Consumer reports best dog crates

Consumer reports best dog crates. A dog’s life is hectic, unpredictable, and full of surprises.

They are always on the go thus they require dependable equipment to keep them safe when you aren’t at home or in a location where accidents can happen without supervision (such as an airport).

A crate gives your pet security while also providing it with some much-needed rest time! There are several advantages to using a crate for dogs.

From puppy training through potty training programs all the way until adulthood, one may be used during travel to ensure that Fido doesn’t slip away unnoticed before we depart again.

Finally, they’re ideal for dogs who aren’t yet completely trained!

Despite the fact that they appear identical, all crates are Let’s start with one of the most durable dog cages on the market, the wire metal model – popular for its durability, ease of cleaning, and ‘open’ design.

These cages offer dogs plenty of space to move about while also providing them with enough security. Some crates are far superior to others on the market.

On the market, there are a variety of crate types, but only a few are suitable for your dog. It might be difficult to decide which crate to pick, at first sight. Here is our analysis of the top six most popular crates available today.

6 Consumer reports best dog crates

1. Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate

amazon basics portable folding soft dog travel crate

If you’re searching for a lightweight, portable, and simple-to-set-up dog kennel, the AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate is an excellent option.

The foldable steel frame makes it simple to store the crate when not in use, while the mesh side panels allow ventilation so your dog can stay cool on hot days.

It includes a dishwasher-safe removable plastic tray as well as a leak-proof plastic pan for convenient cleanup.

The BestPet Large wire folding dog crate is an inexpensive option for budget-conscious individuals or anybody who simply wants to provide their pet with more room to play when they’re not at home.

This huge metal dog cage has four doors (hers on one side and his on the other) so you can separate your puppy into two distinct compartments based on her requirements.

The three-sided mesh construction ensures your dog is both secure and ventilated while inside, with panels that open for more airflow. It also has rubber non-skid feet to minimize the risk of scuffing on your flooring or rugs.

2. New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate

new world pet products folding metal dog crate

The New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate is a large, double door folding metal dog cage that can accommodate medium dog breeds.

This New World pet travel crate folds flat for easy storage, transportation, and flexibility inside and outside your house.

The heavy-duty slide-bolt latch secures the door in place to keep your dog secure inside their pet cage.

The metal construction provides a secure place for your pet while you’re gone, and it’s ideal for traveling with your dog.

The New World metal cage is delivered with a comfortable, washable removable cushioning pad and a convenient carry handle.

This variant is a step up from the “standard” folding metal cages or wire mesh. It has a gentler slope, which may be more comfortable for your dog.

However, if your dog isn’t used to stepping on ramps, it might cause confusion and possibly anxiety since they don’t appear to know how to use them correctly and end up leaning against the top of the door instead of going inside.

3. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate 

midwest homes for pets dog crate 2022 

The Midwest ICrate dog crates are an easy method to house train your new pet.

They may be used as a secure location for your dog when you’re away from home, and they will also aid in the prevention of destructive behavior by providing them with their own area.

The sturdy plastic tray, divider panel, carrying handle, and 4 “roller” feet on the Midwest ICrate protect floors.

This medium single door folding dog crate is suitable for dogs weighing 26-40 pounds with an adult height of 18-23 inches and an adult length of 27-33 inches.

The dimensions of this plastic dish drainer are 19.75 inches wide, 24.75 inches high, and 31 to 39 inches long, depending on the size crate purchased.

There is a divider panel that can be removed with ease, making it a true all-in-one dog crate that may be used as an end table or nightstand when your pet isn’t crated.

But when they are you’ll know your furniture will be safe from “icrate” mayhem! This big double-door folding dog cage has two doors (one on either side) that open into a larger area within the crate.

The Midwest ICrate includes a divider panel with each crate, allowing you to utilize it with your developing puppy. A divider panel is used to restrict the available room in an adult dog cage until your puppy has reached full size.

Divider panels are also beneficial for teaching puppies new rules or assisting older dogs in learning house training.

4. iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit 

consumer reports best dog crates

The Midwest Homes For Pets iCrate Medium Dog Bed Crate Kennel Kit is ideal for adopting a new puppy.

It includes a quiet time mattress and a light-blocking fabric cover to help them sleep well at night. Consumer reports best dog crates.

The sturdy steel construction ensures that it will last for years of use, while the easy-to-clean plastic tray makes cleanup quick and simple.

Your new pet will be comfy, cozy, and protected in their own area, immediately signaling that they’re part of the family.

The iCrate was created with safety and security in mind, which is why the door latches both onto the front and side of the crate. It also includes an interlocking slide bolt that prevents your dog from being trapped or escaping.

This kennel’s folding design allows it to be quickly brought anywhere, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The Crate has a four-sided locking mechanism for added protection against chewing by your pet.

In case of spills or accidents, there is a leak-proof plastic pan provided for simple cleaning.

5. Petmate Vari Kennel Heavy-Duty Dog Travel Crate

petmate vari kennel heavy duty dog travel crate

The Vari Kennel Heavy-Duty Dog Travel Crate is the ideal kennel for your dog. This robust and secure cage has 360-degree ventilation holes to allow fresh air and visibility for your pet.

The elevated interior and tie-down slots aid in the kennel’s durability while keeping animals comfortable.

The door has a sturdy lock but is simple to open with one hand. There are no tools needed for assembly; simply screw the metal fasteners and plastic buckles in place.

The durable metal pan may be used as a food and water bowl. Consumer reports best dog crates.

Vari Kennel provides the most durable steel, aluminum, and plastic kennels available.

Vari Kennel is dedicated to offering only the highest-quality dog carriers. All of their items are designed, produced, and shipped from South Carolina using domestically sourced raw materials whenever feasible.

Vari Kennel’s 3/4″ powder-coated steel frame construction with 7-gauge panels for security, durability, and safety exceeds previous wire crates in terms of strength.

Indoor and outdoor use is possible with the VariKennel, which is made from high-density polyethylene that doesn’t break, crack, or rust.

6. Precision ProValu Wire Dog Crate

precision provalu wire dog crate

The Precision ProValu Wire Crate has two entrances for simple access and a 5-location lock system to keep dogs secure.

The ProValu Wire Crate has separate entrances and a secure five-location lock system for a safer and more convenient kennel.

The crate’s individual doors on either side make it easy to get in and out. The additional security of the rounded corners and secured doors prevent snags that could harm pets.

When you’re done exercising your dog, let them rest in their own cage with this carrier! -> After exercise, allow your pup to relax in its own cage with this carrier.

The bed is constructed of metal and coated with a rust-resistant black coat finish for long-lasting durability. The crate collapses to approximately two inches in height for simple storage and transportation.

The crate has a plastic pan at the bottom to provide an easy-to-clean surface in case of spills. The best kennel doors for your pet to have will depend entirely on their size, age, and breed.

The door measures 22 inches by 38 inches while the compartment measures 21.5 inches square, giving plenty of space for two dogs or one cat.

Two separate doors offer more privacy than a single-door cage; they also make it possible to keep pets safe inside without tangling their legs in the fabric if needed.


1. Are bigger crates better for dogs?

The bottom line is that your dog’s kennel should be the perfect size for him or her. While they may sometimes be too tiny, it’s also possible to find one that fits an adult human – which makes them enormous.

When you have a big kennel and position part of its interior on ground level with no other options (such as walking distance).

Dogs who are housebroken but not yet toilet trained will use their crate as a bathroom more often than necessary until taught otherwise by training staff or owners alike.

2. Do dogs prefer wire or plastic crates?

For people who need their dogs crated when they can’t be with them, wire crates are the way to go.

The plastic ones I’ve used in the past took up too much space or visibility, and both left something to be desired in terms of comfortability for your dog.

Especially considering how various dogs like being confined at certain times! The wires allow for any size dog to fit inside without having to worry about height limitations.

If you don’t have much storage space, these will take care of all your requirements while still providing plenty of room so that whatever activity takes place outside its confines does not intrude on the darkness.

3. Should you leave water in your dog’s crate?

Some people believe that overnighting with their dog is a wonderful notion, but it might be harmful to both of them.

Dogs must drink water on a regular basis and should not perceive going into their crate at night just for sleep or hydration as an indication that he’s in trouble.

During sleep time, a healthy adult dog does not require any liquid; nevertheless, you must guarantee that they have access to enough all across the year if necessary.

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