Consumer reports photo stick reviews

Consumer reports photo stick reviews. The world is increasingly digitized, which means we can’t avoid it. It’s not simply data anymore; it contains music, movies, and other memories as well!

However, with all of this incoming information comes the risk of malware entering your computer or phone while you’re attempting to save everything to one device.

Which might result in anything from slowdowns to irreversible damage if they gain access to something critical like photos/videos stored locally without encryption protection.

When people save files across various platforms they should always confirm that their saved data is also backed up on another device so that there are no possibilities of losing any irreplaceable personal documents such as photos from birthdays and weddings.

Fortunately, the internet is making it easier for consumers with an ever-increasing number of online storage providers.

You may now store anything you want to one of these services and quickly sync them across all your devices (and machines) without much effort.

One of the most popular choices among customers is Microsoft’s own OneDrive service, which falls short in comparison to its “rivals” when it comes to sharing files with others.

5 Consumer reports photo stick reviews

1. Apple MFi photo stick for iphone

apple mfi photo stick for iphone

You can use it for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 128GB. It can keep thousands of photos and videos.

Simply connect it to the USB port on your PC or Mac with the included USB cable to transfer files between your iPhone/iPad and PC/Mac.

The data may be secured by a password-protect feature. You may now view pictures on your computer directly without using any APP.

You won’t need iTunes anymore to manage the contents of your iPhone/iPad.

However, this card has its drawbacks. Because the fact is that there are a lot of counterfeit items on the market that appear to be genuine and only have 1GB or 2GB storage capacity.

If it encounters one of the problems outlined above, you will suffer data loss or be unable to take photographs. There are some advantages.

On the other hand, there are some people who own both genuine and counterfeit cards, which cause data loss or prevent photographs from being taken.

They wish to restore all sorts of file types from a SanDisk memory card that has been formatted, lost data due to not being formatted, malfunctioning, not being recognized, not working correctly, showing partial capacity.

2. Sunany USB Flash Drive 256GB, Photo Stick

sunany usb flash drive 256gb, photo stick

The Sunany USB Flash Drive 256GB, Photo Stick – Make Your Life More Interesting! The first item produced by Sunany is a flash drive with a twist.

It’s the most secure device on the market today thanks to its built-in password and touch ID. It’s also very quick and can store all of your files.

If you’re searching for a novel way to show off your photographs to friends, family, or coworkers, this is the gadget for you!

You may even make use of it as a substitute for cloud storage since there is no size restriction.

USB 3.1 Type-C Transfer Speeds USB 3.1 Type-C’s data transfer rates are up to 90MB/s, allowing you to move large amounts of data quickly between two devices (or storage spaces on one device).

Simply connect the USB to any computer and drag & drop your files to begin sharing them immediately!

The speed is up to 90MB/s, which means that a 2GB video file will be copied in less than 20 seconds. Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP.

Mac OS X v10.6 or later Encryption All of your data is encrypted using the most advanced encryption standard, AES 256 bit, to safeguard your personal information against unlawful access.

When you’re not using it, use the Sunany app to lock and unlock the device automatically whenever you leave it unattended.

3. Picture Keeper 4GB USB Flash Drive 

picture keeper 4gb usb flash drive 

The Picture Keeper 4GB USB Flash Drive is a portable data storage device that allows users to store and move information.

It has a storage capacity of up to 4 GB, which may be used for music, movies, photographs, and other files.

The flash drive is simple to use and comes with three easy-to-follow steps: connect the device to your computer via its USB port; pick your backup settings; and then click “start.”

This product will automatically start backing up all of your files when connected to your computer. You may also use it as an external hard drive by dragging and dropping files into the flash drive.

The Picture Keeper comes with a four-year limited guarantee, which covers materials and workmanship issues. The device is supposed to work with both PC and Mac computers but isn’t compatible with some Windows XP machines.

Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet while you utilize this product for new software updates. Check your USB ports for compatibility with intelligent mode switching (some older computers do not have this).

If you don’t have a USB 3.0 port on your computer, you can still connect devices that are 2 GB and less without requiring an adapter cable; anything bigger requires an optional adapter cable.

4. Photo Backup Stick for Computers & Phones

photo backup stick for computers & phones

The Photo Backup Stick is an excellent method to safeguard your photos and videos.

You may backup from Windows computers, Mac computers, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Android phones or Android tablets with the included software.

It’s also possible to back up data from any other gadget that has a USB port using it. The Photo Backup Stick has a storage capacity of up to 64 GB.

If you don’t have enough space on your computer, you may plug in as many sticks as there are connected sticks into one computer and back up as many files as there are plugged in at once.

All you need is a Windows PC or Mac computer with a USB connection to install the Auto backup software. There’s no requirement for any special software since the Photo Backup Stick comes with its own software package.

Due to technical limitations on Apple machines, installation on those systems is more difficult, but workarounds are available. Consumer reports photo stick reviews.

The Activity Light and File Transfer Indicator are not included in the Photo Backup Stick, which might be an issue for some people because it doesn’t provide any visible indication of file transfer progress.

One of our more popular products is the Photo Backup Stick. With over 70 Amazon reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars, it has become one of our most popular items.

5. Gulloe USB Memory Stick Thumb Drive

gulloe usb memory stick thumb drive

The Gulloe USB3.0 flash drive is a lightweight, portable device that can be used as an extension of your computer’s memory and for data storage and transmission.

It has plug-and-play functionality, allowing the user to connect it directly to their computer without having to install any additional software or drivers.

The Gullie USB3.0 flash drive has a modern look that makes it ideal for use on the go, whether at work or at home.

The Gulloe USB3.0 flash drive is made of robust material that can endure a lot of usages, making it perfect for traveling or carrying around in your pocket.

The 128 GB (32GB/64GB/128GB) storage capacity on the Gulloe USB3.0 flash drive has enough room for huge quantities of data; papers, photographs, video files, and music compilations.

Its large memory allows you to carry thousands of songs or hours’ worth of movies on your phone without having to swap out its storage media.

The Gulloe USB3.0 flash drive is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems, allowing you to save data on the device and then send it back from it – all in minutes!

Simply connect the Gulloe USB3.0 flash drive to a USB port and let the automatic driver installation finish. After that, you may use it with any operating system you choose – Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux… whatever.

6. YOHU 256GB Memory Stick 

YOHU 256GB Memory Stick for iPhone iPad is the ideal memory card for an iPhone.

It works with all iOS and Android systems and can store up to 256GB of images, movies, or other files on a single USB 3.0 connection.

Because it has a USB 3.0 interface, you may rapidly back up your data or move massive amounts of data between devices.

The YOHu 256GB Memory Stick for iPhone iPad has been constructed with premium chips that guarantee quick and reliable data transfer.

The materials used in the design are resistant to static electricity, electromagnetic radiation, and current surges.

You may use the YOHU 256GB Memory Stick for iPhone iPad with confidence knowing it is safe from static electricity, electromagnetic radiation, and current surges.

The YOHU 256GB Memory Stick for iPhone iPad comes in a small, yet sleek form factor that allows it to blend into your day-to-day life.

You’ll be relieved to hear that it weighs just 6 grams, so you won’t even notice it’s connected to your phone!

All of these characteristics make it the ideal companion for any scenario, whether you want to keep all of your data on hand or ensure they are kept safe.


1. Do photo sticks really work?

The Photo Stick is a multifunctional gadget that may be utilized to shoot photographs, videos, and music. It’s made to work with most computer systems, so all you need is your own laptop/PC! What’s the best part?

This equipment does not require an additional charge; it works on its own! Not to mention, it outperforms the most recent generation digital cameras available today in terms of quality.

The Photo Stick is simple to use and requires no technical knowledge: simply connect it to your PC/laptop and follow the installation and usage instructions!

2. Does Photostick delete duplicates?

The PhotoStick is a one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking technology that can search your hard drive for duplicate photographs.

You have complete control over what it finds, whether you want to remove them from the source folder or keep them there with their original name.

The clever design also allows individuals who own more than one digital camera (or other sorts of removable media) to use The Stick because if one fails on us, we’re not out anything.

All of our precious memories are safe inside The Stick! The second thing you should know about ISO Certificates is that they aren’t simply a file or program that you have to install.

3. Can a flash drive be erased and reused?

It’s critical to have data erasure in place. If you don’t want to risk accidentally exposing sensitive data on your computer.

It would be best if we could erase all traces and ensure that no one finds out what was there in the first place!”Remember all of your triumphs, and forget none of your sorrows.”

Consumer reports photo stick reviews

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