Best algaecide for fountains

Best algaecide for fountains. If your pool, spa, or water feature is covered in slimy green algae and has a sickly hue of murky yellow-green, you need to act.

Algaecides that are top quality will produce crystal clear water that’s safe to swim in while still being drinkable without risk of getting ill.

Since these poisons aren’t like those found naturally occurring inside plants that yield chlorophyll, which our bodies use as nutrition.

A properly chlorinated pool will eliminate algae, but if you don’t treat the water, your visitors may complain about skin irritation, stench, or even rashes after exiting the pool.

If you’re searching for professional guidance on selecting the best algaecide, you’ve come to the correct spot.

One of the most aggravating things about having a fountain is determining which algaecide will work best for it.

It appears that everyone has their own ideas on what works, but there’s no way to know without testing them all.

Fortunately, we’re here to provide expert advice on what works and what doesn’t, so you can find your ideal poison without too much trouble.

6 Best algaecide for fountains

1. EasyCare FounTec Algaecide and Clarifier

best algaecide for fountains

The power of algae is used in the EasyCare FounTec Algaecide and Clarifier to clean your pond or fountain water.

The active ingredient in this algaecide is a naturally occurring bacteria that attacks and destroys algae, preventing it from growing back.

This safe solution may be used in ponds, fountains, and decorative water features as well as indoor aquariums. It’s also non-toxic for plants, birds, fish, and wildlife.

Add EasyCare FounTec to your pond during early spring and summer to prevent mosquito larvae from developing into adults that can bite you or your pets.

A 16-ounce bottle can treat up to 4000 gallons of water.

Use the EasyCare FounTec Algaecide and Clarifier as a preventative or treatment for string algae, green water, black brush algae, slime algae, mustard algae, etc.

Apply the amount advised at one time without stopping. If algae persist, repeat the process every 7-10 days. May be used on a daily basis during periods of heavy growth or to combat slime algal issues.

2. API POND ALGAEFIX Algae Control

api pond algaefix algae control

Fast-acting API POND ALGAEFIX Algae Control fights algae in ponds, water gardens, and fountains, keeping the water clean and clear.

Green or green water algae, String or Hair algae, and Blanketweed are all targets of it.

When used as directed, it does not harm fish or plants. Only pond and fountain use are allowed with this, when applied to water without any outflow, it works to control algae growth.

To use, fill a bottle halfway with this and add 5ml of the solution to each 25 US gallons of pond water.

This product may be used with all ornamental fish and aquatic plants of all kinds. This product does not affect the pH level in your pond.

Do not eat, drink, chew gum, smoke, or use the toilet with contaminated clothing on. When handling and before eating food or drinking liquid, wash your hands.

Remove contaminated clothes right away and wash completely as soon as possible.

Keep the container out of reach of children and pets when it isn’t in use. Reusing an empty container is dangerous. If medical assistance is required, keep the product container or label handy.

This is a fast-acting insecticide that kills flying and crawling pests on contact and has a residual activity for up to 12 weeks.

3. Sanco Industries 88015 Fountain Algaecide

sanco industries 88015 fountain algaecide

The Sanco Industries Fountain Algaecide is a potent algae-control solution.

This stuff can help you get rid of green water algae, string and hair algal, blanketweed algal, and other forms of algae.

The 8-ounce bottle of Fountain Algae Control Solution, Not Safe For Fish will allow you to keep your ornamental ponds and water gardens clean and clear.

Only use as directed to keep the pond water safe for plants, wildlife, and pets.

To avoid polluting ponds or streams by disposing of extra solution in drains or waterways, do not overuse it.

Algae removal is an important component in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

When used as directed, it may help stimulate plant growth and decrease the need for pesticides, making it safe enough to put around your fish and plants.

The solution is transparent in color, so you won’t have to worry about treatments affecting the appearance of your pond’s water.

The solution works effectively to eliminate existing algal blooms while preventing new ones from developing without harming any useful organisms present.

You won’t have to worry about your fish or plants being harmed by harmful chemicals. It’s a simple method for anybody with green water algae problems on their property to solve it.

4. Pool RX 101001 6 Month Algaecide

pool rx 101001 6 month algaecide

The Pool Rx is a completely natural solution that manages algae and clarifies pool water.

This Algaecide unit contains a unique combination of minerals that remove algae effectively. A specially treated alloy cylinder is filled with Pool Rx granular formulation.

These minerals dissolve out of the cylinder and combine to form a long-lasting residual in the pool water.

The minerals destroy the algae while freeing up low levels of chlorine to be more active and productive in the water.

It may be used in pools, spas, and any other sort of enclosed water feature without reducing chlorine effectiveness.

This is a registered EPA algaecide that helps to improve chlorination by preventing algae from forming chlorophyll.

It includes a unique blend of minerals that keep algae at bay all year.

The mineral content in Dr. Pool Rx is a unique combination of minerals that have been coated onto an alloy cylinder and packed within a sturdy container.

The minerals leach out of the cylinder over time, forming a stable residual throughout the pool water.

5. Kem-Tek KTK-50-0006 Pool Algaecide

kem tek ktk 50 0006 pool algaecide

The Kem-Tek KTK Algaecide is a popular algaecide. It’s a wonderful product for pool owners who want to keep their water clear and free of algae.

This solution kills existing algae as well as stops new algae from developing for up to six months.

This Control also helps control unpleasant odors caused by organic matter that may accumulate in your pool, saving you time and money on cleaning chemicals.

This concentrated solution is so strong that it can be used at half strength without losing its efficacy.

It may be used as a pool algaecide once per week at 0.25 oz per 10,000 gallons of water to keep your pool free of algae on a daily basis.

Look no further for the best algaecide on the market today if you’re seeking one that works well in your swimming pool.

This product works by reacting with free metals in your pool’s water to form metal compounds, which are then removed from the water as harmless sediment particles that adhere to surfaces like steps and walls where they can easily be cleaned.

It also includes corrosion preventers that cover all metal components of the system and protect them from future rusting.

The combination of utilizing chemicals specifically created for pool metal care produces clean, clear pool water without the expense or inefficiency of useless harsh chemicals that just stain the water.

6. Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue Algaecide

clorox pool&spa xtrablue algaecide

The Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue Algaecide 40 oz is a one-size-fits-all algae killer that destroys green, mustard, and black pool algae in just 24 hours.

Green, mustard, and black pool algae are destroyed in as little as 24 hours without the use of harsh chemicals.

This non-staining, non-foaming solution is safe for all pools and spas. It also inhibits future algae growth, allowing you to swim in a healthier pool more quickly.

The active chemicals in this Algaecide 40 oz are oxine 60 percent and erythorbic acid 3%.

This product is safe to use as directed, but prolonged contact might irritate the eyes or skin. Keep children and pets away while using this product.

After a year, the Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue Algaecide 40 oz should only be kept on shelves.

Kills green, black, and mustard algae in both above- and underwater locations.

This Algaecide is labeled for usage with all sanitizer levels and may be used throughout the year under normal operating conditions.

Do not open or dilute with anything else before application. Before you use it, super chlorinate the pool. To ensure that enough sanitizer is available, use a chlorine test kit. Best algaecide for fountains.


1. How do I get rid of algae in my fountain?

Without having to take the fountain apart, you may get rid of mild algae growth. The algae on the fountain can be removed using a sponge with mild soap. Applying white vinegar directly on the areas infected with algae also works well.

2. How do I keep my fountain water from turning green?

Place your fountain in a shaded area since the algae require light to grow. There will be no algae growth if there is no available light! Fill your water feature with recently distilled water. Always examine your fountain for algae and remove any that develops.

3. How do I add algaecide to my pool?


Best algaecide for fountains are top quality will produce crystal clear water that’s safe to swim in while still being drinkable without risk of getting ill since these poisons aren’t like those found naturally occurring inside plants that yield chlorophyll, which our bodies use as nutrition.

If your pool, spa, or water feature is covered with slimy green algae and has a sickly hue of murky yellow-green, you need to act. We can help you get rid of the bacteria growing on surfaces around your home by using products designed specifically for this purpose.

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