Best mouth mount for gopro

Best mouth mount for GoPro. It’s no longer enough to just have a video these days. Now you may take your surfing experience to new heights with a Go-Pro Mouth Mount for everyone who wants an edge-of-their-seat perspective, whether they’re on land or in water. This board is a “go-anywhere” device.

It features an easy and quick mounting system, so it won’t shake or fall off no matter where life takes them which is especially useful when working with various types of boards that weigh more than 25 pounds (such as surfboards). Because all of our cameras are 1080p at a 60fps recording rate.

Well, let me just say this: You’ll be able to show off every wave flawlessly without missing out on any aspect because there’s a lag or a lost signal. To guarantee that everything is in order, GoPro has included Camera Tethers to prevent the camera from flying away.

However, keep in mind that this gadget is not waterproof and should only be utilized at your own risk. If you’ve seen all there is to see on my Go Pro Mouth Mount page, be sure to have a look at some other stuff here.

6 Best mouth mount for GoPro

1. GoPro Performance Chest Mount (All GoPro Cameras)

best mouth mount for gopro

The GoPro Performance Chest Mount Harness is a lightweight, fully adjustable harness that fits comfortably over your chest and shoulders to record immersive videos of you performing your favorite activities.

The fully adjustable design makes it compatible with all GoPro cameras, as well as the Karma Grip for an extremely immersive hands-free filming angle.

Capture ultra-realistic footage of your favorite activities. The design is fully adjustable and fits all sizes, as well as being usable with all GoPro cameras and the Karma Grip.

Made of durable, lightweight nylon that has been tested to assure durability and strength. Designed to attach or detach the camera from the chest harness quickly and easily, allowing you to change between recording modes throughout the day.

The chest harness is easily adjustable so you can get a secure fit. The quick-release buckles make attaching or removing the camera from your body simple and convenient for hands-free operation when you need it most.

During any activity, the GoPro Hero7 Black can capture forward-facing footage at speeds up to 35KPH (22MPH). Advanced materials help protect your GoPro against unintentional damage while being light enough not to restrict movement.

A safety mechanism that prevents you from unintentionally releasing your GoPro from the chest harness has been incorporated.

2. Mouth Mount for GoPro

mouth mount for gopro

The Mouth Mount for GoPro is the most comfortable version available. The Dropdown style allows you to use it for many hours without tiring, and it also enables you to dive with your head back.

For 2015, the mouthpiece has been improved and strengthened. It’s made of silicone now, which makes it more durable than previously.

The bite supports have also been strengthened, making them less prone to break or bend out of shape after several uses.

Even if you are deep underwater, the broad air channel allows you to breathe freely while recording! This amount may be used with all GoPro versions and will endure for years if properly cared for.

The Mouth Mount XL is not recommended for surfers or other athletes who jump up and down a lot, as the mount will slide out of the mouth.

This mount does not come into contact with your tongue since it has an opening at the bottom that allows water and foam to flow through. It’s comfy/

However, do not put your tongue inside or outside of the hole. You may connect a leash to this camera using the orange rubber belt, ensuring that you don’t lose any footage. A fantastic method to learn how to utilize core stabilizer mounts without losing any video).

3. Ho Stevie! Premium Armband Leash for GoPro

ho stevie! premium armband leash for gopro

The Ho Stevie! Premium Armband Leash for GoPro Cameras and Mouth Mounts is a simple, convenient device to safeguard your GoPro when utilizing a mouth mount.

Because your camera may fall out of your mouth or off your arm with the Premium Armband Leash, you’ll never miss a shot of yourself or your friends.

The leash allows you to remove the GoPro from your mouth mid-wave for a photo while remaining firmly attached to your arm.

The unstretched length of the leash is about 9 inches, and it can reach a maximum length of 24 inches after stretching. It’s easy to attach to an armband or a belt with the GoPro mount buckle, which makes it fully adjustable.

The biggest benefit of this device is that it offers complete peace of mind when using mouth mounts since it ensures that your expensive camera will not be lost forever during a shoot.

It can withstand being attached to your arm while you swim, jump on waves, and body surf without the worry of losing it during a wave.

There are no more excuses for missing the shot now that you’ll have every moment recorded. Please refer to the user’s manual for specific instructions on how to use your device.

This product is not intended to be used as a safety leash or line. It isn’t meant to catch your GoPro if it comes loose from its mount. It’s only suited for mouth-mounted shoots. Best mouth mount for gopro.

4. GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty (HERO8 Black)

gopro bite mount + floaty (hero8 black)

The GoPro Bite Mount allows you to shoot your hands-free activities in style. It clicks into any Quick Release GoPro mount for fast switching or storage, as well as a simple-to-see Floaty to keep your camera afloat. Both may be used alone, so you’ll get two accessories for the price of one.

When you attach the GoPro Bite Mount to your helmet, gear, or pretty much anything else, you’ll get a new perspective on the action.

Traditional mountings provide a higher perspective than this one, making it easier to capture footage while skateboarding, cycling, or engaging in other high-intensity activities.

When you bite the camera into the mount, you can also snap selfies easily. Attach your GoPro to helmets, bars, and other equipment with this mount. A floating Floaty (not included) is included to enhance buoyancy.

It’s ideal for filming while cycling, skating, or engaging in other high-intensity sports because it has a lower perspective than traditional mounts.

Compatible with all GoPro quick-release cameras including the Helmet HERO Wide, Motorsports HERO Wide, Surf HERO, and WIDE HERO cameras.

I recently went on Craigslist seeking a cheap used Gopro 3+ so that I could utilize it to film some sports events at my neighborhood skatepark without spending too much money.

5. Bite Mount + Floaty (HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black)

bite mount + floaty (hero10 blackhero9 black)

The Bite Mount + Floaty is the simplest method to shoot hands-free POV videos in any setting.

The wrap-around design makes it simple to access the front LCD screen and back touch screen, while an integrated mounting buckle allows you to capture new POV angles and quickly change perspectives.

The ergonomic, tough construction and food-grade materials ensure noise-free recording of meals.

We liked this mount because it provides fantastic ergonomics, so when you attach the camera inside your mouth, it’s not “leaning at an angle.

The pictures are extremely steady; the mount comes with two fins that you can use or remove at will.

What’s even more excellent about this gadget is that you may effortlessly remove the buckles (the part that goes into your mouth) if necessary.

It slides out, leaving no mess behind! Cleanup time is just two minutes after it comes out. The design team gets another +1 for keeping it clean.

The Bite Mount + Floaty is the most straightforward way to shoot hands-free POV videos in any situation.

The wrap-around design makes it simple to access the front LCD screen and rear touch screen, while an integrated mounting buckle allows you to capture new POV angles and change perspectives quickly.

6. Pro Standard Grill mouth mount for GoPro

best mouth mount for gopro 2021

The Pro Standard Grill Mount 2. 0 is the only mouth mount that works with GoPro Voice Control. It’s intended to be held with one hand as well as spoken through.

The patented sculpted design eliminates bouncy video and allows for filming from multiple angles on each wave.

You can surf, film, paddle, and duck dive while using the Grill Mount in your mouth or hand. When you duck dive, the Bite Pads cushion your rails however, your rails are not damaged.

There is no other mouth mount that has this function. The Grill Mount 2.0 was created to serve both novice and expert surfers.

It includes 3 color choices, 4 color decal pack, leash tether, EVA bite-pads x3, stainless steel screws x2, aluminum screws x2 & one wrist strap/belt mount wrench & instructions.

The Pro Standard Grill Mount 2. 0 is available in Rasta/Black or White/Red and may be personalized with your choice of colors. Please select a color from the pull-down menu when ordering.

Optic Enhancers are also available as a set of three red, yellow, and green decals designed specifically for the Pro Standard Grill Mount 2. 0 mouth mount. The option is Orange & Blue or Red & White, both of which come in a matching pair.


Can you put a GoPro mount on a foam board?

Mount your Go Pro to the soft top of a surfboard or bodyboard for underwater recordings with extra versatility. It will fit boards with thicknesses up to 3/8 inches; however, be aware that there may not be enough space on thicker versions for mounting add-ons like microphones and lights.

How do I stop my GoPro from sinking?

If you’re using a GoPro, make sure it’s floaty-ready. The Backdoor from Go Pro is the ideal replacement for their waterproof housing and will keep any other spilled liquids at bay if dropped into filthy water or onto sand beaches.


Best mouth mount for GoPro. The Go-Pro Mouth Mount is the perfect accessory for surfers who want to take their surfing experience to new heights. Whether they’re on land or in water, this board is a “go-anywhere” device that features an easy and quick mounting system so it won’t shake or fall off no matter where life takes them which is especially useful when working with various types of boards that weigh more than 25 pounds (such as surfboards).

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