Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges. Soft-close hinges are an excellent method to finish the racket and save your costly cabinets at the same time.

Soft-close door hardware resembles conventional concealed hinges seen in kitchens and bathrooms.

But it has some distinctive characteristics that make it perfect for this usage one of which is its capacity to stop just short of making contact with your cabinet frames so you can enjoy smooth operation without any dents or scratches marring beautiful surfaces.

Soft-close hinges are most often seen on cabinets that would otherwise open when the user does not hold them closed.

Modern appliances, such as dishwashers and ovens, frequently necessitate all cabinet doors to be soft close in order for them to operate safely.

The door’s weight simply wouldn’t work with a standard hinge that relies solely on gravity to close itself. Manufacturers frequently provide a standard hinge and a soft-close version.

But they may also give you a third alternative for individuals who want to use their own hardware or don’t want to have an additional hinge drilled into their cabinets at all.

Here we listed the top 6 products of Soft Close Cabinet Hinges.

 6 Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

1. DecoBasics Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

best soft close cabinet hinges

The Decobasics Soft Close Hinges are the ideal answer for this problem. Our hinges include a built-in damper that softly closes the cabinet doors before completely shutting them off.

There will be no more slamming cabinet doors! You may adjust the Decobasics Superior 3D adjustability to position the bathroom cabinets correctly.

Our high-end 5-star stainless steel hinges are ideal for you.

They’re made of 304 Stainless Steel and come in a wide range of designs, which makes them extremely long-lasting.

You’ll never want to go back to your old style of hinges after trying out the Soft Close Hinges.

The Soft Close Hinge is perfect for cabinets that are used frequently. It aids in the prevention of cabinet doors from slamming shut and injuring your fingers when closing them.

This hinge will function in any scenario where a robust metal replacement hinge is required. Brass or stainless steel hinges may be found on cabinet door closures.

2. Probrico CHR093 105 Degree Soft Closing 

probrico chr093 105 degree

The Probrico 105 degree soft closing European hinge is suited for full overlay cabinet doors.

The adjustable cup on the hinge allows you to adjust the distance between the door and cabinets from 105 degrees to 180 degrees, making it simple to close and ensuring no harm is done to your kitchen cabinetry.

It’s designed for 14-22mm thick cabinet doors, with a 35mm11.5mm diameter adjustable cup that may be adjusted from 105 to 180 degrees.

With screws included in this kit, it can be attached on either the side or top of your furniture. It is really simple to set up, and all of the necessary components will be included in this bundle.

This allows you to change the clearance of your cabinet door from 105 degrees to 180 degrees, making it easy to close without causing harm to your kitchen cabinet.

For long-lasting durability and appearance, this stainless steel is of high quality. Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Hinges European Style Hardware Accessories are made for heavy-duty usage with full overlay cabinet doors up only 50 mm thick.

3. JQK 1/2 Inch Overlay Cabinet Door Hinges

jqk 12 inch overlay cabinet

1/2-inch Overlay Cabinet Door Hinges, 20 pack. Matte black finish. For overlay cabinets only. A high-quality stainless steel screw is included.

Variable overlay hinge attaches to the cabinet door and the adjacent cabinet wall. A self-closing hinge automatically draws the door shut as it opens.

1/2 inch Overlay Cabinet Door Hinges are meant to be used on overlay cabinets only (the door overlaps the face frame). Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges.

This hinge is constructed of high-quality stainless steel, making it rust-resistant and long-lasting.

This hinge has a self-closing mechanism that closes the door on its own, ensuring that it does not fall out of alignment.

The screw provided with this item is manufactured of stainless steel to resist rust and wear and tear, ensuring long-term use.

Because these hinges are manufactured in China, the packaging may instead contain instructions in Chinese rather than English.

4. FURNIWARE  Soft Closing Cabinet Hinges

furniware 10 pieces soft

FURNIWARE Soft Closing Cabinet Hinges 3 Ways Adjustment Structure(Vertical, Horizontal and Depth) & High-Quality Mechanism (Soft Close).

The door closes softly with a smooth silent motion as a result of this reduced closing speed.

10 Pieces of 105 Degree Face Frame 1/2″ Overlay Self-Closing / Soft Close Cabinet Door Hinge, 1/2″ Overlay Hinges are handy for pairs of doors located in the center of a row of Cabinets.

They’re simple to put up, requiring little carpentry knowledge and equipment.

A self-closing door hinge is a form of surface hinges that protects tiny fingers from harm and the softly closing feature keeps noise down in the kitchen.

When you let go of a cabinet with no self-closing hinge, it will slam shut, frequently startling children or animals.

This hard and durable soft-close damper hinge not only gives a smooth and easy opening experience but also protects your small kids’ fingertips from being squashed when doors are closed.

5. Ravinte 60 Pack Soft Close Hinges

ravinte 60 pack 30 pairs 12

The 1/2 inch overlay soft close hinges from ravinte are suitable for cupboards weighing 25kg per door and have a maximum weight of 25kg each.

It is provided as a pair, with two screws for secure installation. Soft closing allows you to quietly open and shut the doors without waking sleeping children or disturbing your spouse while they’re watching TV in bed.

The soft closure mechanism may be easily released by pushing the door open or shutting gently.

30mm range hoods, such as those by Blanco, Zephyr, and Storm, may use 1/2″ overlay soft close hinges. This range hood’s design will not allow any other type of hinge to function properly.

A brightly-painted door with a little knob that opens and shuts softly, yet also seems to defy physics.

It’s from their new collection but hasn’t been delivered to our home yet. The kids discovered it because they’ve been reading about it online.

They don’t know exactly what will arrive or when they simply need something called “soft close hinges,” whatever those are.

6. KONIGEEHRE Soft Close Cabinet Door Hinges

konigeehre 20 pack soft

The hinges on the 20 Pack Soft Close Cabinet Door Hinges for the face frame cabinet will overlay 1/2″ of the frame.

Made of stainless steel with a nickel-plated finish for long-term use. Designed to fit face frame and frameless style cabinets; installation instructions are provided for easy installation.

Install the hinges on the correct sides as indicated in the Installation Instructions from the package. With each package comes a pair of hinges that is backed by a 12-month warranty if there are any issues caused by Konigeehre Engineering.

The hinges are constructed of high-quality Stainless Steel, ensuring long-term usage and smooth motion. The door has a soft close mechanism, which uses a dampening system to make it quieter.

An integrated dampening system allows for soft closure; a 100 degrees opening angle; 6-way adjustable hinges for optimal alignment.


1. Can you put soft-close hinges on old cabinets?

Yes, you can install soft-close hinges on previously built cabinets. To mount the new soft-close hinge, drill a cup 35 millimeters in diameter and 11 millimeters deep in the back of the cabinet door. Using a jig, such as this one from Kreg, is the easiest way to do it.

2. How do I adjust soft-close cabinet hinges?

Three adjustments on a soft-close hinge allow you to adjust each of the hinge’s three points independently. The cabinet door is moved left to right or right to left depending on which way you turn the screw. The door is either pulled closer to or removed from the cabinet frame, depending on which adjustment screw is turned.


Best soft close cabinet hinges are an excellent way to finish your cabinet doors and protect them from damage at the same time. This soft close door hardware resembles conventional concealed hinges seen in kitchens and bathrooms, but they have some distinctive characteristics that make it perfect for this usage one of which is its capacity to stop just short of making contact with your cabinet frames so you can enjoy smooth operation without any dents or scratches marring beautiful surfaces.

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