Best 480mm radiator

Best 480mm radiator. If heat is a concern, water cooling would be an excellent solution. If you want to change from air-to-water cooling but aren’t sure how to go about it, keep reading. A radiator is essential for keeping CPUs and GPUs cool with one or more fans mounted on them.

These wind machines generate wind currents by spinning rapidly, drawing moist hot air through channels, and then expelling it outwards toward other parts of the enclosure where cold ambient fluids are collected at large capacities this procedure also demands ERSs).

Make sure they include features like ERS because our computers won’t be able to operate adequately under continuous heavy usage without them, which would lead to malfunctions,1 and at the very least you lose some of your hard-earned money on wasted energy, which is bad news for both our wallets and Mother Nature.

6 Best 480mm radiator

1. Thermaltake Pacific DIY Liquid Cooling System CL480

best 480mm radiator

The radiator uses a high-performance copper design with brass tanks and high-density copper fin construction for 120mm/140mm high-static pressure fans.

Stainless steel side panels guarantee long life while reducing weight. It’s simple to install with integrated G1/4″ connections, while firm attachments ensure leak-proof precautions are in place.

Thermaltake conceived the Pacific CL Series of radiators as a way to provide customers with a superior cooling solution.

With outstanding cooling performance, the Pacific CL Series will give consumers reliable and constant performance.

More fins per inch mean more heat dissipation. 2 Rows of Splitter Fin: Provides Better Cooling and a More Elegant Look for Prestige CPU Coolers! High-Quality Brass Construction Keeps your investment safe from corrosion and delivers optimum conductivity.

1/4″ Universal Tube: Compatible with any compression fittings with G1/4″ threading, ready from the factory. To achieve maximum performance, the CL series should be utilized with high-static pressure fans.

High-density fins and splitters offer a larger heat dissipation surface, resulting in greater cooling efficiency. Sub-Zero Stainless Steel Side Panels The Pacific RL radiator offers exceptional cooling due to improved heat dissipation while still looking fantastic within your chassis.

2. Alphacool 14175 NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper 480mm

alphacool 14175 nexxxos ut60 full copper 480mm

The NexXxos UT60 series of radiators, a name that refers to experience and quality, has arrived to breathe new life into the radiator industry.

The new NexXxos radiators are the first to truly deserve the “Full copper” title, following this tradition. All critical components, including the fins and channels but also the chambers, are composed of copper.

The material has already demonstrated excellent cooling performance. With its enhanced manufacturing process, it is now feasible to improve performance by up to 10% compared with the previous series.

This is an incredible outcome – and it’s what makes these NexXxos UT60 Full Copper radiators so unique. The medium in question is identical to that utilized in aerospace and other demanding and extreme environments; these radiators are actual King of the Hill.

Every detail was created with a specific goal in mind, and these radiators were developed from the ground up. It has clean, elegant lines that are simply formed but soon hidden when it’s installed into your PC.

The only thing you notice is the entire copper content, which tells you we mean business! Another consideration when it comes to design is how fin spacing and sizes were picked for each radiator size to get the best performance with quiet fans.

It’s a difficult procedure, and it took months of study and design to ensure we got it right. The result is that, despite their varying dimensions, all UT60 series radiators operate at the same level.

3. EKWB EK-CoolStream PE 480 Radiator, Quad, Black

ekwb ek coolstream pe 480 radiator, quad, black

The EK-CoolStream PE series radiator has the greatest cooling capacity of any 40mm thick radiator: The parallel flow cooling chambers minimize hydraulic flow resistance, while the double stack copper fins offer a vast surface area.

These radiators are designed for EK-Vardar 120mm high static pressure fans and are optimized for maximum heat dissipation across the full fan operational range, resulting in an outstanding performance at both low- and high airflow operation.

A special rubber de-bouncing shock absorber is used to absorb the fan vibration and ensure silent operation.

The EK-CoolStream PE series radiators are ideal for use in any computer water-cooled system thanks to their high quality, low price, and minimalist style. The EK-CoolStream PE 360 radiator’s compact size makes it suitable for use even in the tiniest computer chassis.

With a capacity of 535.9 CFM and an impressive cooling capacity of 464.3 BTU/hr, this radiator is one of the most powerful among its class Double stack copper fins provide a large surface area while parallel flow cooling chambers minimize hydraulic resistance.

These radiators are designed for EK-Vardar 120mm high static pressure fans and are intended to deliver optimum heat dissipation across the full fan operational range, resulting in an outstanding performance at both low and high airflow settings.

With the EK-CoolStream PE series, you get top-notch cooling performance at an affordable price. EK-CoolStream PE series radiator is constructed of high-quality industrial-grade raw materials.

4. Alphacool 14240 NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper X-Flow

alphacool 14240 nexxxos ut60 full copper x flow

The Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper X-Flow 480mm radiator is a high-performance radiator with the benefits of a small design and the larger cooling surface of a 420mm class rad.

The copper fins are designed to work on their own to create a cooling effect without the need for fans. This allows for far more efficient and silent operation.

The “Full Copper” construction also supports this: because the entire channel structure is entirely made of copper, it is incredibly robust and very effective in terms of heat dissipation.

The fins of the NexXxoS UT60 are already pre-coated with the Phyllium thermal compound.

Before you even start installing them on your computer, the paste spreads itself around the radiator. This saves a lot of time and works during installation.

The fins of these radiators are designed to minimize airflow resistance to improve cooling effectiveness. They also effectively remove heat from the coolant, even at reduced fan speeds, due to their large surface area.

The thick Best 480mm radiator layer also contributes significantly to the increased stability and longevity of these radiators. This provides just 46mm total clearance height because of its actual height of 31mm plus another 15mm from fans attached.

5. PrimoChill 480mm EximoSX Ultra Radiator

primochill 480mm eximosx ultra radiator

The EximoSX series of radiators are designed for low-speed fans and are built to withstand the most intense heat loads.

The EximoSX series utilizes our famous ultra-thick 40mm tubes with a dense fin arrangement and high-density cooling fins to achieve record-breaking performance at low fan speeds.

The EximoSX is made from superior materials such as 16 gauge (1.5mm) aluminum tubing, 1/4″ (6mm) thick fins, CNC machined end tanks and high-quality copper cores that guarantee performance and durability.

PrimoChill is once again setting a new standard with its EximoSX series of radiators, which take an engineering-based approach to provide outstanding performance for your custom PC at a reasonable price.

The Thermaltake Wi-Fi Smart Radiator WT60 Plus is one of the most popular water cooling radiators on the market. It has an overall height limit of 170mm, which means it can’t be used with many other cases.

The EximoSX radiators are equipped with the patented integrated toolless mounting system, allowing for quick and simple fan installation/removal.

Prepare for Radiator Installation Without a Case and Tool-Free, Ready For Rail-Less, Tool-Less Radiator Installation Compatible with most PC cases* Enthoo Primo Tested The EximoL30 series radiator core dimensions are 150mm x 57mm.

The thickness of the 16 gauge (1.5mm) copper material core and internal segments is 150 mm x 57 mm.

6. ASHATA Copper 480mm radiator

best 480mm radiator 2021

The ASHATA Copper Radiator 480mm, Water Cooling Radiator is a type of heat exchanger that transfers heat from the system’s circulating water to the water being cooled.

It’s utilized in computer water-cooled systems and other applications such as beauty equipment, industrial machinery, and so on.

The 14-tube design allows for faster flow of water and assures CPU stability and smoothness by accelerating water circulation.

This PC radiator is easy to install and use, and it comes with screws for a secure installation. It’s safe to operate because it includes a built-in water circulation pump, which can aid in cooling efficiency improvement.

This high-quality copper radiator is an important component of any computer liquid-cooled system. It has a basic design and simple installation that allows for excellent heat dissipation.

The ASHATA Copper Radiator series features a high-quality aluminum alloy shell, copper tube, and stainless steel bracket that can ensure long service life and good thermal conductivity.

The whole sequence is finished with a mirror polishing treatment that may easily match your PC chassis. Furthermore, this PC water radiator has a built-in water circulation pump as well as two G1/4″ threaded connections on both ends for greater installation convenience, allowing the water block to achieve better cooling results if installed with these functions.


Are thicker radiators better?

Thicker radiators are less noisy. If you’re having trouble sleeping, this could be the answer! They also allow for more airflow and improve heat dissipation while providing wider surfaces.

Do bigger radiators cool better?

Overall, installing a big radiator in your automobile isn’t likely to make the engine much cooler; however, upgrading for a more efficient system may be beneficial.

There is no need to be overly concerned about overheating in regular commuters unless they are doing heavy labor (or driving at high speeds).


Best 480mm radiator. If you want to change from air-to-water cooling but aren’t sure how to go about it, keep reading! Air conditioning is expensive and not always practical for large data centers.

The most common solution in these cases is water cooling which can reduce the building’s energy consumption by as much as 60 percent or more if they are equipped with a hybrid system that integrates both air-cooling systems and water chillers.

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