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Best Popsocket. PopSockets are a must-have for all cell phone users. The worst pain in the world is when you get that cramp and can’t use your fingers, which leads to RSI (repetitive strain injury) or carpal tunnel syndrome.

We don’t have this problem with PopGrips any longer because now there are so many colorful designs that it’s simpler than ever to discover one of those ideal grips for whatever activity necessitates balance without being too big on our hands.

I’m not sure what kind of grip is ideal for each person, but as a dancer, I constantly seek to balance mobility with stability while elongating and posing.

This is why having a PopSocket on my pinky finger really helps me maintain firmness. If you do a lot of typing or gaming, going for the standard grip may be best for you because it’s difficult to avoid letting your pinky slip away from the keyboard.

6 Best Popsocket

1. PopSockets: PopGrip Expanding Stand and Grip

best popsocket

PopSockets are an excellent way to personalize your phone. PopSockets expand to give a secure hold that won’t slip, bend, or breakaway.

PopSockets adhere to the majority of phones and covers, including iPhones produced by Apple.

It can be used as a stand, a grip for hands-free usage, or attached to the rear of your case so you can easily remove it when taking pictures with just one hand.

You may also mount your smartphone on any magnetic surface such as a refrigerator or car dashboard! Wireless charging is not supported by PopSockets.

The PopSocket was developed in a garage in Denver, Colorado, by Adam Padilla, who received his first order of PopSockets after funding the development of a bespoke mold for injection-molded plastic components.

After testing many prototypes with everyone he could, Padilla created and patented a gadget that would make it simpler to handle smartphones with one hand.

He explored several concepts with anybody who would listen in order to assess demand for the product after receiving support from friends and family.

2. PopSockets PopGrip: Phone Grip and Phone Stand

popsockets popgrip phone grip and phone stand

The only PopSockets that pop up to provide you a grip is the PopGrip: Phone Grip and Phone Stand.

The PopSockets PopGrip allows you to take selfies, text easily, or set your phone on a table while standing. It folds flat when you’re finished.

To use it with Otter +Pop cases, get an Otter+Pop Case. For other cases, get a simple case like this one. POPGRIPs are compatible with Otter +Pop Cases, as well as many other accessories.

The PopSockets PopGrip fits most phones, tablets, and protective cases.

When not in use, it pops up to provide a firm grip for your phone while lowering flat against the back. Each grip is composed of a sturdy rubberized material that adds durability.

3. PopSockets: PopGrip with Swappable Top

popsockets popgrip with swappable top

The PopSockets Aluminum Collection has an Aluminum PopTop. It’s a combination of stylish phone accessories and opposable thumb for your phone.

Best Popsocket lets you snap photos, text easily, and even stand your phone up on a table. When you’re done using it, it folds flat.

You can replace or remove your PopTop if you prefer to use another or eliminate it completely for wireless charging capabilities.

PopSockets Aluminum Collection is a set of PopSockets that comes in an aluminum case, which matches PopTop’s look.

These PopSockets may be changed without the need for any tools. The PopSockets Aluminum Collection is now available on the website of the company that makes them.

4. PopSockets PopWallet+: Swappable and Repositionable

popsockets popwallet+ swappable and repositionable

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s PopSockets PopWallet+ is the fashionable and safe way to carry your cards on your phone.

Integrated PopSockets PopTop, swappable PopSockets PopWallet, and Push-to-latch (PTP) pop-top make it easy to update your look by simply switching out the PopTop.

For wireless charging, push the top left corner and slide right. To charge wirelessly, you must first remove the wallet.

To use, slide the bottom corners of the phone case up over the wallet tab to remove it from your phone.

On a device or in a case with 3M adhesive tabs (not included), place it in its intended location. Using adhesive strips that are provided with purchase, adhere the top PopSocket tab to the bottom of the phone case.

The PopSocket attaches to your phone or tablet via a non-removable magnetic plate, providing stylish protection against daily wear and tear.

The wallet has a premium full-grain leather appearance and feels that adds style to your device. The wallet includes a non-removable magnetic plate where the PopSocket attaches to your phone or tablet.

5. Swappable Grip for Phones & Tablets Metallic

swappable grip for phones & tablets metallic diamond black

The PopGrip is a unique stick-anywhere phone grip that pops onto your phone to make texting with one hand, snapping better photos, and viewing videos hands-free easier.

PopGrip’s patented design makes changing the color of your PopTop or removing it completely for wireless charging feasible.

Offers a solid grip so you can text, snap photographs, and watch movies hands-free. A handy stand allows you to view videos without interrupting your activity.

The PopPops are made from a proprietary material that adheres to your phone or tablet without leaving a residue.

For wireless charging compatibility, PopTop may be removed simply by pushing down on it. It won’t impede the use of the screen protector.

2 reusable adhesive discs, 1 stainless steel PopTop, and 1 black grip disc. The PopGrip is constructed of a rubberized plastic that may be stretched or snapped on just like the classic phone grips popular twenty years ago. The grip itself can stretch open and fit most hands.

6. PopGrip with Swappable Top for Phones 

best popsocket 2021

The Jack Skellington PopGrip is a hybrid handle that transforms from a pop grip with a swappable top to a grip with a customizable top when you remove the lanyard.

PopSockets are the greatest phone accessory ever, providing more choices than any other phone grip.

When using your phone one-handed or watching videos, the PopSockets PopGrips allow you to rest your thumb on them.

This nightmare before Christmas jack skellington pop grips is made of strong, flexible material that adheres to the back of your smartphone or case.

PopGrips are designed to make transferring between devices as simple as possible, with no sticky remainder. The stand adjusts for viewing movies and shows at the ideal angle.

PopGrips allow you to move phones or tablets without leaving any residue behind.

The PopSockets Grip is compatible with any smartphone or tablet, including the iPhone X/8 Plus, 7 Plus, 8, 7, 6s Plus, and 6s. The pod may be removed from the Apple Watch band if you wish.


How does a PopSocket work?

A PopSocket is a tiny phone holder that you can attach to the back of your smartphone. When expanded, this accordion button will serve as an extra handle for when things get slippery.

It’s only 0.9″ tall, making it ideal for sliding between fingers without getting in the way or blocking anything vital with its large stance.

Are PopSockets bad for your phone?

PopSocket is a clever concept that may be used instead of carrying your phone. Unlike conventional grips, which press against the front surface with pressure-pointing motions while texting or navigating through options (which has been linked to hand cramps), PopSocket only sticks outboard from one side like some sort of mouse pad this design prevents you from any sensitive areas.


Best Popsocket. I’m not sure what kind of grip is ideal for each person, but as a dancer, I constantly seek to balance mobility with stability while elongating and strengthening my body. This can be hard on the hands when you’re gripping something that doesn’t have enough give or padding in it.

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