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Best luggage tracker. When traveling with luggage, the ideal approach to save time, worry, and stress is to use a tracker. Luggage trackers may be attached or tied to your bags so that you are immediately notified if they go missing.

You’ll also be alerted remotely if an alarm goes off near anything of significant worth like jewelry boxes or cash register receipts from shops while out exploring the world without having any notion where these items might have fallen off entirely till someone finds them months later after returning home again.

Finding lost objects has never been simpler thanks to better technology, which offers several advantages such as saving time and money while we travel.

When deciding whether a smart luggage tracker is useful, keep in mind that time, effort, and costs are all important considerations. Luggage trackers save you time by allowing you to locate your bag quickly rather than spending minutes rummaging through a misplaced suitcase for that missing pair of socks or toothbrush that always manages to get lost.

6 Best luggage tracker

1. Tile Mate (2020) 1-pack Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder 

best luggage tracker

The Tile Mate (2020) is the quickest, simplest, and most dependable method to recover your keys, phone, and other valuables.

The Tile community is the world’s largest lost and found network, with over 5 million Tile devices sold.

Tile attaches to anything you don’t want to lose, and when it’s nearby, your Tile app will display its most recent position on a map.

If it’s nearby, call it or use the program to make your Tile shock loudly even when silenced!- so you can find it quickly.

There are additional capabilities such as Community Find and Amazon Alexa that you may check out.

You may store it indoors or outside of the house when it is not in use. Ring your Tiled items by simply clicking on them (The item will play a loud tune for 2 minutes) through our new Ring functionality on the iOS app if you are within Bluetooth range.

If it’s more than Bluetooth distance, set it as lost so that others may assist you to find it quickly.

2. Tracki (2021) Mini GPS Tracker Magnetic

tracki (2021) mini gps tracker magnetic

Tracki is a tiny, low-cost GPS device that may be installed in any object you wish to monitor. Tracki’s position may be found on the included Tracki smartphone App, which is compatible with Android or iPhone and works in any browser.

Locate anything anywhere for limitless range using GPS tracking and Wi-Fi tracking combined. It also operates in the United States and Canada and across 185 countries all around the world.

Tracki is a smart tracker that allows you to keep track of anything you want, including children, valuables, boats, cars, or other items.

It’s also waterproof and has a long battery life, so it can be used to monitor kids in the water or on the beach. It may even be used to aid in the search for missing pets.

Tracki is a tiny gadget about the size of a pack of gum that you may easily conceal in your automobile or beneath your seat.

Tracki’s inconspicuous appearance allows you to keep tabs on everyday objects like backpacks and briefcases without drawing attention.

3. Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker

cube key finder smart tracker bluetooth tracker

The Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker is a fun, inventive method to keep track of your valuables. It attaches to so many of the things you require.

Use it to locate your keys, phone, handbag, or coat. Ping Cube with your mobile phone if something is missing.

You may also use the Cube tracker to find your phone by pinging your mobile phone with the button on the device.

The app displays the last known location on a map and uses Bluetooth to inform you whether you are near or far from where you misplaced it.

It’s a square-shaped Bluetooth tracker with a ring on top that is decorated in a cool modern style. Your stuff will be simpler to find with this square-shaped key finder.

On the map, the app displays the previously known location of your items. You can make Cube 3G + WiFi Tracker 2 ring or even start an alarm by pushing the buttons on the side of the gadget if it’s misplaced or stolen.

If you want to track something you’re missing or stealing, attach Cube Tracker 3G+WiFi Smart Finder Beacon to your handbag, luggage, or another object. Best luggage tracker.

4. Tile Sticker (2020) 4-pack Small, Adhesive Bluetooth Tracker

tile sticker (2020) 4 pack small, adhesive bluetooth tracker

The Tile Sticker is a tiny, adhesive Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to your keys, backpack, or another valuable item without worries.

You may use the free Tile app on your smartphone to discover it from anywhere on the globe. It’s ideal for keeping tabs on stuff at home, at work, and while traveling.

You can attach it to your child’s backpack so you’ll always know where he is. It may also be used on your dog’s collar, allowing you to relax if Fido goes outside next time.

It also works with Tile Slim, a slimmer version of the tracker that fits into wallets, passport holders, and other slim objects you want to track.

You can use another Tile device to find each tagged object since each item tagged with a Tile can be found using any other Tile device. Before heading off on vacation, place one in all of your bags and luggage.

The HingeTile’s adhesive back will adhere to most smooth surfaces, but it won’t stick for long on things like thick fabric or corduroy. So be sure to put it down within an hour.

5. Cube Pro Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker

cube pro key finder smart tracker bluetooth tracker

The CUBE is the world’s first Bluetooth tracker for personal items. Use your CUBE to track down your phone, whether or not the app is open, with the ring, vibrate, and flash alerts.

no need to buy a new CUBE each year. Simply change the battery yourself once a year instead of replacing it. An extra battery is included in the package.

Last known location on a map, utilizing Bluetooth to determine if you are close or far away, the press finds, and CUBE will ring and flash.

All in all, it’s got everything! CUBE is capable of two-way tracking and crowd finding, making it both intelligent and safe.

The CUBE app is a simple-to-use program that displays your previous position on a map. Attach CUBE to anything! Up to 100 feet away, track whatever you need.

Even if the app isn’t running, ring your lost phone with an extremely loud alarm or the remote ring option (about 100 ft). Once you press find, CUBE will blink and ring remotely, allowing you to discover your misplaced or missing things.

6. Samsung Galaxy luggage tracker

best luggage tracker 2022

You may easily locate your essential items if they are lost or misplaced with the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker & Item Locator.

The item locator works with a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Simply attach the SmartTag to a wallet, keys, or even a pet to enable you to find it using other gadgets if it gets out of range or is misplaced.

You may also use this tracker to monitor numerous objects at once by creating groups for each one. This gadget is part of Samsung’s Diigiit City’ SmartThings family.

It was possible to uninstall it by restoring my phone. If you wish to do so as well, simply remove your SIM card or switch over to Mobile Network Off.

When I attempted to remove it using Mobile Network On and without the SIM Card, it informed me: “Item Finder has stopped working, unfortunately.

You may try adding other applications to see if they behave in a similar manner after uninstalling Samsung SmartTag+ (otherwise able to install other programs).


How can I track my luggage?

Tracking your luggage with this helpful website is simple. It’s available on the airlines’ websites and lets you keep tabs on your bags. Click “track checked baggage” after signing in and going to baggage.

Do airlines usually find lost luggage?

The most common reason for luggage not turning up is because it is delayed. Airlines have increasingly sophisticated systems for tracking them down, and they can usually do so within a few hours.

You may be on the incorrect flight; even if someone tells me my bag was found by someone else at another station–I will still request a report with an open ticket number in case there has been any confusion about where it should go from here.


Best luggage tracker. The best approach to save time, worry, and stress while traveling with luggage is to use a tracker. These can be attached or tied to your bags so that you are immediately notified if they go missing.

You will also be alerted remotely if an alarm goes off near anything of significant worth like jewelry boxes or cash register receipts from shops when out exploring the world without any notion where these items might have fallen off entirely till someone finds them months later after returning home again.

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