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Consumer Reports Guitars. It’s never been a better opportunity to acquire an acoustic guitar. There are now so many guitars on the market that finding exceptional ones may be exciting.

If you have limitless funds, go for the best. However, if money isn’t a big concern and there are other factors to consider first, think about what sort of genre of music can be played on them by reading through our guide, which includes everything from entry-level guitars like Epiphone’s to high-end models costing three hundred dollars.

Playing duration may make matters worse instead of better, but I already own two beautiful guitars this way will work well for you – however, if there’s a chance that this might be your only guitar and we all know how wonderful it is to have one, then it should meet your needs and do everything required.

5 Consumer Reports Guitars

1. Martin Smith 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar, Black

consumer reports guitars

Since 1962, Daniel Gildenblatt Smith has been creating guitars, and they are known for being one of the finest guitar makers in the world. This 38-inch acoustic guitar is designed with a dreadnought ergonomic body that will comfortably fit into your hands while you’re playing.

The high gloss finish on this instrument will distinguish it from others while its metal gear heads and steel strings will guarantee to tune stability and longer tuneability.

The Martin Smith 38 inch acoustic guitar is an excellent choice for any budding musician. It has a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, which create a lovely sound.

This instrument also includes die-cast tuning machines, as well as an adjustable saddle to assist you in finding the ideal playing action. The package also includes a gig bag, so you may transport your equipment safely.

The High Gloss Finish, as well as die-cast tuning machines, set this 38-inch guitar apart from the crowd. This bundle also includes a gig bag so you can transport your instrument wherever you go with ease.

2. Pyle 36” Classical Acoustic Guitar-3/4 Junior

pyle 36” classical acoustic guitar

The Pyle PEGGJ36 Classical Acoustic Guitar is a complete 36″ acoustic guitar package that includes everything you’ll need to get started. The guitar comes with a gig bag, pitch pipe tuner, extra strings, Pearloid picks, cleaning cloth, and gift card.

The junior scale size of this classic design instrument makes it ideal for lessons, recitals, and band rehearsals. This traditional body style classical guitar is ideal for beginners and kids learning to play the guitar.

The traditional guitar is made of handcrafted linden wood, birch headstock, dyed maple wood fretboard, high gloss polished body back with protective binding, rosette linden laminate finish, and chrome 3-in-line machine head tuners.

Pyle 36″ Classical Acoustic Guitar – 3/4 Junior Size 6 Linden Wood Guitar with Gig Bag If you’re searching for an instrument that’s easy to carry, this is the one. This book doesn’t contain any words or pictures.

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The Pyle Classical Guitar is a great choice for young guitarists. It has a solid linden top, back, and sides, as well as an 18-fret rosewood fingerboard. A gig bag is also included to keep your instrument safe while you’re on the road or playing at home.

3. Kadence Acoustica Series Acoustic Electric Guitar 

kadence acoustica series acoustic

The Acoustica series is where the Kadence ASH wood guitar originates. Our semi-acoustic-electric guitars are designed to produce excellent sound quality, long life, and simplicity of use for both novices and experts.

The integrated head and body are aesthetically attractive thanks to the deep pore paint finish, basic shape, and streamlined curvature.

The rosewood bridge is highly durable, has a high degree of vibration conductivity, and transmits a stable and rich tone.

The strings are fastened to a polymer-coated base, which makes them extremely difficult to rust and thus extends the life of the strings and lightens finger strain when pressing them. The tuning pegs were created with excellent tone quality in mind.

To keep the guitar in tune, the tuning keys must be smooth and simple to adjust. Kadence guitars have better bass, volume, and fuller sound than other brands. It’s ideal for any type of music and is especially beneficial for individuals starting out as musicians or professionals at 14 years old or more.

For anybody wanting to add an electric acoustic guitar to their collection, the Kadence Acoustica Series is ideal. This model features a built-in preamp with volume control, 2 band EQ, bass and treble adjustment, as well an integrated tuner for fast and easy tuning.

4. Vangoa 3/4 Size Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar

vangoa 34 size acoustic electric cutaway

For people who are brand-new to the guitar world, the Vangoa 3/4 size acoustic-electric guitar is an excellent beginning choice. The Vangoa 3/4 size acoustic-electric guitar’s 36-inch scale length makes it simple to play, while its spruce top gives a nice tone with excellent volume and projection.

The rosewood fingerboard and bridge also offer good sustain, making this a very playable instrument that’s ideal for beginners or anybody looking for a budget option.

This bundle includes an acoustic-electric guitar with a solid spruce top and mahogany sides and back, which is ideal for smaller hands. The Vangoa 3/4 Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar Bundle Junior Travel 36 Inch comes with onboard electronics.

Make it simple to adapt your instrument using an acoustic amp, mixer, or PA system for busking or live presentations. It also allows you to record your acoustic performance straight into a digital audio recorder (DVR).

5. Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar, Natural

jasmine s34c nex acoustic guitar bundle

The S-34C is a beautiful grand orchestra-style guitar with a beautiful Venetian cutaway that offers outstanding value. The S-34C has a great cutaway, which makes it easy to reach the higher frets and allows you to easily play all of the strings.

It’s ideal for any player looking for an instrument that is well built and simple to play, with a select spruce top, Jasmine Advanced “X” Bracing, and Sapele back and sides.

The comfortable feel and easy playing of the slim neck with a full 25 1/2″ scale length add up to an excellent experience, while the smooth cutaway makes it simple to access the upper frets.

Consumer Reports Guitars. The S-34C has a lush, full sound and well-rounded harmonic content when played acoustically or plugged in.

A built-in digital chromatic tuner with an LED display is also included that mutes the audio while you tune up. When traveling, the specially fitted padded gig bag protects your investment.


How does a guitar work simple?

A little history: the term “sound wave” comes from a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a British poet, and philosopher of the early 19th century. The field of music is enormous and fascinating, with sound waves at its heart.

How do guitars work physics?

When a guitar string vibrates, it excites surrounding air molecules. The frequency at which these particles oscillate is comparable to the shake of your hand and can be found on anyone string.


Consumer Reports Guitars. If you’re on the hunt for a new acoustic guitar, it’s never been a better time to find one. With so many manufacturers producing quality instruments these days, there are more options than ever before.

But with all of this abundance comes complexity and confusion. We’ve created an overview of some different types of guitars from entry-level models like Epiphone’s up to high-end ones costing three hundred dollars that should help make your decision easier.

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