America’s Test Kitchen Best Panini Press

America’s test kitchen best panini press. When you’re in the market for the best panini press, you want options – and at least two outlets for your power cord. A chef can’t be without one of these machines.

They’re much more than just sandwich makers, capable of dealing with just about any type of meat or veggie that comes into your kitchen.

If you’re after another option altogether, we’ve also found the best indoor electric grills, grills for tiny apartments, and some backyard-ready beasts (if cash isn’t an issue).

Here we listed the top 6 products of America’s test kitchen best panini press.

6 America’s Test Kitchen Best Panini Press

1. Cuisinart GR-4NP1 5-in-1 Griddler

america's test kitchen best panini press

This five-in-one unit can be used as a contact grill, panini press, full grill, or full griddle, depending on your needs.

Its brushed stainless steel frame is sturdy enough to support your frying pans and mixing bowls safely.

A floating cover moves up and down to adjust automatically to the thickness of what you’re cooking.

The unit has a removable drip tray for easy clean-up after use. Please refer to the Product Video and the User Manual before use. For safety’s sake, make sure that this unit is only used by adults.

The Griddler is easy to use and clean up is a breeze with the non-stick, removable dishwasher-safe plates.

The selector of the Griddler lets you choose the grill and griddle function and each function features adjustable temperature controls.

Whenever your Griddler has reached your desired temperature and is ready to cook, the red and green indicator lights will let you know.

2. Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill

hamilton beach electric panini

This Panini Press offers a variety of options for creating hot sandwiches and turnovers. Create quesadillas, personal pizzas, and warm fruit turnovers all with the floating lid.

This Nonstick Panini Grilling Press features a ¼ inch thick top and bottom nonstick grilling surfaces that work to heat, brown, crisp, and cook your sandwich evenly.

It includes built-in ready light that will guide you through the cooking process to let you know when the press is preheated.

The nonstick surfaces are smooth so the bread doesn’t get stuck or torn while serving warm, crisp results.

It also includes a convenient locking lid handle for safe food tossing so bruschetta or open-faced sandwiches can be served fresh from grill to plate or panini using fries as wedges or pita pocket for flatbreads.

Easily fit in your kitchen cabinet and looks great on any counter. With this panini press, you can create open-faced sandwiches and delicious bruschetta, or less conventional snacks like personal pizzas all with the flip of a top.

3. George Foreman Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press

george foreman gr10b 2

This product is great for people who barely have any countertop space, plus it’s perfect for singles and couples living in small apartments.

A great alternative to cooking your meals the healthy way since this grill is free of oil or butter – you won’t need them thanks to the magic of George Foreman.

This grill is a blessing in disguise: not only does it deliver delicious results, but it has the added benefit of cleaning up without any effort.

It’s dishwasher safe, and it makes cleaning up after you’re finished grilling fast and easy. I love that.

Cleaning your grill is easy, but it’s much easier if you clean your grill while it’s still warm. It’s not a good idea to use your grill for any other purpose before cleaning it thoroughly. You can easily cook at least four hamburgers or hot dogs on the grill at one time.

4. Victoria Cast Iron Panini, Burger, Bacon

victoria cast iron panini,

This product may be new to the market, but it’s an item that stands out for both its impressive engineering and design.

It can improve your grilling experience by cutting back on cooking time by up to half, which is ideal for meat that has already been thinly sliced or chopped in preparation.

The wooden handle stays cool when you are working with it during use, while also being easy to remove in case of cleaning purposes at the end of your grilling session.

For optimal movement when in use, this grill tool has a textured bottom feature preventing sliding on your cooking space.

It also comes in a handy 8 3 x 4 4 size that makes storage in any kitchen drawer or pantry easy since it doesn’t take up much space at all.

Seasoned Seasoning 100% Non-GMO Flaxseed Oil is ready to be conveniently used in a variety of different recipes.

Whether you are frying, grilling, or broiling your foods, this flaxseed oil will add tons of flavor and substance to your meals.

This flaxseed oil does not contain PFOA and PTFE  two dangerous chemicals that have been known to cause many health problems such as cancer and other serious illnesses.

5. Brentwood Panini Press and Sandwich Maker

brentwood panini press and sandwich maker non stick, black

Our powerful 750W PANINI PRESS makes cooking multiple sandwiches of various kinds quick and easy.

It cooks 1 to 2 sandwiches in minutes, with even heating that insures clean lines each time.

When it comes time to flip the sandwich, you may find that this product’s non-stick grill plates are ideal for making everything slide right off.

Not only does this appliance have power and preheat indicator lights, but it also has a locking handle for easy carrying.

Use this powerful and fast sandwich maker to make your favorite meals and snacks like paninis and more in less than 15 minutes. Don’t worry about cooking them on a grill it’s much easier, convenient, and safe.

These non-stick plates make it simple to cook two sandwiches at once without separating them with a piece of the cooking mat (which can tear off during the process).

Simply slide the perfect-cooked meal right off of the clean, cool handles! It stays upright when you lift it up with cord wrap for easy storage.

Worry less about safety the power and preheat indicators by the handle light up whenever you need them to. The non-skid feet keep it in place so you can prepare snacks or meals at any time without any problems.

6. Chefman Panini Press Grill  Sandwich Maker

chefman panini press grill and gourmet sandwich maker

The 4 in 1 grill, press and panini maker have a floating hinge that is very convenient. It adjusts in angle in increments to accommodate a wide variety of sandwiches in different sizes.

You can not cook food without oil which often ruins the taste of sausage or chicken by adding oil to it. This feature prevents this from happening.

The closure on the cooking surface is great for making four sandwiches or two large paninis which you can prepare for your family or guests at a backyard event you might be having.

Compact and durable, this mini portable contact grill is perfect for a number of environments. It takes up minimal countertop space and is great for dorms, offices, and even road trips.

The tilt-up skid-resistant feet catch all of your freshly grilled meats’ tasty drippings before they make a mess on your counter.

The non-stick coated grill plates are removable along with the drip tray for quick cleanup after you’re done cooking.

This press is a must-have if you want to make a meal for two sandwiches or paninis, while its larger lay-flat surface can accommodate a variety of food.

The grill surfaces are coated with an easy-to-clean nonstick surface, and the grill is equipped with a dishwasher-safe drip tray. This unit is perfect for making breakfast, dinner, and more.



What is the difference between a panini press and a sandwich press?

As compared to a sandwich maker and toaster, a Panini press is manufactured from heavy-duty plates. A sandwich maker and toaster both consist of triangular plates which implies that you will get triangular-shaped toasted bread as opposed to square ones as you might expect.


America’s test kitchen best panini press. It’s best to have a panini press that works with your lifestyle, kitchen, and your budget. At the end of the day, there are endless options for any of these machines, so make sure to consider the different factors above to figure out which one is ideal for you.

If you have any questions about our favorite panini press or any other cooking equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us at.

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