection features against POP mode threat.

The vehicle speed Laser band and Signal strength is displayed to let you know about your surroundings.

It is auto sensitive unit depend on the speed route and more. Comes with three types of meter display. Including a standard bar graph, exclusive ExpertMeter, and unique SpcDisplay.

The passport detector continuously analyzes incoming signals. It also can adjust the sensitivity automatically. Also eliminates false alerts in the city or on the highway. Comes with clear audible alerts provides crystal-clear communication. You can safely carry on your drive by keeping your eyes on the road.

This unit also comes with everything you need. Comes with a convenient travel case and an Escort Radar Detector Windshield Mount for easy installation. Best radar detector for the money.

Equipped with mute and Auto-Mute feature automatically reduces the volume level during an alert to eliminate annoyance. Comes with three-Levels of brightness control dim, medium, or max brightness levels, or fully dark for discreet night driving.


  • Wide range of detection
  • Comes with traffic rejection sensor
  • Different brightness mode


  • Expensive unit

5. Beltronics RX65-Red Radar Detector

Beltronics Pro RX65 radar detector provides ultra performance. If you want superior safety while driving RX65 is an ideal unit for that. It is an advanced radar, laser, and safety detector.Best Rated Radar Detectors 2014

This radar detector also boasts extreme sensitivity to all radar bands and laser bands with over 10 times the range of other detectors. It also includes full X, K, SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System and more advanced features.

Also patented Mute and Auto-Mute, audible and visual band alerts. Comes with digital signal processing (DSP) that gives you superior long-range ability. This DSP can also reduce false alarms.

Moreover, Auto-Scan mode can also eliminate false alarms, and provides both Highway and City settings. This unit features Shadow Technology making it immune to VG-2 radar detector detection. This technology means law enforcement can’t detect your radar detector.

This radar detector is easy to use, you can handle this device at your fingertips. Comes with a smart plug power cord makes it easier to control. Its advanced programming allows you to customize several features. The programmable bands let you set the device for your region.

Comes with an ultra-bright 280-LED display. Display information about threats, tracks, and radar signals. Also let you know about upcoming hazards, construction, and more via Safety Warning System (SWS) messages. Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports.


  • Ultra bright LED display
  • Provides superior detection
  • Easy to use


  • Comes with only front and rear detection

6. ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector

Escort MAX 360 is another efficient laser radar detector. Comes with Bluetooth connectivity for instant access to the Escort Live app. This radar detector provides drivers with extreme range.Radar Detector Reviews 2018

Also provides state-of-the-art response time, pinpoint precision, and directional alert display.

This unit keeps drivers aware of upcoming alerts reported by other users in the area. It also gives you access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts.

MAX360 provides full 360° protection and reduces all the upcoming threats. Comes with a forward and rear-facing dual antenna system that provides pinpoint precision to perfectly indicate the direction of the threat.

Its ESCORT Live APP provides real-time alerts from a community of over 3 million drivers. By pre-loading, the defender database of thousands of red light and speed camera locations will protect you from any threats.

Comes with five levels of filtering to ensure the quietest ride. The interesting thing about this unit is that it combines three driving modes. These are plus speed-based sensitivity, Cruise Alert, and seamless connectivity via Bluetooth.

It is easy to handle and simple communication. This makes locating and identifying threats easy. Also comes with directional arrows to display the location of threats. Also shows the type, strength, and quantity of signals. Best radar detector for the money.


  • Provides full 360° protection
  • Defender database
  • Intelligent GPS-based technology


  • Mount is inadequate for size

7. Radenso XP Radar Detector

Radenso XP is one of the extensive range and false alert filtering radar detectors. Comes with top-flight sensitivity that delivers radar alerts up to several miles away. It’s an excellent blind spot monitor or traffic monitor filtering false alerts.Best Radar Detector For The Money

Comes with GPS Lockout capability. This feature lets the device remember common false alerts along your regularly driven routes. This feature is also easy to use simply press and hold a button to add a GPS lockout.

Also, this unit has some additional features including automatic muting, automatic sensitivity adjustment, built-in red light, and speed camera database.

Moreover, this unit provides less false alerts due to Blind Spot Monitors, Radar Cruise Control, and Traffic Sensors.

Another interesting thing about this device is that its display has a small dot that slowly moves across the screen until an alert is detected.

This unit will alert you and how many feet you are away from threats. Also, you will receive a successful beep tone that lets you know that you have been passed the threat.

Its automatic speed muting allows you to enjoy your detector with minimal false alerts. It will automatically mute X and K band alert when you drive under defined speed. Comes with an OLED display including four display modes bright, dim, smart dark, dark.


  • Comes with less false alerts
  • Automatic speed muting system
  • Comes with carrying case


  • Pricey

8. Cobra DualPro 360° Radar Detector

The radar detector comes with voice alerts, a car speed alarm system, and 360 degrees Laser Radar Detector Kit. These radar detectors equipped with either an icon color display with numeric signal strength display.Best Budget Radar Detector

This unit is a fully-featured high-end dash model Laser Radar Detector that provides ultra performance. Moreover, the digital voice announcements help you keep your eyes on the road.

This unit is fast and efficient it can detect any stable or mobile Radar Speed Monitor 200-1000m ahead. Do fast reaction by the voice prompt, provides you advance warning in driving.

Also comes with a laser eye detector for 360-degree laser detection and is easy to install. It is easy to operate just press a button to start the radar and press the button again to close the radar. Comes with a plastic housing that is sturdy and durable.

You can select the operating model in the city or highway models. It can reduce the false frequency in densely populated urban areas. It has an extreme range of superheterodyne technology and super-fast sweep circuitry.

These technologies help you to extra the range and the accuracy of detection. The volume will be increased by the UP button, to increase the brightness press the MEUE button. While DN button will shift between the city mode and high way mode.


  • Digital display and voice alerts
  • Affordable unit
  • City and highway mode option


  • False alerts filter doesn’t work properly

Buying Guide (Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports)

There are some important and essentials features that you should keep in mind while purchasing a radar detector.

GPS technology

Radar detectors with built-in GPS technology can adjust their sensitivity based on how fast the vehicle is traveling. GPS technology also reduces the need for switching between city and highway modes.

This technology in radar detectors alerting you about threats. The radar will remember certain areas that you drive through frequently.

Safety Warning System

Safety warning features lets the drivers know about situations that require attention. It provides safety against upcoming emergency vehicles, road hazards, and road construction delays or detours.

Red Light or Speed-Based Cameras

It is an important feature that will inform you where the cameras are located. This feature is available at an extra cost and you can use it with up to a 3-year subscription.

Laser Detectors

Laser radar detectors are small and let you know when a police officer is trying to catch a speeding vehicle. It can monitors both radar and laser signals.

Corded or Cordless

The cordless unit offers discreet installation while corded mounted on your dashboard and plug into the cigarette lighter socket. This unit remains plugged in unless a battery is included.


What are all the Different Bands?

Bands mean different frequency bands emitting from radar guns. In the US there are three different frequency bands X, K, and Ka.

X band was used in the oldest radar gun while the most common band used in radar guns is the KA band. This KA band offers wider coverage for law enforcement to detect speeders.

Is the radar detector an illegal device?

Commonly radar detectors are legal in private vehicles in different states. While in commercial vehicles radar detectors are illegal under the Communications Act of 1934.

In some states, detectors are illegal in all vehicles these states include Virginia, Washington D.C., and U.S. military bases.


Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports. After a lot of research, we conclude that Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector and UNIDEN R3 EXTREME LONG RANGE Radar Detector are the best radar detectors from our above-mentioned products. These two devices come with all the basic features that you will need

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