Best Artisan Keycaps Of All Time

Best artisan keycaps of all time. There are many types of keycaps available to users and they come in different designs, colors, shapes, and textures.

Some users prefer classic straightforward keycaps while many gamers and keyboard enthusiasts splurge on artisan keycaps to make their keyboards feel special and unique.

Artisan keycaps can replicate almost any two-dimensional art design under the sun.

They can easily add dimension and flare to a setup or have you feeling like an artist if you so choose. They are often sold out fast because there are a limited amount of sets produced.

Here we listed the top 6 products of the Best artisan keycaps of all time.

6 Best Artisan Keycaps Of All Time

1. HyperX Pudding Keycaps – Double Shot PBT Keycap Set 

best artisan keycaps of all time

These keycaps have a unique double-shot design that allows more light to shine through giving your keyboard’s RGB lighting a brighter, clearer appearance.

Featuring laser-etched legends that won’t fade and thick PBT plastic that holds up under extreme conditions with no noticeable wear & tears after extended use.

One of the ways we enhance the visibility of each button on our keyboards is by evenly spreading out the keycaps across a uniform surface area.

On our keyboards, you’ll find bold, elevated lettering for brighter, more consistent illumination.

In addition, we have a specially-designed button that fundamentally improves any keyboard user’s experience when it comes to removing and replacing their keycaps just push it down to release each individual keycap from your keyboard.

While premium keycaps are surely worth the investment, you find them somewhat incompatible with your existing keyboard.

2. TINTON LIFE Delicate Hand Engraved Resin 

tinton life delicate hand

These keycaps are made of premium resin and feature a double hot-box spray painted finish to ensure both aesthetic appeals, as well as smooth finger sliding during intense gaming sessions.

The very nature of handmade keycaps means that no two will be identical so yours could look slightly different from the one pictured above.

However, every effort has been made to ensure that your caps are as close as possible to official samples provided by Cherry Keyboards.

Established in 1988, TINTON LIFE is a sub-brand of TINTON Group, which has been specializing in the development and production of appliances for 28 years. Now their products are exported to 88 countries around the world.

They believe that they can change your life. Every product will be particular, according to the level of craftsmanship from our craftsmen master.

In the process of hand polishing, there will occasionally be very slight polishing marks on the surface this is not considered a scratch (this is similar to the way color tends to wear off of pens over time and it’s considered normal wear).

3.  Key Handmade Keycap Resin Keycap Mechanical

linwin mechanical keyboard

If you love spending time with your friends, this might be the perfect gift for you. This cute keycap set is handmade from super durable resin, so it’ll last for a long time.

Plus it makes it easy to find your most loved keys in the dark and will surely beautify your keyboard.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us, we answer all emails within 24 hours.

This keycap is made from injection-molded resin with a translucent outer shell and is shaped like a volcano.

The mount has holes for rubber ducky wall mount keycaps. It’s not just so darn cute; it’s functional.

A great choice if you want to add some personality or flare to your office space without breaking the bank (or adding mounds of weight onto your keyboard).

Honestly, the quality of this artisan is really good for the price and it looks quite nice when illuminated by backlighting as well.

The keycap does fit quite tightly but you can manage to get it to fit without feeling like your hands are made of lead.

4. XVX Custom Keycap, Stress Relief Keycap

xvx custom keycap, stress

Keycaps are generally not just for keys, but they also function as sculptures and pieces of art.

The Gaming keycap is an exclusive piece that can be used as a unique and interesting way to show off your skills in-game.

It features a high-speed bearing inside allowing for smooth turning.

The color combinations are only available for the currently-market S&S Project Sets.

Our team is willing to create custom colors as long as there is enough demand or if you have a creative idea that we think would look better painted than shown in pictures.

Comes with a worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer support are what stand out most this keyboard from Rosewill and has made it one of the top choices of gamers.

In addition, the responsive cool touch keys offer an enjoyable typing experience without compromising comfort.

5. Handmade Glisten Resin Artisan Keycap 

handmade glisten resin

Fits most mechanical keyboards. As Filco, ducky…etc Cherry RGB MX switch keyboards.

It is strong and durable, mainly made of premium quality resin to ensure endless amounts of gaming.

SA Height R4 height profile is great, but you don’t have to always settle for OEM. Check out these keycaps. They will completely change the look of your mechanical keyboard.

This delicately crafted hand-painted artisan keycap is certain to draw admirers to your keyboard.

It was designed with inspiration from the seedlike transparent backlit of gemstones and will make your next new mechanical keyboard as unique as it is beautiful.

These mechanical keyboard covers are compatible with most types of mechanical keyboards.

Cherry MX switches included. Comes with the latest Technology Artisan Backlit Keycaps, unique style with your mechanical keyboard.

6. The Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Keycaps 

the legend of zelda hylian

Our Zelda Cap Controller Cover was custom-designed for those who like The Legend of Zelda.

You can personalize them with your choice of resin colors and relief styles, making each one special and unique.

Our covers fit the R4 (Row 4) row on the keyboard.- We include a fancy gift box as a “present” (without any actual products inside).

Using a wire keycap puller (one that is designed to remove caps from the keyboard, not one designed for kitchen plumbing and drain maintenance), gently place half of the tool underneath the cap you want to remove and press down.

Next, bring up the other half of the keycap tool with just enough force so as not to cause damage to your mechanical keyboard as it may ruin its appearance should any liquid spill inside.

Once both sides are in place underneath your keycap and you have sufficient pressure, begin twisting your hand upward so as to completely detach your desired keycap from the section you wish to remove it from.



What are artisan keycaps for?

Artisan keycaps are cool and are likely to catch the eye of your friends or colleagues. If you like to tinker around with mechanical keyboards, pop in one of these keys to show off your favorite character, food item, or even something inappropriate!

What are artisan keycaps made from?

Artisan keycaps can be made out of all kinds of different materials. They can be composed of metal and are usually smaller than your average key. However, the truth is that many artisan caps are made from plastic resin which actually occupies a larger space on your keyboard than a single standard key.


Best artisan keycaps of all time. Mechanical keyboards can be very expensive and sometimes inconsistent with their quality. Many people prefer to use keycaps because they are cheaper and they can customize them to their liking. There are many types of keycaps available to users and they come in different designs, colors, shapes, and textures.

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